One Million People Following “Is It Funny or Offensive” on Facebook

One Million People Following "Is It Funny or Offensive" on Facebook
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20 thoughts on “One Million People Following “Is It Funny or Offensive” on Facebook

  1. You had a picture ofCasey Anothy yesterday for Mothers Day which I found very offensive. When I replied offensively you censored me if you can’t take the heat, stay out ofyour own kitchen.

    1. It was called sarcasm… and if u don’t speak fluent sarcasm or at least key words then u really shouldn’t be on social media… or in public for that matter, for the sake of YOUR mental health… If you’re easily offended then u will spend the rest of your life bitter and mad… Why would u wanna do that? Seriously… It’s bad enough the shitty actions of most have us pissed off and wondering who went wrong where… Lighten up just a little, there is no reason that should’ve offended u… SERIOUSLY

    2. I wasn’t aware that was sarcasm. Afraid you missed the mark. I wasn’t butt hurt I assure you. If when you replied you would have said that we wouldn’t be here to day doing this. If calling Casey a whore was a shitty action examine your actions. Have a great day and lets end this. Peace.

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