Inside Amy Schumer’s Body Shaming

Amy Schumer Body Shaming
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Amy Schumer Body Shaming 

May 25, 2016 – Amy Schumer is using her craft to respond to the body shamers who hurled plenty of insults her way after photographs of her Hawaiian vacation surfaced last weekend. The comedian spent some time in the sun with her boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, and that means she wore a bathing suit. And that’s where the cameras took focus.
Amy Schumer Body Shaming
Sites like People, National Inquirer and OK! Magazine ran photos of the weekend and people then ran their mouths in the comments section. While there were those who applauded her size and spirit, there were plenty of comments that tipped the scale the other way.
Amy Schumer Body Shaming Amy Schumer Body Shaming
Schumer took to Instagram on Tuesday to respond to her online critics.

“I meant to write ‘good morning trolls!'” she wrote to open her post. She went on to say that she feels happy and looks healthy, and her 4.3 million followers seemed to give her mostly positive feedback. 

Schumer has dealt with magazines targeting and labeling her body size, as well. Last month, Glamour included her in their “plus size” edition without her consent. She was able to make light of the situation on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and again stated her position on Instagram.
Amy Schumer Body Shaming

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