John Fugelsang On Trump, Jesus, And His Followers

May 15th, 2017 – Comedian, actor, television personality John Fugelsang sat down with Joy Reid on Saturday morning to share his thoughts on Trump before the president was set to speak at the commencement ceremony at Liberty University.

Reid asked Fugelsang:

“This idea that you have the religious right which has billed itself on this idea of sort of moral superiority and sort of a bit of smugness toward people like you – you comedian, you Hollywood person. They are full square behind a guy who thinks ‘Second Corinthians’ is ‘Two Corinthians,’ who’s had three wives, five babies with three baby mommas. What is this about?”

Fugelsang responded with:

“You have to understand, Donald Trump is Jesus to followers of Jesus who’ve rejected the teachings of Jesus. Donald Trump allowed right-wing Christians to finally vote for Caligula, Judas, and the Golden Calf all in one convenient package because when you worship power, you cannot worship the teachings of Jesus, who extolled the virtues of caring for the least among us.”

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  1. Truth is often taken to be both depending on point of view. If you’re an idiot then it’s usually offensive, if you’re a moron then it’s funny. For idiot replace with blind sheep, for moron replace with dysfunctionality deluded ass….