Caitlyn Jenner on Congressional Shooting

Caitlyn Jenner on Congressional Shooting
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June 21, 2017 –

“Fortunately the guy was a really bad shot. Liberals can’t even shoot straight.”

Caitlyn Jenner on Congressional Shooting


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99 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner on Congressional Shooting

  1. As a republican I will say this to the asshat liberals here. I don’t care what you think your gender is because really I don’t fucking care if you feel a dude one day or chick the next or somewhere in between. I don’t care who you want to fucking marry for all I care you can marry a stop sign if you want to. But what’s hilarious is this shows that a guy who fired off over 90 rds from an SKS rifle which hold 5rds in the magazine if memory serves was in a rested and supported position and could not land a kill shot with the 7.62x39mm round. The same round your typical AK47 fires and he was not able to kill one person. Anyone that knows anything about bullets knows that the 7.62×39 round is pretty much just the slightly smaller little brother of the .308 round. Which the .308 is generally used in long range sniping or hunting application’s. I’m not even scared of a civil war in this country anymore because once the republicans start shooting back the war will be over before dinners on the table.

    1. She wasn’t attacking her doctors. I don’t think, at least. Man when the hive mind says turn, you guys turn hard lol

    1. But liberal Democrats can’t shoot straight, how can they be liberal Democrats ? which is it liberal Democrats can shoot straight or liberal Democrats are responsible for the most deadly mass shootings ?

    2. “Oh look, one person said something negative about democrats so that must mean they all think that.” Listen numb nut, I have seen several liberals/democrats that would put right wingers to shame with how good they shoot. But like Eddie said, unless you’re shooting certain people…you don’t really aim into a crowed.

    1. Oswald was a radio operator in the Corps, and an expert marksman isn’t as bad ass as it sounds. Getting “expert” on a rifle qualification isn’t hard and it doesn’t make you a sniper. The best sniper in the entire Marine Corps tried and couldn’t pull off the shot that Oswald supposedly took.

    2. Plus look at the video of the shooting how Kennedy’s head is forced backwards once he’s shot in the head. Would’ve been the other way around if the fatal shot came from the depository

    3. Edward Blake if you think it’s so easy, let’s see you do it. During my time in, I never shot expert. Came close a couple of times. You do realize when he was in there were no scopes on the rifles, and we had to qualify from 500 yards.

  2. (Morgan Freeman voice) “The Left and the Right couldn’t agree on anything during the time period of the new millennium. Then one day an odd figure spoke out, bringing those who once considered the other as an adversary, together, to find a new enemy. One enemy which should not have spoke”

    1. Jessamyn Orgeron that’s why I said they’re the main ones fighting I wasn’t saying there aren’t conservatives fighting for gay rights but liberals are more common in doing so

    2. Travious Mitchell the liberals are the most open about it. For some reason the idea of us conservatives actually believing gay people have rights is totally rejected by the far left, even though we do. I’m a conservative, regardless of how I view being gay I will fight for someones right to live free.

    3. The only reason liberals bang so hard on it because at the common level (us) they really believe in it. At the politician level, they really want their votes. Same goes for conservatives too.

    4. Morgan Marie Connelly and you’re not the first to say that I’ve met people who’ve had pretty much nothing good to say about Caitlyn but you wouldn’t know that because the media makes her into a hero

    5. Conservatives want to jump on the equality ticket for votes after spending hundreds of millions to deny then their rights. This group has not forgotten which side fought for their rights. Spoiler alert – it was Democrats.

    6. Isn’t that what Clinton did? I mean, why do you guys so quickly forget that she had people to test every word that came out of her mouth for the right amount of buzz?

    7. Travious Mitchell: what I.am telling you is that the tables are turning. “The great history of gays” being fougnt for is turning towards gays being exploited. No group is stable forever.

    8. What rights are they fighting for? She/He Already has human rights, they have laws protecting Him/Her from discrimination, etc. What right are there to fight for? The right for Him/Her not to hear mean words?

    9. Democrats started the KKK btw, Cameron. When Trump visited the democratic presidents grave he was hounded for visiting the grave of “slave owning scum”

    10. Lol. Dixiecrats. There was a shift when. Lincoln came into power. And I’m referring to the right to marry. That’s how our of touch the base is – a few years pass and they forget one group of people did not have the same rights as another. It was quite an unamerican position, and it finally cost enough votes that the pre-radical right moderates came on our side. It’s harder after McConnel came in. John boener (can’t remember spelling) was a dick, but he would stop at government shut down.

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