Stephen Colbert – We Stand With the People of France

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Stephen Colbert – We Stand With the People of France

November 17, 2015 – At first glance one would think Stephen Colbert’s Late Show might have aired from Paris Monday night. The opening credits were changed from the usual New York landmarks to those of Paris and the house band “Jon Batiste & Stay Human” performed the French National Anthem in front of a standing and respectful audience. Skipping his normal monologue Colbert started the show from behind his desk with:

“New York is a city that sadly knows too well the horror the French experienced on Friday. And we also know there are no words that can reach the depth of their grief and their shock. But we stand with the people of France as a friend and an ally, and offer the hope that there is a way through the unspeakable tragedy.”

Colbert went on to thank France for giving the America its “enduring symbol of freedom” in the Statue of Liberty: “In a tribute to its mother country, Lady Liberty offered ISIS a fitting gesture,” Colbert said as an image of the Statue of Liberty giving a blurred middle finger appeared on screen. “Long may it wave.”

Watch Stephen Colbert’s opening remarks here courtesy of CBS:

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