Time Magazine’s Latest Cover Shows Russia Overtaking The White House

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It’s TIME for some controversy

May 19th, 2017 – Time magazine released their cover of the May 29th issue yesterday, showing the White House being engulfed by all things Russia. Visually, there’s red brick encroaching upon the columns and onion domes soaring above – positioning Saint Basil’s Cathedral above President Trump’s oval office.

Executive Editor Matt Vella shared the cover on Twitter, adding that it had been a decade since the magazine didn’t have a cover line. With no text, and the accompanying story not published in full yet, people had plenty of reactions to the provoking image.

Sean Hannity and other fellow conservative sites called the “Destroy-Trump media” out for what they deemed a “big mistake.” They described the illustration as Time showing the “White House being absorbed by Russia’s Kremlin,” and then correctly identified the image as Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

“So much for fact-checking,” the Hannity.com staff wrote. 

Time didn’t label the structure as the Kremlin, however, and although the cathedral isn’t within the Kremlin, it’s in the Red Square and a federal property of the Russian Federation.

Business Insider reported that the accompanying story details “White House officials’ struggles to contain and respond to multiple Russia-related controversies.”

The firing of FBI Director James Comey, the classified intelligence shared with Russian officials from Trump, and the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the Russia probe remain talking points for news coverage.

The Time cover has only provided more fodder for the constant coverage. From allegations of CNN misusing the term “minarets” to Mad Magazine slamming Time for copying their illustration, the famous landmark mashup has gotten people questioning if the magazine made the right decision.

Time Magazine's Latest Cover Shows Russia Overtaking The White House

Time has not shied away from controversial covers in the past, but this one has taken on greater scrutiny amid an ever-evolving news cycle.

Do you think TIME’s cover of a Russian takeover of The White House went too far? Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below.

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297 thoughts on “Time Magazine’s Latest Cover Shows Russia Overtaking The White House

    1. The US has embraced Nazi Germanys style of propaganda. Poor innocent brainwashed people, turn off the tv and live your life based on you not what you see on tv.

  1. I can see this sort of thing happening while a communist-loving pretentious Democrat is in the White House since the party of the people have a history of loving the Soviet Union and what it stood for. Now, their noses are just bent out of shape because Russia is taking a different course that conflicts with their ideology which was planted into their minds through the efforts of KGB influence operations in the United States of America over a span of decades.

  2. What’s even funnier Adam McKee is how big of a babyback bitch cry baby snowflake ass libtard you and ur Hillary supporters are. Please stop ur goddamn crying allready I’m sure there’s a safe place for you and ur kind somewhere.

    1. You also sound like a cowardly little bitch using the word “libtard”. Did you type that on a cum crusted keyboard in mommy’s basement? Because I know that word would never make it out of your fucking mouth if you said it to my face.

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  3. Right if trump is as innocent as he says he is why obstruct the investigation. I think we all know enough about drumpf that he would welcome the opportunity to say I told you so. The people want their investigation, and the trumpets should want it the most. They whine endlessly about how sick they are of anyone bringing up our president being unable to utter an intelligible word with Putin’s dick in his mouth. Well guess what there’s only one way to shut the people up and denying them their day in court and running from the facts is not the way.

    1. Fine prosecute Hillary. Prose Ute the fuck put of her, and while we’re at it prosecute pedophile and traitor n chief!!! Stop defending this asshole and think about the accountability you conserva-snowflakes whine about.

    2. Where’s the evidence Joseph. They’ve been accusing him of being in bed with Russia since the election. Where’s the evidence so we can hold him accountable? Or is it guilty until proven innocent?

    3. Yes innocent until proven guilty. He has been denying us the process. Sally Yates, Flynn (FYI after those who were to testify got whacked, play from Hillary’s book) and now comey(formerly trumps fan). No one is guilty yet, but #45 is trying very hard to keep the proceedings from happening. My point still stands. If he is innocent why fight the system?

    4. After he fired Flynn he bombed an unoccupied Syrian airbase, Syrians are the Russians satellite. For fucks sake he’s making you look like a fool demand some answers

    5. He is No ones president no wall will be built, no coal miners jobs will come back, he said isis in 30 days, he promised a glorious wall that would solve all of our immigration problems, what else….?

    6. He’s fighting the system that overlooked piles of evidence against Clinton and continues to investigate him despite lack of evidence. For the group of people who thinks Trump is so dumb, you give him an awful lot of credit to believe he’s involved in what you say he is. He’s also only been POTUS for only four months. He’s already received funding from the DHS for a down payment to start the wall. He’s already attempted damn near everything he’s promised but it all takes time when your fighting a bought Congress. Keep digging though.

    7. Where’s the evidence that he handed over classified information? Ishe guilty until proven innocent on that as well? It’s going to prove to be another failed reach by the liberal media.

    8. nice try he said the wall would be in next years budget, guess he got too tired, since it’ll cost about 50 billion , after labor. He didn’t include that. The piles of evidence that would take down Hillary would take down congress to. Why do you think they haven’t “locked her up” by now. Everything she did was within their budget so paul ryan, and bitch McConnel might share a cell with her. fyi I said investigate hillary earlier and i meant it. trump is fighting a system to stay out of jail now, not to serve us. Trump is a traitor, and traitors are to hang.

    9. They have money in the budget this year. Not a lot but they do have it. And if it has to wait for next year, so be it. Like I said, he’s only been POTUS for four months. Don’t get you panties in a twist. Again, he deserves to hang because he’s guilty of what? They’ve found literally zero evidence. None. That doesn’t mean anything to you I see.

    10. Telling comey not to investigate is trying to silence, telling Sally Yates to be absent for a senate hearing is silencing, threatening with tapes of illegally recorded conversation is coercion, with an intent toward silencing Even if he could demonstrate that he fired comey, because he was displeased with his performance in investigating Hillary, laughable by the way, doesn’t change the fact that he fired comey shortly after he supplied evidence which subpoena’ed 2 grand juries regarding his investigation of Russia’s Intel operations during the election. If his supporters think he is innocent they should encourage him to bring the investigation and end this once and for all. He has a republican led house so he has every advantage. The only thing that could tank his presidency is a clear investigation and hearing. If he matters to you then clearing his name should be more important than keeping him put of trouble.

  4. Poor Trump Humpers, stop crying and start practicing…’President Pence, President Pence, President Pence.’ The republican party thanks you, you’ve been the most useful idiots ever. Pence is almost certainly the “leaker” that you twats are searching for…he was, after all, put in by the establishment to watch your Orange Overlord. And before your little pricks get soft hard, Pence has some nutty religious theories, but he’s a strict constitutionalist…so when his AG tells him that he’s violating the constitution, he’ll stop. During “Hamilton”, his son became upset that the cast was critical of Pence. Pence told his son that he should not be upset, that he should be proud…because he lived in a country where people died for the right to exercise free speech. Country before party. Yum, yum, get some.

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  5. All these brainwashed idiots. The FBI is a fucking joke. Look at the evidence they have on JFK.. why won’t they release it? Look at what they actually do. Look at the evidence they had on Hillary. They are the entity that controls what all you fucking brain dead idiots think amd see.. keep watching you’re news on your tv and Facebook tho. . They will still make 3 million whole ypu make 25k. No matter who is president. This country has committed more atrocities than a majority know. You’re all just too enamored by the media and sucking cock. Go fuck yourselves and eat a dick…. the fbi will always cover its ass

    1. let the l ibtards who watch cnn chime in about my Hillary comment.. call me racist, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic… go look in the mirror. The l ibtards are the ones who want to put a label on everything.

    2. Actually Adam Hendricks, socialism has failed every time. Go back to school. Hilarious. Google Venezuela, braniac.

    3. Tristan Scott Harris what???? Adam Hendricks if socialism is so great they why are the people fleeing socialst countries haha.. fucking retard.. ill put a label on you

    4. Uhh no Denmark Sweden Ireland, Canada, Finland, Belgium and China, all socialist all happy as fuck (except China because shit ton of people) but all their economies and everything are doing well.

    5. Human Development Index

      “The Human Development Index (HDI) is an index used to rank countries by level of “human development”, which usually also implies whether a country is developed, developing, or underdeveloped.” -wiki

      1 Norway
      2 Australia
      3 Iceland
      4 Canada
      5 Ireland
      6 Netherlands
      7 Sweden
      8 France
      9 Switzerland
      10 Japan
      11 Luxembourg
      12 Finland
      13 United States
      14 Austria
      15 Spain
      16 Denmark
      17 Belgium
      18 Italy (just plain corrupt but closer to socialism)
      19 Liechtenstein (a monarchy but closer to capitalism)
      20 New Zealand

      Well there you are. Total count: 14 – socialist, 4 – capitalist, 2 – unspecified.

      GDP per Capita

      1 Liechtenstein $ 118,000 2007 est.
      2 Qatar $ 111,000 2008 est.
      3 Luxembourg $ 81,200 2008 est.
      4 Bermuda $ 69,900 2004 est.
      5 Norway $ 59,500 2008 est.
      6 Kuwait $ 57,500 2008 est.
      7 Singapore $ 51,600 2008 est.
      8 Brunei (I don’t really know) $ 51,300 2008 est.
      9 United States $ 47,500 2008 est.
      10 Ireland $ 45,500 2008 est.
      11 United Arab Emirates $ 44,600 2008 est.
      12 Cayman Islands $ 43,800 2004 est.
      13 Iceland $ 42,300 2008 est.
      14 Switzerland $ 42,000 2008 est.
      15 San Marino $ 41,900 2007
      16 Netherlands $ 40,500 2008 est.
      17 Austria $ 40,400 2008 est.
      18 Canada $ 39,200 2008 est.
      19 Australia $ 38,200 2008 est.
      20 Sweden $ 38,200 2008 est.

      (note: I removed a number of nations listed here that aren’t really countries, mainly UK tourist destinations like Jersey)

      Well there you are. the count: Socialist – 9, Capitalist – 9, unspecified – 2

      Life Expectancy at birth (from Wikipedia)

      1 Japan 82.6
      2 Iceland 81.8
      3 Switzerland 81.7
      4 Australia 81.2
      5 Spain 80.9
      6 Sweden 80.9
      7 Israel 80.7
      8 France 80.7
      9 Canada 80.7
      10 Italy 80.5
      11 New Zealand 80.2
      12 Norway 80.2
      13 Singapore 80.0
      14 Austria 79.8
      15 Netherlands 79.8
      16 Greece 79.5
      17 Belgium 79.4
      18 UK 79.4
      19 Germany 79.4
      20 Finland 79.3

      Count: 17 – socialist, 3- capitalist (note: the US is # 38)

      Income Tax (wikipedia, 2005)

      1- S. Korea
      2- Mexico
      3- New Zealand
      4- Ireland
      5- Japan
      6- Australia
      7- Iceland
      8- US
      9- Switzerland
      10- Canada
      11- UK
      12- Luxembourg
      13- Portugal
      14- Norway
      15- Slovak Republic
      16- Netherlands
      17- Greece
      18- Spain
      19- Denmark
      20- Turkey
      So the count is: socialist – 12, capitalist – 5, unspecified – 3

      Grand Total: socialist – 52, capitalist – 21, unspecified – 7

  6. It’s funny how these ignorant people forgot that the Democrats were siding with the Russians when Reagan was President. The Democrats will do anything to get and keep power.

  7. Every joke has a slither of truth in it so I guess that makes it worse all about the not so mighty dollar
    Wtf has trump got us all into!!! This stuff with sacking the former boss is possibly impeachment stuff we’re talking about ffs!!! Put a clown in power what do you expect will happen ?!?! Yanks man always going to mess shit up for us all!!! #trouble. #BigTrouble

    1. Not every joke has a sliver of truth..

      Bigfoot, Santa Claus, and the Loch Ness Monster teleport into a transdimensional bar…..

    1. I’d like to see where our “orange god” said this, he said he fired comey over failure to prosecute Hillary Clinton over her felony actions. He then went on to say after the new investigator popped up that he looks forward to the conclusion of the investigation. As far as Russia collusion is involved all heads of the intelligence agencies have said they possess absolutely no evidence whatsoever of collusion, your entire narrative seems like something that was spun up out of a fantasy world.

    2. Lol. You have some of the Dems who are calling for the special investigator point blank stating that there is no evidence…so, no, there is no evidence. Putting an investigator on it, won’t magically make it so the lack of evidence they currently have is magically some evidence. And if there has not been any evidence found, there likely will not be any found. They’ve had quite a while to look for it–before he was in office.

    3. But…….Hillary….Obama…emails…herp-dee-derr. Too bad these idiot republicans are brainwashed drones and still worship dumbass trump

    4. Anyone who believes that Drumpfs innocent is in for a yuge surprise. He’s completely fucked because he’s a fucking moron. So go ahead and support this piece of shit. It says a lot about you. Ignorance comes to mind. Ignorance is bliss so enjoy your bliss.

    5. Idk, if I was Trump, Id fire anyone and everyone that could potentially be a threat to me getting impeached. Thats pretty logical.

    6. Funny watching liberals that don’t even know their own gender call other people idiots. Carry on, you liberals are pure comedic gold. You might as well build “cootie-catchers” from elementary school and sit in small groups with your crayons and play doh and spell out IMPEACH over and over

    7. Naw, I saw the 2 scoops of ice cream CNN coverage, Mat Gittings. That much outrage over ice cream coupled with “anonymous sources” for everything under the sun will always look like faux outrage.

  8. It’s kinda funny, but the funniest bit is everyone’s too busy fighting over the president to realise trump becoming president is part of Putin’s scheme, whether he rigged it or not.

    1. Putin wanted trump in, and even said something along the lines of he would start world war 3 if Hillary got elected. You don’t need half a brain to know he’s up to something.

    2. Joshua A. Brown There are 17 different law enforcement agencies that confirm that Russia interfered with the election. If that isn’t concerning to every single American then we’re doomed. Also- you say that “all they did” was expose what corrupt DNC. Notice what they DIDN’T do was expose the GOP. It has also been proven that they launched a MASSIVE social media campaign specifically targeted to discredit the DNC (and Clinton). Listen, I am neither a democrat nor a republican. I didn’t even vote in the last election because I thought both candidates were terrible. I have no allegiance to any party or candidate. But, I DO think we need to have a sense of urgency to put systems in place that will make sure a foreign entity cannot manipulate our elections.

    3. Joshua A. Brown And you know for a fact that all they did was leak emails, without any creative editing or adding? There was at least one journalist who publicly stated that one of the leaked emails contained entire blocks of text that he had written for an article years ago.

    4. Dan Trumble the USA interferes with elections all over the globe. If we had a taste of our own medicine, why does it surprise anyone?

    5. The DNC has not suggested that even 1 email was edited. They have never raised a claim. The DNC also refused to let the FBI look at the servers, handing it over, instead, to a Russian IT company whose owner is anti-Putin.

    6. Ken Yockey No one said life was fair. There’s millions of people living in grass huts with dirt floors starving to death and I eat whatever I want whenever I want. Some people (Americans especially) are born into better lives than others. Those are the facts. I am more interested in protecting our country than worrying about “getting a taste of our own medicine”. Put simply… I am a patriot. Also… what agencies can back your claim that we’ve “interfered with elections all over the world”? Or are we just supposed to take your word for it?

    1. Brian can’t, because there is no real evidence. But idiots like him and the media, they don’t let reality get in the way.

    2. Im an idiot…you twos i.qs wouldnt even add up to my shoe size. #trumptards
      No need to reply i dont argue with the mentally challenged..

    3. Oh please! They’ve been looking for dirt on him since he was campaigning. If they had any evidence at all, they wouldn’t hesitate to impeach. It’s all they’ve been crying about for months now.

  9. Omgggggg y’all just going to have to get tf over yourselves. Russia has done NOTHING that the USA hasn’t already done! Stop being naive or blinded by patriotic pride. And on top of it all, the global warming/climate change (which of course is not happening & not from us) in LESS THAN 30 years, the west HALF of the US will be like the Australian outback & guess where the weather & rainfall will be ideal?? You got it…RUSSIA. So, anyone with any forsight can see that we better buddy up w/Putin. America won’t be the main superpower for long. I KNOW RIGHT? INCONCEIVABLE!!….yeah…its called REALITY.

    1. Lol. White people aren’t scared. Truth is not a friend of liberals and the truth is there isn’t one peice of evidence in the Trump/Russia connection. Let it sink in…I know it’s painful for you.

    1. What’s even more funny about those “prayer rugs” is they have been there at least as long a Reagan. Look it up the gold curtains have been in the Whitehouse long before Obama.

    2. Ok, I’ll take your word for it since I really don’t know or care, I just remember all the bitching about what’s his nuts.
      My point is that it doesn’t matter who is in office people will use whatever they can to bitch

    1. And Donald ran with it… she got her fair share of karma, she lost to the most ignorant man to ever get the job

    2. Roy ward you dont become a billionaire and then get elected to the most powerful leadership job in the world because your ignorant . liberals are laughable and there butts are still sore lol

    3. 530+ successful businesses – 4 bankruptcies. Yeah what a dummy??. It’s like saying Michael Jordan was terrible at basketball because he missed a few shots.

    4. But the 110 billion per year for 3 years weapon deal that trump is going to saudi arabia to finalize, that is cool. Trump supporters could write books on hypocrisy. Jeremy Purdue

    5. Actually Obama started the birther movement . His sell sheet for ” journeys in black and white” stated he was Kenyan. After his Senate win his wife stated he was Kenyan also after his trip to Africa she stated they visited Barracks Homeland of …….. Yes that’s right Kenya… Lived in Hawaii but had a SSN from Connecticut same as his illegal alien uncle he lived with in Boston where he had unpaid parking tickets during presidential run . Ya lived right around the corner from his illegal alien aunt Zeituni who sucked off welfare her entire stay here and bragged about it..

    6. Yeah! Stupid Trumpers! It’s not like Obama was President for the last 8 years and Hillary wasn’t Secretary of State for the last 4. That’s like ancient history guys! What are you still talking about it for? GTFOH! ???

    7. Hillary accepts donation from saudis “she is a terrorist” trump sells them 300 billion in weapons “what a great business man”

    1. It’s not deflection to simply point out hypocrisy Steven Steele. Do you expect the left to get a pass on doing the same shit? Should we not bring it up and just pretend it never happened? That’s what we call hypocrisy

    1. I read an article proclaiming it was ,criticizing Time magazine.
      Which quite frankly I simply do not read . Most major publications have degenerated into utter ridiculousness.

    1. Brad Wu Kong, ” if evidence is ever uncovered”? So you’re​ saying there hasn’t been evidence but yet it’s ok for everyone to go out and say it anyway. You know, just in case down the road something is uncovered.

    2. Nick YellowEyes, I could ask you the same thing. What’s with you guys? The investigation is still going, with no proof so far, but you love to say there is a connection.

    3. Brad Wu Kong if there is solid proof that the Russians hacked the election then Trump and everyone who is involved should be put in prison

    4. Nick investigations aren’t over they never will be as long as the democrats push for them just like the republicans pushed for investigations into Clinton(and still do) all that matters is if evidence actually shows up against him
      Her on the other hand…well let’s just hope the mounting evidence of her crimes put her in jail

    5. Nick YellowEyes it took them a few days to give Clinton a pass… if they haven’t found anything in 4 months they may not find anything.

    6. First of all, investigations don’t always conclude quickly. The watergate investigations took a long time. Years even before it was all said and done. And should I assume that you Trump supporters also think Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson are truly innocent too? Since there was no ‘concrete evidence just circumstantial evidence? Or just when it’s convenient for you?

    7. Jack Cock, I asked a simple question out of genuine curiosity. This muhfucka wrote a paragraph bitching. ?

      Bill Kuhn, I appreciate a solid answer.

      Brian Lee, you talking about Hillary. That crooked bitch was out there having people fuckin assassinated. You damn right they gave her a pass in days. ?

    8. Nick YellowEyes nice slippery slope there. As of right now there has been no conclusive evidence one way or another so for you to outright assume the outcome only shows your bias and proves that people are in fact after the man and not the truth.

    9. Lots of dots being connected. Pieces of the puzzle are becoming more and more connected. It ain’t over till it’s done. In the meantime what do you care? Continue with your lives. If there is nothing there then there is nothing there. Continue ‘winning’ guys.

    10. Yet not one shred of proof that Obama was a Muslim communist born in Kenya, but that dead horse was beaten onto the ground

    11. I mean, that’s kinda obvious, Dan Jane

      People hate Trump. He’s spent the last decade, alone, proving he’s a downright cunt of a man. Which makes people feel like hell be a cunt of a president.

      What sucks is that people can’t be secure in their hatred, and feel the need to find stuff to validate it.

    12. Trump and Hillary have been buddies for years and of the two Trump is the more ideal puppet. Trump’s tax returns might not have Russia in ’em by what if Hillary is, will your head explode?

    13. It’s now a criminal investigation. If trump is so damned clean, he wouldn’t have fired THREE investigators in a row. He sure as hell wouldn’t put his fat ass on the line for anyone else. If he was a ship’s captain and it was sinking, he’d throw children off the lifeboat to make room for himself. He left Saudi ahead of time because they wouldn’t let his helicopter land on one of their most hallowed buildings and he couldn’t make an entrance. He’s pathetic.

    14. And no I’m not biased. If there is something to Hillary ‘offing people’ then I agree there should be an investigation into it. I’m all for it. But atleast im not blinded and denying any and all allegations.

    15. Paula Aschenbrenner, First- he fired all Obama appointed attorneys, just like every other President has done. Second- Yates wasn’t his appointee and wouldn’t uphold executive orders she didn’t agree with and Third-wasnt the left so outraged at Comey that they wanted him fired or for him to resign back in November? Make your mind up on who you want fired or not fired

    16. Jack Cook. Yes Comey should have been fired a long time ago. But your argument is only what the right is spinning. Actually no one cares about Comey. We are just criticizing the timing. It’s way too suspicious and the reasoning that the White House is giving for it is ridiculous and the stories are always changing. This administration’s credibility is shot. It was from day one.

    17. Comey was the Clinton’s bitch and had been for years. He couldn’t be trusted to do a fair investigation. There was a mountain of evidence against Clinton that just got overlooked in recent and past investigations. Like Bill said, they literally haven’t found a shred of evidence against Trump. All this BS started when it initially leaked that the DNC rigged the primaries. Everyone seemed to just forget about that though. Just your good ol’ media brainwashing at its best.

    18. Then why isn’t Trump on those investigations, Jeremy? He said all during his campaign that once president he would prosecute her. But then nothing. He even said he doesn’t care about that anymore. Just another lie.

    19. We don’t even have a new FBI director yet. Give it time. Maybe he’s worried about committing suicide by homicide. It tends to happen to people who attempt to expose the Clintons. Just because you’re President it doesn’t always mean you can snap your fingers and just make shit happen. He’s figuring that out too. Trump can be a off the wall and I think they need to revoke his Twitter privileges but you people want to hate him so much that you’ll believe anything. The media is just one lie after another. The media has been blatantly and openly against Trump since the election. Even Fox news has converted to CNN Lite. All I see coming from Trump haters is the same BS narrative the liberal media is putting out.

    20. Well he is a piece of crap. And he hasn’t given anybody reason to not hate him. How he ran his campaign and how he’s run his administration, there’s nothing to like. Agree to disagree about the lying media. I am aware that there is a media bias problem. In my personal opinion, Fox News is the only one that lies. And seeing what interests back that network it’s not hard to see why they are the only ones that back Trump.

    21. I never said I wanted him to come eat dinner at my house. He’s going to put steak on my dinner plate. If we had to deal with another 4-8 years of Obama and the policies that came out of that establishment, the working class would be totally screwed.

    22. Nick YellowEyes, “In my opinion, Fox is the only one that lies.”

      – and that is precisely why people aren’t taking what you have to say seriously. Whereas I wouldn’t consider Fox News or any other American news outlet to be 100% objective or honest, your statement is indicative of someone who can’t reconcile the objective reality with what they wish was true. That was one of the single dumbest things I’ve ever witnessed someone convey in writing.

    23. Trump supporters say there is no proof therefore it hasn’t happened. Yet the whole Trump campaign was loaded with unproven false accusations against others.

      The republicans used to love America and spew bullshit about how amazing the red, white and blue was. Now they’re embracing the demise of the US with open arms. It’s sad. Funny and ironic, but sad.

    24. Mike Brock so list the evidence if there is that much. I’d like to see it

      Credible evidence and sources please

    25. Why do they still bring up Clinton? Your orange Jesus said he doesn’t plan to prosecute. He could have if he wanted to, but he made the decision. Due to him saying that, I can’t see how the Hillary conversation is still relevant anymore. Ps- I loathe hillart

    26. C Patrick Powell. I’m sorry. I should’ve said that Fox News lies the most but not all stations are 100% honest 100% of the time in all of their existence. Is that better? In other news: our air isn’t entirely made up of O2. Bats are not in fact blind, earth doesn’t revolve around the sun but it revolves around our solar system.

    27. Dan James Lipke Wow! So you’re privy to the investigation details while it’s going on? The investigators are sharing everything with you? Are you sure you’re allowed to publicly talk about an ongoing investigation like that?

    28. Robert Hogan, he won for now, but the truth wins out forever. All it takes is time. Flynn alone is in so much shit….promise him immunity and I’ll bet he sings like a bird

    29. Bill, if you don’t know what Trump is doing to America I think that’s part of the problem. Trump is only helping a certain portion of America. Another portion of America, his supporters, think he’s helping them. And there’s a whole other portion that he has demonized and is actually harming. A president is suppose to help the whole country. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Before anyone even mentions Obama, I know that not every president has helped all of America. But no president before has been this blatant about which portion of America he prefers. Well maybe not them either. He does lie and flip flop an awful lot.

    30. Nick YellowEyes, so you mean to tell me that you’re upset with Trump on the basis that people don’t like Liberals?

      Boy, are you in for a rude awakening.

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