Happy Mother’s Day From Casey Anthony

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Happy Mother's Day Casey Anthony


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68 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day From Casey Anthony

    1. God did not do this to this child try blaming the government that this child lives under I’m sure they eat well and sleep well

    2. God leaves it to ourselves on how we treat each other and or help each other it’s up to us and in some countries this is how we treat each other same as this country we treat each other like shit, God leaves it up to us, he stopped intervening after the great flood God said he would no more be responsible for our actions we have to be responsible for our actions and accept the consequences

  1. Since when would anyone find anything about this two bit whore,funny? I don’t think it’s a damn bit amusing that she killed that beautiful little girl and didn’t get a day over it!!! I’d love to knock that stupid looking grin off her face and make her eat some teeth!! But since I can’t, I at least hope she sees her little face every time she closes her eyes. I hope she haunts her daily!!!

    1. Weird…. I remember her being acquitted by a jury of her peers. Glad you feel the righteousness to declare yourself judge jury and executioner though.

    2. I notice you men haven’t come after anyone else on this post who hates the cunt that is Casey. I do believe you both want to bang her,how cute! Don’t bother to use birth control coz,well,ya know…. Enjoy?

  2. It’s not as offensive as the reference it’s self. How far removed are we from this case? I remember it, barley and I’m 50. You have a whole bunch of folks that have to Google who the fuck she is. You shouldn’t have to research comedy. Try staying in the decade of occurrence and it’ll be easier to follow.

    1. And a century is 90yrs more than a decade. Maybe some Lizzy Borden references, but even those would be more known. Hmm, it’s a conundrum or maybe not. Maybe my sense of humor is honed to more clever comedic offerings that predate fatty Arbuckle and his contemporaries. It’s going to be a wait and see kinda thing. On father’s day if John Wayne Gacy and his nutty exploits come up, I’ll know it’s not me. I hope I didn’t ruin father’s day for the site, but you always have the BTK killer to lampoon.

    2. Mia James maybe that’s why your cat was passed over in the jury selection phase of the trial? Who’s to say, but counting your cat and the others commenting on my exception to the relevance to the post that brings count to not very many, who disagree me. I’m still amazed by how the cat a jury summons. I think you’re having fun at my expense and borrowing a page from this site and you too aren’t being funny. ” To crack wise and do so without anything resembling humor, is to pass wind in a church, but in the confession booth.” * Ted Bundy. I think nothing of comedic value was passed in this exchange except that darned cat. I actually thought about doing a spit take when I read that the cat could’ve been on Casey Anthony’s jury. A cat!! Lol. Do you get it?!! A knuckleheaded God damn cat part of jurisprudence?!! That’s priceless!! Then again it could be worthless, I’m not sure. Thhppt!

    3. What the freak is even your meaning? An old man telling a ramblimg story makes more sense the the spiel you just delivered. Jesus christ a dementia patient has made more sense to me.

    4. Well said! A third grader couldn’t make it through that comment without first making corrections. Does your apparatus come with punctuation and what not or is it that trailer park education paying off?

    5. Look what Mia did all by herself (presumably) I’m thinking she most likely had help, because everyone else let’s the meme do the actual talking. I betcha she bashed her fucking brains out crawling out from under the desk and most likely bit her trick’s dork off doing so. That’s just a guess, she may have commented on her own.

    6. Lmao Charles,let’s hope your grandchild sees your comments to a woman when he/she grows up?. You sound so fun!

    7. the fact that some one didn’t understand decade is what… ten years? Kind of perturbs me. More so than the unmelted sugar in the bottom of my coffee cup.

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