Splitzkrieg! No One Does Angry Like the Germans

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Der Juli

June 22  – A German divorce court recently ordered a couple to divide their property and the husband took the directive quite literally. Known online as “Der Juli,” he cut their possessions right down the middle, with power tools — everything from their iPhone to the family car. The real identity of the divorced man is unknown, but he has posted a YouTube video for a Laura, presumably his former wife, thanking her for twelve beautiful years together and saying she had earned half of the household.

Der Juli is now selling his half on eBay. The 16 “half” items he has listed include a teddy bear, flatscreen television, and a vinyl record of R.E.M. album “Automatic for the People.” Shipping is only available in Germany.



This is typed knowing there’s good chance this will be revealed as some sort of hoax. But our faith in Der Juli and German anger remains hopeful and high. With that in mind is Der Juli’s crafty kraut response to his divorce Funny or Offensive? Vote and Comment now!

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