SNL Rookie and the Dangers of Tweeting

SNL Rookie and the Dangers of Tweeting

October 4, 2015 – SNL rookie Jon Rudnitsky is getting attention not for his freshman work on NBC’s 41st season of the sketch comedy show but rather his sketchy Twitter history. Gawker and numerous other sites are focusing on Rudnitsky’s tweets dating back to 2012 which have been labeled as women-hating, homophobic and racist.

From a recent article on AddictingInfo.Org entitled “SNL’s Newest Cast Member is one of the Biggest Douchebags on Earth” —

“Nothing says progressive culture like hiring a man who openly calls women “cunts” and whores” while being homophobic and insinuating Mexicans will shoot us.”

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We’re guessing that Jon Rudnitsky or his publicist took notice as a number of the tweets have now been erased.

Leading up to his hire by Saturday Night Live, Rudnistky garnered rave reviews for his standup and viral videos:

Jon Rudnitsky is in good company — not long ago it was Trevor Noah who got raked over the media coals for his Twitter history but is currently being lauded for his smooth transition as Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily Show.

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