Anne Frank Halloween Costume Pulled From Store

Anne Frank, 'The Wall' Halloween Costumes Cause Uproar Online
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“Our culture is not a costume”

October 18th, 2017 – Halloween is drawing near, and if you don’t have a costume when the night arrives, you won’t legally be allowed to post anything on Instagram. Or something like that. And while edgy, timely costumes have long been a staple of this holiday, the controversy surrounding them seems to come earlier each year.

Some costumes have already been pulled from retail sites while others have continued to rile people up on social media. HalloweenCostumes.com pulled an Anne Frank costume from their site last week after receiving strong backlash to the sale.

Anne Frank, 'The Wall' Halloween Costumes Cause Uproar Online

Ross Walker Smith, the publicist for parent company Fun.com, issued an apology statement on Twitter.

Defending the costume by highlighting its use in education didn’t ease everyone’s concerns however. Many people responded by saying that the costume in and of itself was ok, but placing it in the Halloween category came across as insensitive and crass. Rob McDowall, the man who originally posed the question to Smith, says he is supportive of the decision to remove the costume from the store’s site, but the costume can still be found elsewhere.


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