Give Captain America a Boyfriend (Captain America Civil Union)

Give Captain America a Boyfriend
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Give Captain America a Boyfriend 

May 26, 2016 – Fans of Marvel’s latest hit, Captain America: Civil War have been clamoring on social media for a different kind of head to head. The popularity of the titular hero through his trilogy of blockbuster tentpoles has exploded with hashtags backing the shield-slinging hero popping up all over the internet. The Captain’s newest mission will be to pick out some nice window treatments and retire to a quiet life in the woods if the supporters of the “Give Captain America a Boyfriend” movement have their way. #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend has now been buzzing across Twitter for days.

Critics lauded the comic book combat caper for its story, characters and heartstring-plucking fan service. The film was also roundly praised for its dynamic assortment of racially diverse heroes who were front and center in the narrative. Now Marvel fans are anxious to see a little sexual healing factor in action between the movie’s star-crossed super soldiers and BFFs, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, respectively.
Give Captain America a Boyfriend
Twitter is dead set on seeing the two lifelong friends and brothers in arms take it to the next level. Comic book movie fans are pretty clearly shipping for the pair and insists the bond that exists between the two patriotic pals is unambiguous. If you look at the facts its hard to argue.

Title suggestions thus far have ranged from the clever Captain America Civil Union to the slightly less clever Captain America Winter Boner.

It seems we’ve come a long way in the superhero realm – twas not that long when Jeremy Renner caught some hate after he jokingly slut-shamed Black Widow during an interview.
No matter which side you choose, true love is the winner here.

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One thought on “Give Captain America a Boyfriend (Captain America Civil Union)

  1. not everyone has to be gay or a minority. geez. captain america isn’t gay and james bond isn’t black. know your facts people

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