Dove Soaks In Controversy With Bottles That Look Like Different Body Types

Dove Body Wash Bottles Women's Bodies
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Marketing Mayhem

May 13th, 2017 – Dove recently tried to sell women on the idea that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but they did that by making their body wash bottles in varying shapes and sizes. So, whether you’re pear-shaped or tall and slender, you can hand the cashier a bottle that matches your physique.

Over the past decade, the company has attempted to cement their marketing as a vehicle to enhance women’s empowerment and go against the grain of traditional beauty branding. Their mission to re-define stereotypical standards and encourage young girls’ confidence has been successful in the past with the “Real Beauty” ad campaigns. This new bottle campaign, a limited edition effort in the U.K., bubbled over pretty quickly after the company released a statement saying:

“From curvaceous to slender, tall to petite, and whatever your skin colour, shoe size or hair type, beauty comes in a million different shapes and sizes. Our six exclusive bottle designs represent this diversity: just like women, we wanted to show that our iconic bottle can come in all shapes and sizes, too.”

The backlash was swift with many calling out the hypocrisy in celebrating body positivity and inclusivity by separating women into their respective body types. “Are you supposed to buy the one that looks like you? Are you allowed to buy the ones that don’t look like you,” Jess Zimmerman asks for The Washington Post. “Are we gearing up for a ‘Divergent’style dystopia in which society is divided according to soap format? But the most important question is: What, exactly, is the point supposed to be?

Dove’s PR team has attempted to explain the point as a response to research that finds that one in two women feel that social media has made them feel pressured to look a certain way. “Thankfully, many women are fighting with us to spread beauty confidence,” their statement read.

Twitter, however, spread a lot of disagreement. And, of course, a lot of jokes.

Dove’s bottle campaign is only set for a limited release, so as of right now you can choose from one of six different bottle shapes. But as one commenter advised “Life Pro Tip guys: Don’t buy a bottle for your gf/wife and tell her you think it matches her shape.”

Do you think Dove’s new campaign truly tries to celebrate all different shapes and sizes or is it a failed marketing ploy that only puts women in competing categories? Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below.

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47 thoughts on “Dove Soaks In Controversy With Bottles That Look Like Different Body Types

  1. Long as the bath creme is smooth and lovely – the bottle shape is irrelevant. I’m only interested in the product. I find whole furore amusing because it doesn’t affect my bathtime relaxing soak.

    1. Why not the other ones too?
      Are they not pretty enough for your unrealistic standards?
      So disgusting, rape culture exists because of people like you, you sexist, mysoginist, Chalkophobic, Plasticphobic, Unicyclophobic bigot.

    2. Keith ….What the fuck!!! Seriously your calling me rapist because of a fucking joke…chill down…second thing you have your own sexual preference whether its size look you find sexually attractive to ..I didn’t say size of woman makes her unattractive everyone has there own view on what they like…

    3. Damn, man, I figured adding nonsense like “Unicyclophobic” would be making it a bit too obvious.
      Apparently not. Unless an irrational fear of chalk, plastic, and unicycles is much more widespread than I thought.

    4. Keith stoker my bad dude… Hhhhhhhhhhhhh “unicyclopobic” that’s hilarious to be honest I didn’t know what it is and was to lazy to google it to see if its real or not . you got me …lmao

  2. I think this is just plain stupid, and that “body positive” women are complaining about this isn’t surprising because all they do is nag about “lack of size diversity” in advertising and then turn around and complain when they get it – somehow oblivious people have deluded themselves into thinking that this is an actual problem. No. This is just Dove’s latest BS effort to con their customers into the idea that they care anything about “real beauty” – whatever the that is. It’s all about the $$. If anyone disagrees, just remember that Dove and Axe Bodyspray are owned by the same company, Unilever.

    1. Its the same thing as taco bell turning their chicken cholupa into nuggets. They didn’t sell them well so they recycled them in a cheap marketing gimmick.

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