A Million Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes To Keep You Warm

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Brrrnie Stole The Show

February 23rd, 2021 – Joe Biden got a new job last week, but Bernie Sanders has the same coat. He is once again asking you to meme him. As high-profile politicians took their seats to watch Biden and Kamala Harris get sworn into office, most of them did so in their finest outfits and mingled across the aisle. Bernie Sanders did not.

The Vermont senator, who came close to nabbing the Democratic presidential nomination last year, showed up comfortable, cold, and ready to get on with the rest of his day. The rest of the day for those watching at home, however, was spent memeing cold Bernie into about a million different pop culture moments.

Bernie found his way into the cast of Sex and the City, Friends, The Golden Girls, Game of Thrones, Friday, and many, many other small and big screen cliques. And, for good measure, his mittens also took center stage; making an appearance in O.J. Simpson’s infamous courtroom glove photo.

In these highly divided times, it seems what our country needed most was Bernie being classic Bernie.

Bernie Sanders — the long-serving, self-described democratic socialist, the scourge of economic inequality and now the powerful incoming chairman of the Senate Budget Committee — has inadvertently provided us with something we have been robbed of for the past four years, good old fashioned laughter,” standup comic Judy Gold wrote for CNN. “Whatever political party you pledge allegiance to, whatever your socio-economic background, immigration status, language, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion…there is a Bernie meme for you.”

So here’s our best roundup of Bernie inauguration memes, because somehow this hasn’t gotten old yet. And don’t worry about Bernie: he’s seen ’em, he’s seen ’em.

Let us know which Bernie Inauguration Meme is your favorite! Oh, and if you found Waldo and Bernie, buy yourself this as a prize!

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