Tim Allen Joins Docudrama ‘No Safe Spaces’ To Smash The PC Culture

Tim Allen Joins Docudrama 'No Safe Spaces' To Smash The PC Culture
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 Snowflakes, beware

February 1st, 2018 – If you’ve missed Tim “the tool man” Taylor on the small screen, you’ll get a chance to see Tim “the anti-PC man” Allen on the big screen this fall. The comedian recently signed on to be in the docudrama No Safe Spaces – a feature-length film that will expose the “hysteria and lunacy taking place at universities, and how our future depends on stopping it.”

According to conservative radio host Dennis Prager and comedian Adam Carolla, the hysteria and lunacy attacking universities is political correctness. The duo has been visiting universities across the county combating “precious snowflakes” with rallying cries for free speech.

Tim Allen Joins Docudrama 'No Safe Spaces' To Smash The PC Culture

Carolla and Prager have been especially upset about college campuses cancelling events for speakers that push hate speech. They believe that all speech, all ideas should be welcomed and that shutting them down is leading us down a scary path. On their IndieGoGo page (which has raised $639,245 so far and offers contribution perks such as a No Safe Space coloring book and an evening spent smoking cigars with Prager), Carolla also stands up for liberal comedians who no longer feel comfortable doing standup on college campuses.

Tim Allen’s involvement in the project comes as no surprise when you look at his public statements over the past few years. In fact, it was nearly a year ago when his ABC show Last Man Standing was cancelled prompting the comedian and his fans to accuse the network of playing politics. They believe the cancellation was retaliation for Allen’s character championing conservative views.

Allen’s attachment to the project has been met with sarcasm with many media outlets pointing out the flaws in No Safe Space’s premise. Dave Holmes, writing for Esquire, pushes back on Prager’s concern that Americans misunderstand the First Amendment if they support universities banning white supremacists from speaking on their campuses.

“The poll doesn’t suggest that half of Americans support the incarceration of Nazis and white supremacists, only that they acknowledge universities’ right not to hire them for speaking engagements,” he writes. “Ol’ Richard Spencer can still believe what he likes. He can still speak. He can post up at any street corner he chooses. He’s just not entitled to a microphone and a big fat speaking fee. Nobody is.”

In a roundtable discussion for the film, comedians gathered at The Laugh Factory to discuss their personal stories when it comes to jokes they feel like they can and can’t tell anymore. Karith Foster talks about how she can’t tell the joke anymore about why she isn’t considered “black enough.”

“Why, because I enunciate? Because I finish my sentences? Because I happen to know who my father is?”

Again, the rebuttal is that maybe it’s not that you can’t say that joke but that people’s appetite for humor has merely evolved.

In related news, a white college tennis player was recently suspended from Appalachian State University after saying to a black opponent “at least I know my dad” during a match.

But back to the film – you can see Allen, Carolla, Prager and a bunch of other non-snowflakes talk humor and political correctness this fall. Until then, they’re sharing excerpts from the college tour on their website.

Are you excited to see No Safe Spaces? Do you think this project is fighting for free speech or misunderstanding what the First Amendment actually protects?

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