Why Didn’t God Stop the School Shooting?

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Why Didn’t God Stop the School Shooting?


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13 thoughts on “Why Didn’t God Stop the School Shooting?

  1. The reason I don’t believe in God is, as my friend put it: “If Catholicism is right, the 5 billion people are wrong, and if Islam is right, then 5.5 billion people are wrong. If there really was a God, then he wouldn’t let half of the world go to hell because they believe in someone else.”

  2. God is, in fact, still allowed in schools. It’s when the beliefs of one mindset are pushed on every other mindset that worship is stopped. No child will be kept out of (public) school because he was raised Catholic, but he will be disciplined for telling other children that they’re going to hell for being Muslim. That isn’t religious persecution, it’s protecting the well-being of every student.

    1. The problem isn’t the laws. Almost all of the crimes committed with guns are stolen or bought off the blackmarket, where laws don’t mean a thing. We don’t have a gun problem in America, the statistics bare that out. Guns aren’t used in as many crimes as the media would have you believe. We do have a Mental Health problem in America, and that’s the root of a lot of our problems.

    2. You have a point. We have lots of guns here in Canada, and no where even near the homicide rate. Maybe you’re right. Perhaps it’s not a gun-law thing. It’s simply an American thing. Americans like to murder. Guns don’t kill people, Americans kill people. That… is 100% completely UNDENIABLE.

  3. Every time a mass shooting happens, cartoons and comments circulate online about how God couldn’t stop the shooting because “God isn’t allowed in the schools anymore”.

    By this logic, why didn’t God stop Dylann Roof, the white supremacist kid who shot the people in the church in Charleston, SC?

    Was God not allowed in the church?

    And do these religious nuts really think that an all powerful and benevolent being would be so petty as to sentence people to death for not one of many man made religions to be taught in places of secular public education?

    1. Reminds me of what Mike “Also Ran” Huckabee once said about lack of God causing Sandyhook. And you’re right about that church. And what about the Amish school massacre a few years ago? That was basically a private school, with “God” very much “in the school.” Yet that guy still gunned down those girls. Or is God just very selective about who He protects, regardless as to who lets Him in?

    2. Or the shooting in that Tennessee church by the guy who said that it was “too liberal”, and he was inspired by Bernie Goldberg’s book “50 People Who Are Screwing Up America.” Now, having read it, there’s nothing in it that would inspire anybody to do anything. List articles are the laziest form of writing, just ask John Hawkins or Buzzfeed, and he wrote a whole damn book based on it. But instead of being the slightest bit humbled by what had happened, Goldberg wrote another list book just like it.

    3. Nah they just go onto their next favourite saying “God has a better plan for them”. Just crazy talk by these nut jobs.

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