Trump Locates Only Black Man at Rally (video)

Trump Locates Only Black Man at Rally
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June 10, 2016 – After a violent clash between protestors outside a recent campaign rally in San Jose, GOP nominee, Donald Trump, made it a point to promote a message of tolerance and unity among his supporters during his next stop. What ended up happening instead was that Donald Trump scanned the crowd at the Redding, California campaign event and singled out the lone African American in attendance. Trump went on to recount a confrontation at a different event where Trump supporters purportedly in KKK garb were attacked by a black attendee. Trump recalled that incident to the crowd and pointed to the presence of an individual whom he referred to in the following manner:
“Look at my African American over here! Look at him. Are you the greatest? You know what I’m talking about?”

Trump Locates Only Black Man at Rally

Trump appeared to be touting the man’s presence at the event as evidence of the reality show star-turned presidential candidate’s strong support with African-American voters As for Greg Cheadle, the “African-American” in question, he said the following:http://Trump Proudly Locates the Only Black Man at Rally

“Had he said, ‘Here’s my African-American friend,’ or ‘my African-American supporter’ or something like that, then there would be less ambiguity. Had he said, ‘Here’s my African-American’ and then after that said, ‘What’s up, dawg,’ or ‘boy’ or even the N-word as they use it today, I really would have been offended.”

Trump Locates Only Black Man at Rally

Cheadle, a Republican congressional candidate, insists he was not offended by Trump’s statements and that he was merely at the rally to judge Trump for himself:

“I am not a Trump supporter,” Cheadle said. “I went to go hear Donald Trump because I have an open mind.”
Cheadle says he’s not sure who he’ll vote for but he is pleased with the attention Trump’s comments have generated:
“I was thrilled that he gave blacks positive press by talking about one of the (supporters) that was at his event … a black guy who beat up a white guy at his rally.”
The incident he was referring to was the same March rally where an African American attendee punched another attendee wearing a white hood reminiscent of KKK attire.

Watch the clip here courtesy of CSPAN and decide if Trump’s singling out of Gregory Cheadle is Funny or Offensive – Vote and Comment below….

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