Conservatives Call For ABC Boycott After Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Cancelled

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No Man Standing

May 16th, 2017 – ABC has brought down the ax on one of its most popular shows, multi-camera sitcom Last Man Standing, and the decision has conservatives fired up. In fact, they think that ax is liberal and that the cancellation was due to leading man Tim Allen’s (and his character, Mike Baxter) personal conservative views.

Last Man Standing would have entered its seventh season had it gotten the green light from ABC and has held high ratings throughout its run on the network. Ranking behind only Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy, the comedy pulled in an average of 8.1 million viewers in its Friday primetime slot. Modern Family, which recently got renewed for two more seasons, slightly surpassed those numbers with an average of 8.7 million viewers in this current season – according to Deadline. 

“It was considered the perfect sitcom for the Trump era, hitting ratings highs in its sixth season,” Deadline also added. 

Allen himself appeared as Trump during a Halloween episode last fall. The Duck Dynasty family made a guest appearance. And main character Mike continually fights for men to be men in a female-dominated world – as the bio for him on the show’s website states:

“These days women run for president, serve in our military and provide for their household while men sit in tanning beds and get their cuticles shaped. As marketing director of Outdoor Man, Mike dedicates his life to reminding the world what makes men men.”

Conservatives Call For ABC Boycott After Cancelling Tim Allen's Last Man Standing

With so much coverage calling out the conservative angle, along with Allen’s own vocal opinions (during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he said “You gotta be real careful around here [Hollywood], you get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes. It’s like [1930s] Germany.”) conservative fans haven’t taken the cancellation news sitting down.

A Change.org petition titled “Save Tim Allen’s Show ‘Last Man Standing'” now has over 110,000 signatures in its attempt to reach 150,000.

“Last Man Standing is one of the only shows on broadcast television, and the only sitcom, that is not constantly shoving liberal ideals down the throats of the viewers.  And sadly, that is likely the real reason the show has been cancelled,” the petition states. 

The author also shares that he’s cancelled all DVR settings for other ABC shows that he regularly watches. The same seems to be true for many other ABC viewers who have stated online that they will  now boycott all of the network’s shows due to this decision.

Ham and cheese sandwich-loving Governor Scott Walker has even joined the conversation by tweeting to Tim Allen.

Vox recognized that the explanation for the cancellation could be political but also offered up four other reasons for the decision: It’s old and therefore costs more with the actors demanding pay bumps. The viewers are an older demographic, so that makes the show less valuable to advertisers. ABC does’t own the series; it’s licensed to 20th Century Fox. And finally ABC is running out of primetime slots especially with the addition of recently revived American Idol. 

But those explanations aren’t holding for many who appreciated the shows Christian and blue-collar American values.

What do you think was the motivating factor for ABC to cancel Last Man Standing? Do you think politics should play a role in the programming decisions for a television sitcom? Share your thoughts with us!

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200 thoughts on “Conservatives Call For ABC Boycott After Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing Cancelled

  1. Let’s be fair, here: the political leanings of the show were really just kind of stupid. While I’m a Conservative you can only hear “Obama is a dumb liberal pig” and typical male stereotypes so many times before you realize it’s just a crutch for the writers who, sometimes, can’t seem to conjure up a good joke. I don’t mind the show but their Conservative political jokes are cringe inducing.

    1. Seriously? One right show and the left has all comedy central, samantha bee, steven colbert. All you do is say mean high school shit cuz you cant hate on his achievements. U say trump was elected on race but truth is obama was.i know its all bullshit,both sides but you left are some contradicting gigh school girls. Trump had 2 scoops of ice cream(yes it was a topic on cnn). Your sooo brainwashed and thats why hilary lost cuz luckily half the country has common sense

    2. Joe you think people that voted for trump are happy ???? I see over 1000 people a day and I can say there are many many many regrets. But don’t worry your Dorito is working on his biggest accomplishment yet, impeachment.

  2. Politics shouldn’t play a role in programming unless explicitly stated.

    Problem is that all broadcasting was either founded politicised or converted to be politicised.

    If you don’t tow the line then you get thrown off of it.

    1. Well then, you should definitely boycott. You’ve got a good case.
      PS, that doesn’t mean the show didn’t suck. It just means certain people have no taste.
      8.2 million certain people.

  3. Shows that are hits make money in advertising for the network. Shows that are more low key in ratings the show is either a) hitting an age demographic that other shows on the network aren’t b) they haven’t found anything that will replace it yet. HBO is not ready to let go of GOT money and viewership so they are talking not 1 but 4 spinoffs.

  4. Man. Why do we got to make this a political thing? I’m a leftist and I’m disappointed that Seth Macfarlene gets another show and they’re still showing his lame shit. And to be real honest, I don’t care too much for public access channels anyway. They always keep showing the same crap over and over. How many CSI shows can one network do?

  5. Gliigans Island had high ratings and got axed after three seasons because the bean counters forgot about switching Gunsmokes day or some shit. Not everything is a fucking conspiracy. The brass at the networks are t that liberal btw. Just the artists and talking heads. And they can do the gay thing but when’s the last timeyou saw a poor family with a show? It was called Roseanne. Take a lesson from the punkers and horror nerds. Seek out independent shit or do it yourself. There’s no conspiracy against you…in daily life and politics it’s actually the right wingers who have jumped the fucking rails. A d what kind of culture less boring loser gives a fuck about validation from ABC/Disney Corp. ? I don’t like what they’ve done to some of my childhood favorite Marvel superheroes but I ain’t going to claim the world’s against me over it. What kind of dildo brain thinks an outfit like Disney is a bunch of Marxists?

  6. Allen was good when telling jokes and shooting the shit with Leno, it’s not very manly to whine though. Funny how republicans whine about celebrities staying out of politics unless they are conservatives.

    1. It’s funny how conservative or liberal, yall are always bitching about each other, using the exact same insults, about the exact same situations.

    2. He was whining and now your whining because I’m telling it like it is. Turn it around, when liberals say the equivalent you tell them to quit whining, just because you agree with him doesn’t make it any less of whining.

  7. So there’s one conservative show on TV and it’s being cancelled? Hundreds and hundreds of shows with not so liberal subtext and we can’t have one. Last Man Standing is the only show that has both points of view. If it’s cancelled then there is nothing to boycott. The really good shows get cancelled.

    1. American Dad is just family Guy with an ? never could get into it. Last Man Standing is in my top ten. All TV shows don’t have to be 100 percent PC all the time.

    2. American Dad is just family Guy with an ? never could get into it. Last Man Standing is in my top ten. All TV shows don’t have to be 100 percent PC all the time.

  8. I agree Larry, networks don’t cancel shows that make money. It’s not about ideology or politics, it’s about ratings and dollars. Now, can someone please explain to me why Two Broke Girls is still on the air?

    1. actually some networks do cancel shows thst make money.. its up to the board to decide if they want to continue with a show or not… if they feel it wont do good in the long run, they axe it even with high ratings

    2. I saw an article that made that claim. But I question how they define “high ratings”, especially since it was moved from a weeknight slot to friday night (I think). That usually means a show is losing its following.

    3. Terry Julien.. it all depends on high the board feels they will do in the long run.. they could have axed the show sooner rsther then later but who knows

    4. Terry Julien you realize it was moved to Friday night back in 2012 right? Ran strong on Friday night, putting ABC in the top slot since then…I’d say it was doing as good as any Friday night show can.

    5. High ratings but was profitable? Could they sell it over seas, were they getting the right demo for ad dollars. This was not a conspiracy theory, it’s all about money.

    1. Joe. He can be. But he is not one of those dumb fuck followers like most Trump people. He believes in STANDING UP FOR AMERICA. NOT BENDING OVER AND LETTING REPUBLICANS OF TODAY FUCK YOU IN THE ASS. So Joe how do you like anyone walking up to your wife. Forcibly raping her and Trump saying it was her fault for being born female?

    1. This show gets pretty screwy at times, that being said i happened to enjoy it. ABC = Disney so it’s not surprising it got the axe

  9. What’s the matter? Didn’t like Tim telling it like it is so everyone cried until they took it down? Now you think you have a pet to stand on talking judgmentally about a boycott? You dems and libs can’t handle words? They hurt to much? Grow up.

  10. See ya, this show sucked, real Americans don’t get behind a president that is in the pocket of Putin, or these so called evangelical idiots on this show and backing a asshole with a bunch of kids from different women, family values at its best

    1. Keep the division strong, argue about why the other guy is the bad one over your pick.
      If you don’t think the powers that be thrive and get rich off of that division you are the fool they have been waiting for

    2. Dave Nickerson wow you really told me, guess there no accounting for stupid where your from, you may not be from United States but you need us to protect your silly asses

    3. I see your educational system has failed you again Donald Bullard . Canada does not need protection , but your silly ass will be running to our border when shit gets real for you down there.

    4. Thomas Bishop really? Untrue? Man dude you need to read more, or at least something other than Brietbart and Fox News, and no Trumps tweets dont count, pull the pillow case off your head and get some air, I think your brain may need some oxygen

    5. Way to just repeat what I wrote, and you say our education system sucks, you don’t have a original thought in your head from what I’m seeing

    1. The only people who still call liberals snowflakes or libtards are either angry pimply virgin teens or baby boomer grampas trying to be cool. It’s such a dumb thing to say. Liberals have taken those words back, much like queer and n!gger

    1. The duck boys are country club posers
      Before the show came out they were clean cut country club members
      They knew what they needed to look like to sell the show and sell their shifty products too

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