John Fugelsang On Trump, Jesus, And His Followers

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May 15th, 2017 – Comedian, actor, television personality John Fugelsang sat down with Joy Reid on Saturday morning to share his thoughts on Trump before the president was set to speak at the commencement ceremony at Liberty University.

Reid asked Fugelsang:

“This idea that you have the religious right which has billed itself on this idea of sort of moral superiority and sort of a bit of smugness toward people like you – you comedian, you Hollywood person. They are full square behind a guy who thinks ‘Second Corinthians’ is ‘Two Corinthians,’ who’s had three wives, five babies with three baby mommas. What is this about?”

Fugelsang responded with:

“You have to understand, Donald Trump is Jesus to followers of Jesus who’ve rejected the teachings of Jesus. Donald Trump allowed right-wing Christians to finally vote for Caligula, Judas, and the Golden Calf all in one convenient package because when you worship power, you cannot worship the teachings of Jesus, who extolled the virtues of caring for the least among us.”

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88 thoughts on “John Fugelsang On Trump, Jesus, And His Followers

  1. Truth is often taken to be both depending on point of view. If you’re an idiot then it’s usually offensive, if you’re a moron then it’s funny. For idiot replace with blind sheep, for moron replace with dysfunctionality deluded ass….

  2. Well, whether it’s offensive, or not, at least we can all count on the fact that even IF Christians are offended, they won’t blow something up, or behead someone, or, say, walk into a publication that offended them, and open fire…

    1. Colton Reeder please enlighten us about Christian terrorist!! Please give credible links to these attacks. Also did these Christians yell in the name of Jesus then start killing? I know you’ll bring up some abortion bombing that happens maybe once every 5-10yrs.

    2. Most serial killers are white males that use Christianity and sometime Catholicism to justify their actions, the attacking of other religious habitats in America and Europe are done by Christians, the assault and sometimes death against the gay community or people that support something that goes against your beliefs…. And that’s just recent shit; should we come back to before it wasn’t illegal for you to persecute for having different religions? I mean hell you tried to wipe out the pagans and steal all their religious holidays? Or how about the thousands of young girls and women you killed claiming them as witches? Seriously I could write a textbook what you wanna know

    3. Josh Fairless Proverbs 26:4
      Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Or you will also be like him.
      Matthew 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you. Christ didn’t defend himself and he doesn’t ask believers to defend him. Spread His truth and it will take root where it is meant to.

    1. First off Jesus wasn’t liberal, he never forced charity. It was free will charity. Second conservatives actually give more to charities than liberals do. Liberal believe in forcing people to give that’s the difference.

    2. I haven’t claimed to be anything Gabriel! Nice try though. I was stating fact, Jesus never forced anyone to give or to help.

    3. Josh Fairless well guy, I stated where he “said” he believes in taxation .. it’s technically a fact if you believe in the Bible . And why do you keep bringing up charities ? Who gives a fuck about your “fact” which is fucking retarded.. how would you prove that? By political affiliation ? Or by individuals? Dummy! Lol

    1. Donald Trump is Jesus to followers of Jesus who’ve rejected the teachings of Jesus. Donald Trump allowed right-wing Christians to finally vote for Caligula, Judas, and the Golden Calf all in one convenient package because when you worship power, you cannot worship the teachings of Jesus, who extolled the virtues of caring for the least among us.”

    2. I think it’s a statement on his morals. Your leader is a reflection of you… right now if you look in the metaphorical mirror, how Christ-like is the reflection?

      Personally, I don’t subscribe to any faith, but I was raised Christian, and I feel like I’m living a more moral life than most claiming the faith.

      I understand not wanting to vote for Hillary, but I don’t see any justification for voting temp… neither did 3 million more voters, but their vote didn’t count. Who’s to say any of our votes actually do?

    3. Kristen Gore Foster, did you listen to any of trump’s speeches? Follow any of his plans? Were you ok with how he spoke of women, decorated​ soldiers, saying an American born judge couldn’t do his job based on where that judge’s parents were born??

      And you, calling yourself a christian, were still ok with this guy?? Please enlighten me as to what drew you to him to vote for him.

    4. I’ve heard them all and even went to a few myself. I’ve been supporting him from the beginning. Who did you vote for? If you say Hillary, you’re a hypocrite. If you say you didn’t vote, then your opinion is shit.

    5. So I was right, you didn’t vote. You have no right to an opinion. And that’s fine, we can take in as many immigrants as we want, legally!! I don’t see you hypocrites doing shit. Have you opened your homes to any? Helped anyone out? Yea, I didn’t think so. All talk, all pussy. Have a good one.

    6. I think you misunderstood my post.

      I have worked with several refugees, and the apartment complex I used to live at took in refugees.

      I did help them. They were more gracious, and willing to help me than any of my American born neighbors. I hope every person who wants out of the middle east gets a chance to, if that means the apartment complex across from my house becomes their safe haven, I’d LOVE to have them as neighbors.

    7. Kristen Gore Foster..just because people didn’t vote doesn’t diminish their right to voice their opinions. Remember, this is america.i have helped for those I can.
      So quick question for you..do you call yourself a christian?

    1. Jesus is the Son of God, Trump is just the President of the US. It’s embarrassing that you don’t know the difference. Mark, you were right the first time.

    2. David Cowling Jesus was an immigrant and would’ve been denied entry into our country ! Jesus was a hippie liberal who believed in democratic socialism and feee handouts! Trump is a great man and doesn’t tolerate that shit!

    3. David Cowling what? I’m serious! I believe in making America great again and keeping liberal hippies out of the greatest COUNTRY ON EARTH ! Socialism is the plight of the earth and anyone who takes place should be deported!

    4. Jesus was not a socialist. That’s a leftist talking point. If he’d had been he’s have advocated letting the Romans handle taking care of the poor. He told us, as individuals, to love each other as we love ourselves. That includes the hate coming from the left.

    5. I find it funny when non religious people seem to be a better example of the morals you hold so dear, than the people who actually follow it. The Bible states in a more elegant way, to mind your business, don’t press your beliefs onto others or judge them, don’t punish people because you have no authority, and to love everyone even if they don’t agree with you. I can’t remember the last christian who fit that criteria

    6. Well then I guess we should all be socialists. As long as Jesus is President. Because Venezuela, the USSR, China and Cuba were so compassionate.

    7. David Cowling I’m ok with all of them , and so is OUR PRESIDENT! Hey they did what they had to for the “better good” so we detain and harass and deny some of our own citizens in the process … so be it. What ever it takes to MAGA!

    8. David Cowling what, guys like you and I hate socialism in all forms no matter what! And we can’t have hippie liberals sayin otherwise , right?

    9. I didn’t. Trump is charged with defending the Constitution, not the New Testament. No matter what the hypocrites on the left say.

    10. Funny, he never ran as a Christian. He’s not even conservative. I voted for him because he wasn’t Hillary. Although that was a cute line. I don’t expect him to defend Christianity, or live up to Jesus’ teachings. Anymore than I expect you to.

    11. David Cowling well sir if you didn’t go to private school you participated in socialism! Other socialist programs you openly support.. police , fire dept, public roads , libraries , parks, national parks our military ! And trump is in charge of defending the constitution ? Didn’t he launch missiles without congressional approval ? My original point was to let you know how much of a hypocrite you are! I think you get it

    12. I believe in the Constitution. Which allows the federal government to field an army and leaves education to the state’s. Sorry you disagree. Your fear of Christianity is unwarranted. You would be better off fearing Islam and the Democrat Muhammad. Of course leftists don’t mock them, you know, it’s too dangerous.

    13. David is on point!! Gabriel as long as Jesus came legally he’d be allowed entry. Also the US had the best schools in the world before the federal government got involved now “socialist” schools in the US aren’t even in the top 20 when it comes to quality of education so please try again. The role of the Feds originally is to protect the constitution from both foreign and domestic entities that wish to destroy the constitution second role is to make sure the states were following the constitution. You really need to take a civics course instead of just left wing talking points.

    14. Um, David…Trump just gave a commencement speech that was like a bad sunday school lesson…heavy on platitudes, light on beatitudes.

    15. So? He didn’t run for Pope. He is not obligated to satisfy anyone’s version of Christianity. He’s obligated to protect and defend the Constitution. On one hand he’s not enough like Jesus, on the other, “separation of church and state!”. You give hypocrites a bad name.

    16. Josh Fairless wow you just make shit up! The u.s has never had the best schools in the world .. and the government has always been involved in the education system just as there has always been private education .

    17. David, if he isn’t the second coming of Christ, your team should probably stop worshipping him. And it might be a little difficult to uphold the constitution if you have no idea what’s in it and you believe that your authority, as president, supersedes its authority, as our supreme law.

    18. Funny, I checked your page and you don’t mention God at all. Hell, the only time that comes close, in all of the Donald Trump groupie of the year posts, is when your Cheeto Jesus mentions God.

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