Dominos – Extra Cheese Whether You Want it or Not

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Pizza Tracker

June 10, 2015 – Recently we discovered the mesmerizing technology that is the Dominos Pizza tracker – a seemingly well-meaning animation that gives you the customer real-time updates about your order. As previously reported, one of the customized options contains a voice-over reminiscent of an after hours R&B disc jockey who somehow manages to uncomfortably sexualize the pizza making process. Comments on that tracker “theme” have ranged from “racist” to simply “creepy.” At the time of this post, 21% of voters deemed the execution of that tracker “theme” to be offensive.

But alas, there are multiple theme options for your pizza tracker. Dominos has since added a Caribbean-flavored version of the pizza tracker which colorfully relays your information via a cartoon parrot and a beyond stereotypical Caribbean male voice-over. Lather up the sunscreen, kick back, and enjoy this marketing masterpiece:

Well Dominos has done their job in getting our attention with the pizza tracker….but is the result actually Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment now!

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