SNL on Thin ISIS after Skit

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March 1, 2015 — If Dakota Johnson thought she was done being flogged after 50 Shades of Gray, she just found out she’s wrong. During her recent stint hosting Saturday Night Live, the up-and-cumming actress stirred up the interwebs with a parody of a Toyota Camry commercial that originally showed a father dropping his daughter off at the airport on her way to joining the U.S. Army. In the SNL version, Johnson is instead being dropped of to join… ISIS.

What some angered viewers may have missed is that there are young Americans sneaking out of the country through various ports of call to do just that. Given widespread news coverage of ISIS’ swath of terror that includes but is not limited to beheadings and crucifixion, it’s understandable that giving them the comedic treatment to say the least split opinions. But if we can’t mock terrorists, who can we mock?

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