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June 16, 2015 – It would be hard to throw a teddy bear and not hit some sort of advertisement for Ted 2, the sequel to the wildly successfully Ted – the story of a foul-mouthed talking teddy bear and his adventures with humanoid John, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. The original released in 2012 grossed over half a billion dollars at the global box office. Like the original, Ted 2 is rated R. But some people are feeling like the advertising has gone too far.

The gigantic building-sized ad for Ted 2 can be found in downtown Hollywood and features one of the film’s marketing taglines: “Ted is coming. Again.”




Very funny indeed and if you’ve seen the original it completely makes sense. But some parents aren’t fond of the conversation that results when their child asks why is the teddy bear is facing away with his “hands/paws placed over his pee-pee.” Much more so when they ask about the Ted 2 tagline.

Hollywood has been able to get away with extremely racy trailers by labeling them “red-band,” denoting that they are inappropriate for children (of course this is just catnip for children to click and view.) That said, there’s no option here for parents when the ad is the size of a building and in every other bus stop.

Is the Ted 2 campaign just a furry funny or have the marketing folks gone a little too far. Vote and Discuss now!

(PS – If you had to look up “bukakke,” either we’re sorry or you’re welcome)

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