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Monkey Makeup

June 24, 2015 – A video of a woman applying monkey makeup has gained mass circulation and mass debate between those finding it either cute or cruel. Teresa Bullock recorded the two-minute piece on the birthday of Angel, her 18-year-old Macaque monkey. The video below shows the full monkey makeover including mascara, lipstick and the plucking of eyebrows with tweezers.

The Ohio resident claims :

“She loves to do anything she watches you do and being pampered is the best part of her day, other than playing with her kitty. She is loved by many and smarter than most.”

Some feel that “smarter than most” also includes the owner herself. After viewing the monkey makeup, Claire Thumbull of Wild Futures stated:

“During the video clip, the macaque displays fear behaviour (the submissive grinning) and repeatedly threatens the person applying the make-up/holding the camera, clearly indicating a level of distress/discomfort. Although it may appear very cute, it is really very sad. Monkeys are wild animals, they are not pets or playthings for people. This macaque should be in the wild with his/her family in the forest.”

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2 thoughts on “Pimp Your Chimp

  1. i hate this woman – she should be shot – the only good thing about this is that implies that she doesn’t have any real children or she’d be torturing them too.

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