Ann Coulter UC Berkeley Event Cancelled, Free Speech Protests Alive And Well

Ann Coulter UC Berkeley Event Cancelled
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Coulter: Berkeley is a “radical thuggish institution”

April 27th, 2017 – Conservative commentator Ann Coulter will not be speaking at UC Berkeley today, but the battle over free speech has not been halted. It’s been pushed further into the epicenter of hot-button issues being argued between the left and the right as blame for the cancellation seems to be falling on everyone involved. Coulter officially pulled out of the speech Wednesday after insisting she would still attend the event following the university claiming it couldn’t accommodate or safely protect her and their student body.

Coulter continued sharing her feelings about the “dark day” for free speech and the belief that the conservative groups organizing the event should have kept up their fight against the university.

Ann Coulter UC Berkeley Event Cancelled

For their part, the university said the organizing groups didn’t follow proper protocol for requesting an event at the university, so it was technically never scheduled.

“Ms. Coulter and speakers regardless of their position are welcome on this campus” spokesman Dan Mogulof said
The university ordinarily requests a two months notice for an event to properly work out logistics and security. They said they were emailed by the groups in mid-March but were never given an official date. After reading about the April 27th date in the newspaper, the university says it wasn’t able to provide the adequate accommodations in time.
“We know how to do this, but we can’t do what we want to do to facilitate those speakers if the groups that want to invite them and host them don’t work with us in the way that they need to,” Mogulof said.
Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation – conservative groups that orchestrated Coulter’s event – each pulled their support Tuesday evening. Reports cited their fears of violence and belief that the environment had become too hostile. Both groups, however, are now a part of a lawsuit accusing the school of discriminating against conservative guest speakers by placing overreaching restrictions on their appearances.
“In effect, our free speech has been stifled because the university has decided not to assist us in making sure the event can occur successfully,” Troy Worden, president of the Berkeley College Republicans said.

Students, media and politicians are keeping the conversation going despite the many cancellations.

The Bay Area chapter of the International Socialist Organization will hold an “Alt-Right Delete” press conference for those who oppose “racist provocateurs” this afternoon. Hours later, right-wing commentators will gather on Sproul Plaza where Gavin McInnes will deliver Coulter’s scheduled speech in her place.

“I heard she canceled and immediately headed to the airport to do the speech on her behalf,” McInnes tweeted. “The @AnnCoulter event in Berkeley is NOT canceled.”
Bill Maher has spoken out with pointed humor saying “Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech. And now it’s just the cradle for fucking babies.”
Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have both criticized those who tried to block the speech. “I don’t like this. I don’t like it. Obviously Ann Coulter’s outrageous ― to my mind, off the wall. But you know, people have a right to give their two cents worth, give a speech, without fear of violence and intimidation,” Sanders told The Huffington Post“What are you afraid of ― her ideas? Ask her the hard questions. Confront her intellectually. Booing people down, or intimidating people, or shutting down events, I don’t think that that works in any way.”
UC Berkeley is no stranger to controversy and no new kid on the block when it comes to the fight for speech. Having long been a bastion for the right to speak freely, the university has been in the news frequently in recent months. Milo Yiannopoulos called off an event in February amid violent protests and earlier this month fights broke out in downtown Berkeley at a pro-Trump protest.

Where do you fall on the free speech debate when the environment has grown violent and hostile? What’s the best approach to bring together opposing views?

Our own chat with Ann Coulter on political correctness: 


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Bill Maher On Freedom of Speech at Berkeley

84 thoughts on “Ann Coulter UC Berkeley Event Cancelled, Free Speech Protests Alive And Well

  1. She’s a “guest” at a university that has disinvited her because their University has been torn up time and again from fights and riots. That has nothing to do with free speech. That’s their right because it’s their campus. Let her book somewhere else where SHES responsible for the damages. A lot of the damages aren’t even from the students but rather from outsiders.

    1. She was invited by the college Republicans. Don’t they have a right to hear who they choose. It seems like you don’t mind their rights being infringed upon.

    2. They have every right in the world to hear whoever they want to hear-Republican or Democratic . What they don’t have a right to do is infringe on a University’s right to keep their campus and students free of the violence that will inevitably occur. I’m all for free speech but when stabbings and uncontrollable riots endanger their students they got to draw the line somewhere. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that some of this violence doesn’t even come from the students. It comes from outsiders. As you said, she was invited so it’s not that they didn’t want her to speak in the first place.

  2. What did she expect? She talks like everyone her skin tone should rule the world, bound to be someone(or millions) who sees the evil in her bullshit. Just think of it as stomping out the nazis before they get to grow. Like fucking cockroaches.

    1. I obviously have, numerous times. And many times I’ve always thought she deserved to be bitch slapped back to reality.

  3. Do you know what I would do if someone was speaking whom I didn’t like or my ideals didn’t coincide with…..wait for it…..I wouldn’t go to the speech. Besides I had to listen to that pompous ass speak for eight years and I couldn’t riot my way out of it

  4. There should be no restriction of free speech anywhere in this country. If you don’t like what someone has to say, don’t listen. Restriction of free speech is a form of fascism. I thought Antifa were supposed to be Anti-fascists, but they’re fascist as fuck.

  5. Actully Erin. Hes not. Anything that doesn’t agree with bullshit liberal agenda they consider hate speech. I used to be a democrat until these loonies took over. People are allowed to have there opinions. And these crybabies at Berkley are nothing but basically taken freedoms away that they cry about

  6. Bullshit. Students are the ones paying the outrageous tuition. They call the shots. If they don’t want a bigot, hate-mongering idiot on their campus, it’s their money.
    She knew she’d get flack. It’s a liberal university. 15 more minutes of fame.

    1. You don’t know much about UC Berkeley, do you? Free speech has kind of been their thing ever since the whole UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement in the 60’s. Maybe you should look it up. Also, the students don’t own the campus. Your argument is pretty weak. What is happening there now is disgusting. A bunch of supposed anti-fascists running acting in the most fascist nature possible. Their whole organization, if you want to call it that, is one big oxymoron. Antifa is running around Berkeley acting like a bunch of Nazis. They’re going to end up getting they’re asses put down.

    2. You can expect free speech and you can also expect counter-protests. This applies anywhere.
      Yes, students pay fees toward those facilities used by speakers.

      We have had our go-rounds at my alma mater here with similar issues. The students protested and that was the end of it.

      The speakers changed venues.

    3. Aaron Carte you serious? It is a learned behavior.. The parents of this generation are who created the ideals, then raised them that way. Do you blame a shitty 4 yr old for their behavior? No. Its the fucking parents of said child..

    4. You do know that there were conservative students that invited her in the first place right? The conservative students had a right to see her just as much as the Progressives had a right to protest. That being said violence is not protesting. Literally beating people had zero place in protests. If you don’t want to hear her, here’s a wild idea, don’t go see her.

    5. I’m beginning to think they don’t want conservatives to speak because they know they have no real argument to support their feelings….

    6. Students wanted to see her there. She cancelled due to safety concerns because antifucks want to play revolutionary. Also, just heavyset you pay for a service doesn’t mean you get to choose what that company does in its other ventures.

    1. Protest is your right, but rioting is not. The police said they couldn’t ensure safety. That’s not protesting. That’s fascism

    2. It’s exactly what government wants. They want a civil war. But I’m sure not all protesters rioted. To be honest it’s a bunch of young well off young adults who haven’t even experienced anything they are acting like idiots for. But you are correct…but what do we do? Roll over and take this shit being handed to us? Sadly a revolution is going to have circumstances such as these to get attention. What do you suggest?

    3. I suggest we start arresting assholes who are threatening people because they don’t like what they have to say. Stop letting publicly funded university’s decide who can and can’t speak based on political agenda. Stop letting our unbiased media glorify these idiots, who are the actual definition of “fascist”. But we won’t. We will continue to let them do what they do. They will continue to get worse and sooner or later, only their voice will be heard. It’ll be a regular Utopia

    1. Erin Lindsay Wilkins-Mulder
      LMFAO……the “press”…….
      You misspelled “propaganda wing of the Democratic Party”

    2. Sit your simple ass down. The press……what press? Journalism is a thing of the past……
      I realize that the late night comedy shows you get your “news” from has filled your pea sized brain full of meaningless soundbites to regurgitate on social media, but your precious “press” is failing you. Try a little independent thought/research for a change…..

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