Man Splits Internet Over Risky Jersey

Man Splits Internet Over Risky Jersey
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18 To Life

September 8th, 2021 – A video on TikTok has gone viral showing a man wearing a jersey with “Are You 18?” written across the back. TikTok user, @honkytonk29, filmed the man crossing the street with a friend. Sharing the clip on the platform, she asked:

“Why would you wear something like this?”

The shirt in question garnered a wide array of reactions, most of them being negative:

“He looks 35… he needs a hobby.”

 “Sir, just [because] it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.”

“It’s a male species thing.”

He did have some rare defenders though:

At least he’s making sure.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the shirt. He’s just making sure anyone he hits on is 18+. It is kinda weird but it’s good that he doesn’t like minors.”

The poster of the video replied to some of the positive comments with:

“If he has to wear a shirt like that because the women he’s hitting on could pass as minors, it’s a little creepy to me, and the claim that he likes little girls still applies.”


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