Time Magazine’s Latest Cover Shows Russia Overtaking The White House

It’s TIME for some controversy

May 19th, 2017 – Time magazine released their cover of the May 29th issue yesterday, showing the White House being engulfed by all things Russia. Visually, there’s red brick encroaching upon the columns and onion domes soaring above – positioning Saint Basil’s Cathedral above President Trump’s oval office.

Executive Editor Matt Vella shared the cover on Twitter, adding that it had been a decade since the magazine didn’t have a cover line. With no text, and the accompanying story not published in full yet, people had plenty of reactions to the provoking image.

Sean Hannity and other fellow conservative sites called the “Destroy-Trump media” out for what they deemed a “big mistake.” They described the illustration as Time showing the “White House being absorbed by Russia’s Kremlin,” and then correctly identified the image as Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

“So much for fact-checking,” the Hannity.com staff wrote. 

Time didn’t label the structure as the Kremlin, however, and although the cathedral isn’t within the Kremlin, it’s in the Red Square and a federal property of the Russian Federation.

Business Insider reported that the accompanying story details “White House officials’ struggles to contain and respond to multiple Russia-related controversies.”

The firing of FBI Director James Comey, the classified intelligence shared with Russian officials from Trump, and the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the Russia probe remain talking points for news coverage.

The Time cover has only provided more fodder for the constant coverage. From allegations of CNN misusing the term “minarets” to Mad Magazine slamming Time for copying their illustration, the famous landmark mashup has gotten people questioning if the magazine made the right decision.

Time Magazine's Latest Cover Shows Russia Overtaking The White House

Time has not shied away from controversial covers in the past, but this one has taken on greater scrutiny amid an ever-evolving news cycle.

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