US Women Beat Japan – US Fans Go Kamikaze on Twitter

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US Women Beat Japan – US Fans Go Kamikaze on Twitter

July 7, 2015 – The US women beat Japan and are in the afterglow of their convincing game on Sunday and Fox is basking in the glow of shattering records for their broadcast. While Fox was shattering records, a number of US fans were just plain “shatting” on Japan in what became a heated barrage of Twitter braggadocio, laden with numerous historical and racial references.

This of course comes on the (high) heels of the uniquely phrased “Come On Our Girls” banner incident in support of the UK team.

Not surprisingly, there are large numbers defending these tweets and a hefty chorus criticizing the posts for being distasteful.

You are the referee and get to make the call. Is this string of banter after the US women beat Japan Funny or Offensive? Vote and Comment now!

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