AeroMexico Ad Trolls Americans Who Don’t Like Mexico with DNA Discounts

AeroMexico Ad Trolls Americans Who Don't Like Mexico with DNA Discounts
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“DNA Discounts: There are no borders within us”

January 18th, 2019 – The old tired, trend in advertising may be that sex sells, but AeroMexico has decided to opt instead for trolling. In a viral ad, the Mexican airline offered “DNA Discounts” to Mexico for those in the United States who were willing to see how much Mexican ancestry they carried.

You’re 15% Mexican? Great, you get a 15% discount on flights to Mexico. The advertising agency behind the video travelled to Wharton, Texas, which is 300 miles from the Mexican border, to speak with residents who are, let’s just say, less than eager to pack their bags for a trip down south.

AeroMexico Ad Offers 'DNA Discounts' To U.S. Residents Hesitant To Fly South

According to the narrator, Mexico’s first travel destination is America. But, on the flip side:

“America’s first destination is not Mexico. So, we went to a typical American town to ask why they don’t consider Mexico an option to travel to.”

While in Wharton, they talked to several people whose responses for why they don’t want to visit Mexico ranged from “that’s not my cup of tea” to “let me stay here in peace, and let those folks stay on their side of the border.”

Even folks who like partaking in tequila and burritos didn’t want to get a taste of traditional dining.

“Do you like tequila,” the interviewer asked one man.


“Do you like burritos,” he again asked.


“Do you like Mexico?”


According to the Department of Homeland Security, Mexican immigration to the U.S. dates all the way back to the 1800s, so AeroMexico has bet that a lot of people living in Texas, Arizona, and Utah may be surprised with their DNA results.

AeroMexico Ad Offers 'DNA Discounts' To U.S. Residents Hesitant To Fly South
AeroMexico Ad Offers 'DNA Discounts' To U.S. Residents Hesitant To Fly South

The tequila, burrito loving man found out that he was 18% Mexican, and his wife was 14.4%; no word on if they’re 32.4% excited to try Chiles en Nogada.

A man who found out he was 22% Mexican called it “bullshit,” but then proceeded to get excited about the idea of getting a discount for himself and his wife.

AeroMexico Ad Offers 'DNA Discounts' To U.S. Residents Hesitant To Fly South

In Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Texas, AeroMexico’s travel agencies found that 54% of the tests in these states had Mexican DNA.

The ad closes out with the tagline “There are no borders within us,” a comment many have zeroed in on as President Trump keeps the government shutdown for the 28th day as he hopes Congress will allow taxpayers to pony up the 5 million he once claimed Mexico would give for a border wall.

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