Bill Burr Kids Caitlyn on Conan

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Bill Burr Kids Caitlyn on Conan

August 21, 2015 – Comedian Bill Burr went from the guest seat straight to the hot seat after his appearance on Conan this week. The edgy comic made a number of jokes about Caitlyn Jenner, and while Conan O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter were in stitches for most of the segment, the interwebs did not take kindly to what was quickly deemed as transphobic humor. Bill Burr began with:

“This is what killed me when Bruce became Caitlyn. That was like a national news story like at a ridiculous level. There’s like baby seals washing up on the beach because there’s no fish left, and they’re talking to this, this — lady. You know? Like, “So, Bruce, you gonna go, can your Olympic back handle a D-cup or you gonna go with like something a little more perky?””

The full clip can be seen here courtesy of Team Coco and TBS:

In covering Bill Burr’s stint on Conan, Huffington Post’s Associate TV Editor Bill Bradley wrote:

“Just a general note: When you’re in the middle of saying something and feel the need to add, “I’m not being a jerk,” you might want to not say anything at all.”

Many on Twitter agreed and the criticism was directed not only at Bill Burr, but Conan as well.



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9 thoughts on “Bill Burr Kids Caitlyn on Conan

  1. The world has so many issues and Jenner is the top headline for a month? What is the matter with people? Who cares if some rich 60 year old wants a change?

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