Maine Restaurant Gets Lobsters High To Calm Them Before Being Cooked

Maine Restaurant Gets Lobsters High To Calm Them Before Being Cooked
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Steamed, Boiled Or, Like, Really Baked

September 24th, 2018 – A chef in Maine has come up with what she hopes is more than a half-baked idea for treating lobsters more humanely: she’s getting them stoned. Charlotte Gill opened Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound seven years ago and, like many other chefs who reign over crustacean fare, has wondered how to make their transition from tank to pot easier to digest.

Knowing that lobsters can feel pain, Gill has tried to break away from the traditional preparation of simply throwing the live creatures into a boiling pot. As a licensed medical marijuana caregiver, she decided to see if exposing the lobsters to weed would sedate them thereby making their inevitable end less traumatic.

“I feel bad that when lobsters come here there is no exit strategy,” Gill told the Mount Desert Islander. “It’s a unique place and you get to do such unique things but at the expense of this little creature. I’ve really been trying to figure out how to make it better.”

Maine Restaurant Gets Lobsters High To Calm Them Before Being Cooked
Photo credit: Facebook/Charlotte Gill

Gill set up her experiment by creating a “hot box” and finding an agreeable test subject. Enter Roscoe. He was placed into a box with roughly two inches of water at the bottom, and then stayed put for a few minutes as marijuana smoke was blown in through the bottom of the box.

Gill then observed Roscoe for three weeks and found that his demeanor changed. He was calm and did not use his claws, which were now band-free, against fellow lobsters back in the main tank. He also may now be on a perma-high since being released back into the ocean as a parting gift for being the guinea lobster.

Customers at the Lobster Pound currently have their choice of ordering off the sober menu or the stoned menu. Gill boils and steams lobsters while they’re still alive but also has a separate area where the creatures get the cannabis treatment before being steamed. And for any parents who worries that their teenager keeps suggesting the restaurant because they think they’re getting an edible, the chef can calm your fears.

“THC breaks down completely by 392 degrees, therefore we will use both steam as well as a heat process that will expose the meat to 420 degree extended temperature, in order to ensure there is no possibility of carryover effect (even though the likelihood of such would be literally impossible),” Gill said. 

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, doesn’t seem to be buying what Gill is selling, and some people on Twitter seem to agree.

It is highly unlikely that getting a lobster high would make a lick of difference when it comes to the full-blown agony of being boiled or steamed alive,” PETA said in a statement to Marijuana Moment. “There is a well-established, foolproof way to prevent crustaceans from suffering, though, and that’s by not eating them.”

Gill maintains that the process is a plus for both the lobster and the diner saying:

“The animal is already going to be killed. It is far more humane to make it a kinder passage. The difference it makes within the meat itself is unbelievable. Everything you put into your body is energy.”

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