Runners Use Nike App To Draw Penises On Routes

Runners Use Nike App To Draw Penises On Routes
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Dick Tricks

January 21st, 2019 – If you’ve tired of following workout accounts that only show you sweaty selfies, perhaps you can give “dick_run_claire” a follow and see some shweaty balls instead. Claire has gained quite the following over the last three years as she runs planned routes all over the United States – leaving a trail of penises behind on her Nike + running app.

The 33-year-old has devoted her free time to runs and puns (of the phallic variety). She found her love for dick running by accident while visiting her brother in Kansas City in 2015.

While on her Thanksgiving run in KC, she got lost and had to take a variety of paths to find her way back. Once the run was complete, she looked at her route and realized that, yep, it looked like a penis. From that fateful day on, accident morphed into intention.

Runners Use Nike + App To Draw Penises On Routes

Claire has run thousands of miles over the years, but before each one she maps out a route that will ensure lots of laughs for her followers on social media. While she documented the creative runs since 2015, she didn’t begin sharing them online until 2017. Currently, her Instagram account has over 37,000 followers.

“Beer enthusiast w/ a dick running prob🏃🏼‍♀️,” her Instagram bio reads.

While running may get monotonous for some people, Claire keeps things interesting by changing up the shape, size, and, uhhh, additions to the penises. Posts have shown everything from a hand to hair to wrinkles.

I love looking for dick run routes,” she told Vice over email. “I feel like I should be on My Strange Addiction now that I’ve heard how that sounds… But honestly, I just love running: it’s my favourite way to get a workout in—and drawing a giant dick across a town is really just a bonus.”

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What up Chicago! Glad I got to sneak out to get a “handle” on my surroundings 🌃 . This was a cold and snowy ❄️ run (just flurries), but it was much needed after a day of sitting on a plane and sitting in meetings. AND I found a Crossfit box for the morning 🌅 Oh also if you want a good laugh, swipe ⬅️⬅️… I tried out Strava to track this #dickrun but as it turns out, Nike and MapMyRun are better for this specific task 🤣🤣🤣 HAPPY MONDAY YOU GUYS. . . . . . #nevermissamonday #chitown #chicago #runchicago #nikerunning #nikerunclub #beatyesterday #minimalistrunning #wearetherunners #runnersofinstagram #motivation #runhappy #runderful #womensrunningcommunity #cardio #cardioworkout #noexcuses #justdoit #runaddict #runningmotivation #motivation #instarunners #beabeast #fitstagram #fitspiration #runrunrun

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I got fancy with the balls here and added some crinkly details – a request from many moons ago by @crazyphonhung … you’re welcome, girl. ✊🏼 So I slept in over an HOUR past when I was supposed to get up to run this morning and I almost did a different non-phallic route because I didn’t want to be late for work, but then I thought of you guys and that I had promised you all this #dickrun – so thanks for getting me out of my running slump. I am SO glad I didn’t cut the run short. I have had zero motivation, in part because all my runs have been short, and I’ve been super tired for some reason, but honestly after this bad boy, I am ready to tackle #allthemiles. Tomorrow kicks off vacay 🏝 and you better believe I’m gonna dickrun the Bahamas – I may even force @axel_s03 to join me.🏃🏼‍♀️ Thanks to the residents of Roseland 🌹 for your wonderful, phallically shaped streets. 🍆 You guys are awesome. . . . . . . #iloverunning #runhappy #runtastic #runderful #runnersofinstagram #runnersworld #runnerslife #runchat #womensrunningcommunity #wearetherunners #runchat #igrunners #instarunners #motivation #justdoit #cardioworkout #cardio #womensrunningcommunity #runrunrun #runnergirl #runnerspace

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A cold and stiff one this morning on my last day in chi-town. The bean is at the base 😂 (swipe ⬅️ for 📷 throughly this little journey). @uamapmyrun kinda messed up, it’s not even logging these runs so well for me lately. Womp womp. Long day of travel and delays ✈️ and I am super glad to be home now. Happy hump day you guys! . . . . . #humpday #wednesdaymotivation #thebeanchicago #beatyesterday #minimalistrunning #wearetherunners #runnersofinstagram #motivation #runhappy #runderful #womensrunningcommunity #cardio #cardioworkout #noexcuses #justdoit #runaddict #runningmotivation #motivation #instarunners #beabeast #fitstagram #fitspiration #runrunrun #travel #travelrun #travelguide

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And if one dick runner wasn’t enough, another Claire has also made a name for herself and is currently in a media battle with “dick_run_claire” over who started the viral trend. Claire Wyckoff, an L.A.-based copywriter and voice over artist, has been running dick routes since 2014 and maintains that she is the OG of the art-sport.

Wyckoff began using the Nike + app to draw penises on her runs and even gained the attention of cable news. She tends to be a bit more creative and outspoken in her runs – drawing President Trump’s name under a penis, noting that the future is female, and even trying to get Jimmy Fallon (Phallus) in on the fun.

Over on Twitter, Wyckoff continues to claim her title of pioneering dick runner while sharing helpful “#justthetips” for fellow dick runners. FYI, you start with the balls.

Both Claires are still currently posting to Instagram. Wyckoff’s last share was yesterday with a penis run tagged at “You Suck” and a message for dick_run_claire to “#ceaseanddicksist.”

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