Democrat Tombstones Scare Up Controversy in California Neighborhood

Democrat Tombstones Scare Up Controversy in California Neighborhood
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Ditch Digging For Dems

October 31st, 2018 – If you were planning on going trick-or-treating as civility tonight, you might want to steer clear of one house in Santa Clarita. A homeowner in the Newhall community of California has come under fire for Halloween decorations that some have deemed offensive. On the front lawn is a cemetery set-up featuring gravestones for Democratic politicians Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom to name a few.

CBSLA ran the story on their 11pm newscast last night, and although they couldn’t get the homeowner to appear on camera, he did share his thoughts on people making a big deal about the decorations. He says he has arranged a Halloween graveyard for the past eight years and that people simply need to get over it. Election year or not, he’s going to express his political views on gravestones.

Among the dearly departed democrats are tributes to a few other big names: Tom Petty, Michael Jackson, Prince, Joey Ramone, and even Kim Jong-un. The dictator, who Donald Trump recently said he fell in love with, has a mushroom cloud below his name.

But it was the liberal politicians now resting six feet under that has upset some neighbors.


Brett Haddock, a Democratic candidate running for Santa Clarita City Council has spoken out against the decorations, saying he did so not for political reasons, but because it was the right thing to do.

“Regardless of political affiliation, I would disagree with that level of messaging on either side,” he said. “It’s really kind of sad to see that type of language used to describe a position on something — use violent rhetoric.”

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi Halloween Graveyard Decorations Pop Up In Santa Clarita

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi Halloween Graveyard Decorations Pop Up In Santa Clarita

Some fellow neighbors didn’t seem to mind the political props when they came to see the decorations for themselves.

We are a country of free speech, so we do have to all put up with a lot opinions that are contrary to our own,” Rhonda Boone, a Republican neighbor said. “Let’s not take offense so often as we do as a country; just let it go and see it in the spirit in which it’s done,” her husband John added.

A Democrat in the community said she agrees with the Boones and believes that Haddock is complaining about the decorations simply for publicity.

“I live right here in the neighborhood. I’m not offended about what he put up,” Pat Mill said.

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