US Government Issues Travel Warning for Ugly People – #SpringBreakingBadly

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US Government Issues Travel Warning for Ugly People – #SpringBreakingBadly

April 6, 2016 – Twitter was buzzing after the account for the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs offered some blunt tips for Americans traveling abroad. Along with specific security advisories the account routinely lists common scams for which US citizens on foreign trips should be on the lookout. One bro in the Consular office had a special warning for aesthetically challenged Americans while abroad, helpfully offering: “Not a “10” in the US? Then not a 10 overseas” punctuated with #SpringBreakingBadly. It was a not so subtle message to the country’s dog-faced would-be globetrotters that that handsome Greek shipping heir is interested in the contents of your wallet not your skinny jeans.
The tweet was quickly deleted amid cries of sexism and the account issued a formal apology stating: “We apologize for a tweet sent on March 30 that offended people, and we understand that the tweet’s tone was construed negatively.” The apology was posted in two parts a little over an hour after the message first appeared as one of a series of safety warnings directed at college students traveling on spring break. 
One Twitter user accused the State Department of “Neg-ging” America’s co-eds prompting the Consulate to reply that they were only looking to warn US travelers about those sneaky foreigners. 

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