Chuck E. Cheese Changed Its Name to Pasqually’s Pizza on Grubhub and People Are Losing It

Chuck E. Cheese Changed Its Name to Pasqually's Pizza on Grubhub
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Chuck E. Please

May 19th, 2020 – Charles Entertainment Cheese might go by Chuck E. Cheese, but you may not have known that the family entertainment center is also going by a different name in hopes that you’ll order the pizza you had at a five-year-old’s birthday party.

Internet detectives, in coordination with their delivery drivers, recently discovered that Chuck E. Cheese is operating under the name “Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings” on Grubhub and Seamless. Last month, Reddit user u/KendallNeff posted that she wanted to support a local business but found out that she had ordered a pizza from her childhood.

“Tried to support local business via Grubhub tonight… Pasquallys pizza and wings ended up being an alias for Chuck E Cheese. Well played,” she wrote.

Chuck E. Cheese has followed the path of many during the pandemic, making adjustments to keep afloat. However, none of us can say that we’ve swapped out a rat mascot for a different member of the Munch’s Make Believe Band. A company spokesperson says they chose the name Pasqually after the Italian chef character (oh yeah, he’s also a drummer).

Steven Miller / Flickr / Via Flickr: aloha75

They also assured Food & Wine that customers would receive a “more premium pizza experience” from this, we’ll go with, brand extension.

“Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, named after another favorite member of Munch’s Make Believe Band, shares kitchen space with the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, ensuring high-quality, fresh ingredients,” the company wrote in an email. “Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings’ recipes use fresh, homemade pizza dough, just like Chuck E. Cheese, but it is a different pizza that features a thicker crust and extra sauce, giving consumers a more flavorful, more premium pizza experience.”

While the story of Mr. Cheese’s sneaky rebranding got some attention last month, it got new legs on Sunday when Twitter user @paulbensonsucks shared the discovery.

“Sadly, they picked the human character so your fake pizza is not being prepared by, like, the dinosaur with the side eye,” he wrote under the new display name Paul E Cheese.

The commentary, and jokes, continue to roll in with people making references to other restaurants doing the same thing and one TV character who couldn’t wait to get some authentic, premium New York pizza.

According to Today, only three Chuck E. Cheese’s locations have re-opened in the U.S., but the company has issued new guidelines that every branch must adhere to in the future. So if you can’t wait to play games and listen to rat jams, get ready for temperature checks and lots of hand sanitizer.

If you’re just in the mood for some premium pizza, though, hit up Pasqually’s. Just be sure to wear a tie. This isn’t Chuck E. Cheese. Well, it kind of is. You understand.

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