World War Twerk

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April 27, 2015 – Three Russian women have been sent to the gulag after a video of their twerking in front of a World War II memorial went viral. The monument, located in easily misspelled Novorossiysk, commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Russian Allies’ war victory. Two of the women received sentences of 10 days in jail, while the other got 15 days, and two more were hit with fines.‎ It’s unclear if the quality of their twerk affected the disparity in their punishments.

According to BBC News, the court charged the twerking offenders with “petty hooliganism” and called their twerk dance erotic, sexual, and disrespectful to the history and memory behind the monument.

“This incident of disrespect for the memory of war history is unacceptable and any attempts to desecrate sites of military glory will be stopped immediately.”

Prepare yourself for the “erotic, sexual and disrespectful:”

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