Website Will Send Your Ashes To Congress If You Die From TrumpCare

Website Will Send Your Ashes To Congress If You Die From TrumpCare
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Rest in Pieces

May 7th, 2017 – One enterprising website is hoping to make a larger political point in the wake of the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly voting to “repeal and replace” the health care law known as Obamacare. The new websiteMail Me To The GOP, promises that it will deliver the ashes of anyone who dies as a result of losing their health care under the new “Trumpcare” law to the offices of a Republican member of Congress. The GOP-led measure passed despite fears from a number of health advocacy groups, such as the AARP and professional trade associations like the AMA, that the bill would suddenly deny millions of Americans vital health services.

One of the more controversial parts of the new health care plan would allow states to opt out of providing so-called “essential health benefits” – for example, maternity, preventative and mental health care, ambulance trips, hospitalizations and other emergency services. Infamously, pre-existing conditions are not covered by “Trumpcare” and have been expanded to include what most health professionals would consider basic health services.

The website has a section called “Reasons Why We Will Die” where individuals can detail their own pre-existing conditions and the real life consequences of abruptly losing their health benefits. The results were predictable:

“Reason #8: Because I have cancer which is a pre-existing condition as per the new bill. You are murderers. Every one of you that voted to repeal ACA. I hope you too have to choose between death and going into debt one day soon.”

Website Will Send Your Ashes To Congress If You Die From TrumpCare

Site visitors pointed out some of the gaps in logic in addition to voicing their overall disapproval of the House plan:

“Why would you introduce a bill that effectively treats women like their gender is a pre-existing medical condition, and prevent thousands of American families from affordable family plan options like regular pregnancy?”

The Senate still has to vote on the House proposal in order for the bill to become law and currently both Senate Republicans and Democrats have voiced their concerns with the current policy. The Republican political victory may be short-lived, but the threat of a fully passed Trumpcare has been great enough to have Mail Me To The GOP crash Thursday afternoon after an uptick in website traffic.

So is this gallows humor or does sending one’s mortal remains to the person who voted to deny them lifesaving care cross the (flat)line? Funny or Offensive? Vote and Comment now…

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157 thoughts on “Website Will Send Your Ashes To Congress If You Die From TrumpCare

  1. Need address bc of Obamacare Please bc Alot of working middle class will die under his congress care!!! Can’t afford insurance and then get taxed on it with our taxes suck ass!!! Please come live my life trying and my husband!!! I have work 113 hrs this week and my husband to meet the premiums. But still can’t afford the co pay and $10,000 deductible!!!

    1. The liberals accepted anything Obama did with praise and deification- no questions asked.If Obama took a shit,fools like Warren,Pelosi,and Waters remarked how perfect the color was.

  2. I don’t think most people are even qualified enough to talk about this bill. Usually people just defend it if they like trump, or are against it because they hate him. People need to stop making things like that. Whether you like him or not, don’t blindly follow one side. Look at the bill. I’m not saying everyone needs to read it, but find an article that at least paraphrases it (without bias) before you talk garbage. It’s so dumb to argue. It has good and bads, my girlfriend is effected negatively by it. I’m not even too sure wtf is in it, I’ll be happy that I won’t have to pay a fine, so I’m not too sure who is right.

    1. (Psst. Don’t bring common sense into it. Neither party cares.) I can actually provide you with a source that details all the items on the bill. 😀 If you want any how. It gave me a headache and some of the details were extremely laughable, while others made sense and some were EXTREMELY wtf inducing.

    2. I voted trump. And I don’t like this bill. It does nothing about the coat of medicine . and the the real problem ! My wife’s insulin has gone up 120 dollars in just 4 years. And its cost pennies to make . and that’s just one medication

    3. You won’t pay a fine? Of course you won’t, but there is still a penalty for not having health insurance, and it could potentially cost you more than the current law.

    4. I’m not sure what’s better, but I do know that a lot of countries have universal healthcare and it works. Pharma companies are just really greedy, and the government isn’t going to change that.

      I don’t trust this bill at all because some of the senators excluded themselves from it, and doesn’t that just smell like the nastiest bullshit?

  3. “shit, I just my car is need of serious work. Better go get some insurance and make them pay for it, even though I never paid a dime my insurance policy”

    Sorry, I meant body, not car

    1. Not the same thing. People have a right to live. Besides it’s not “free” healthcare. It’s the money we already pay into taxes being directed into something that actually benefits the populace instead of trillionaire defense contractors.

    2. Lol, no it’s the same. They never paid dime one to that private company, and now that company has to pay their bills. That’s not insurance. They have a right to live, but not the right to make another person pay for that right. I have a right to eat in order to live, should the grocery be responsible for that cost?

    3. So, people who don’t have children should not be taxed for school districts, people who don’t fly shouldn’t be taxed for airports, people who don’t watch sports should not pay for stadiums on and on and on…Anal logic!

    4. TimothyZimanzl, What the fuck does making a private company pay your bills, have to do with schools and tax money?

    5. If private companies were FORCED to pay for those things, then you may have a point. But they don’t, so take the anal logic remark and cram it

    6. Jack Cook health coverage should not be ran by private companies to begin with. And again, it’s not using someone else’s labor for free. It’s the money we pay into taxes being used directly for us instead of some private company’s profits.

    7. Melissa JaneRies-Lasseter,Yeah, but it is run by private companies. You can’t defend our system now, by using something that isn’t actually happening

    8. Ok asshole, let’s break this down so a fucking idiot like yourself can grasp it. If you never paid in on an insurance policy, then get sick, then decide to get insurance, that company is paying your bills. Sure you send them 300 a month, but they send out 1500. So basically that company is paying out 1200 a month more than you. Are you really dumb enough to not get that? On an actual insurance policy, you have been paying money all along. Insurance is bought in case something MAY happen. You don’t buy it because it already has.

    9. Timothy Zimanzl, what the fuck does that have to do with making a private company pay for your medical bills? For fucks sake, if you’re gonna try to defend it, at least use examples that make a little fucking sense

    10. “I got $1500 a month medical bills, so I will just send you $300, and you pay the rest of my bills”. No you’re completely right. That’s not making a private company pay for your bills at all

    11. Why do they get insurance? To help them pay their bills. Who do they go to, when they need someone to pay those bills, the private insurance company that they never had a policy with. If that’s not making them pay their bills, then what the fuck is it?

    12. Let me help you Jack. No private insurance company in the history of the world has taken $300 and then made a retroactive payment on a $1500 medical bill. What you fail to comprehend is that when people receive subsidies for their premiums on a policy, that subsidy comes from the government.

    13. WTF are you talking about? If I find out I have cancer, THEN get insurance, every month from that point forward, the insurance company will be paying out the ass. In exchange for them paying, you send them a premium that doesn’t come close to being equal to your bills. You get insurance IN CASE something happens. Not because it already has. Stop with this retroactive bullshit, and address the real debate. And not everyone gets subsidies from the government. Those that do, get subsidies to cover the cost of their monthly payment premium. Which means the company still pays out the same amount, it’s just the individual that gets to pay less.

    14. Changing the argument is the lefts main tactic when they can’t win the original topic. Argue against a point that was never made in the first point

    15. “If you never paid in on an insurance policy, then get sick, then decide to get insurance, that company is paying your bills. ” ……..Your words Jack……..Do you actually think insurance companies are not in the business for profit? How do you think they make a profit? Insurance is shared risk

    16. Yes, my fucking words. What are you not understanding? Yes, it’s a shared risk, but where the fuck is the risk to the individual, if they KNOW they will have these bills. You accidentally proved my point and you’re to fucking stupid to realize it. There is no risk for the person. None. You need to use that Obamacare quick and get your fucking head examined. If you get sick and know you will have bills, then by your definition, you aren’t buying insurance. You’re sending Humana a little check and Humana is sending out a big one.

    17. No Jack, you proved my point. Those with pre-existing conditions are those who need it most. You are a heartless bastard who puts the welfare of insurance CEO’s above those in need. That is precisely why we need a single payer system like the rest of the civilized world. Why not have Medicaid for all? Eventually we all get sick and die.

    18. Lol. Goddamn. Did you really just change what you were debating again, in order to save some self respect? Somehow you started off saying that insurance companies weren’t paying people’s bills. Then you tried to teach me the ins and outs of what an insurance company is, then when you fucked up and admitted that buying insurance after you get sick isn’t insurance, you try and go with the bleeding heart angle and say your argument the entire time was for a single payer system. Thank you. That was fun.

    19. I see the Democratic party is in good hands with a mastermind like you fighting the good fight. I have no doubts that at some point during this, the thought ” shit, I just admitted that getting insurance after you get sick isn’t insurance. I better spin this shit somehow.” I also have no doubts that you really didn’t know what you were even debating. But if the companies are in this to make money, according to you, pre existing conditions wouldn’t matter because they aren’t paying for someone’s bills that never paid in. There’s subsidies, remember? They wouldn’t be losing money, right?

    20. Timothy Zimanzl, I actually separate from the right, when it comes to preexisting conditions. I have no issue with the government setting up a program for them. But that was never the point and you fucking know it. This was about forcing private companies to pay these bills because the individual bought a policy. But even you admitted that they didn’t actually buy insurance. If they didn’t, then what did they buy? They bought the right to make someone else pay their future bills. That’s not insurance. By no definition is that insurance

    21. Timothy Zimanzl, for future reference, next time you want to make a point, it helps when you actually express that point at the beginning. Not just changing your point at the end because you know you fucked up your original point. Now go to fucking bed, I’m sure your brain needs it after all bullshit you just put it through.

    22. And you should know, those people with preexisting conditions will still get coverage with Trump care. I know that doesn’t fit into your narrative, but they will.

    23. I just want to point out, we’re slapped with about 900$ per uninsured person who gets treatment at a hospital and can’t pay, per year. So uh.. we’re already paying, for them, so why not pay SUBSTANTIALLY less and insure every one? Also, If you don’t want your money to go to help any one else, stop paying taxes. A portion of your taxes go to fix the roads, they go to make sure kids go to school “for free” Pretty much your taxes already pay to help EVERY one, so why not be a decent person and help keep them alive? Our folks world wide seem to understand this concept. But I guess, in egocentric USA, where we are taught to only look out for ourselves it seems like such a massive burden to pay the cost a family meal out (per year, per person) To make sure that the newborn in the NICU can live and go home with it’s parents… BUT HEY… Let’s not use facts about why we pay so much in Insurance to keep ourselves healthy. (Yeah that’s right, insurances raise the rate to counter the hospitals raising theirs because so many people have to, legally be treated, even if they can’t pay.)

    24. Ok Jack shall we define insurance…in·sur·ance
      noun: insurance; plural noun: insurances
      a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium.
      “many new borrowers take out insurance against unemployment or sickness”
      indemnity, indemnification, assurance, (financial) protection, security, coverage
      “insurance for his new car”
      the business of providing insurance.
      “Howard is in insurance”
      money paid for insurance.
      “my insurance has gone up”
      money paid out as compensation under an insurance policy.
      “when will I be able to collect the insurance?”
      a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.
      “adherence to high personal standards of conduct is excellent insurance against personal …………………………Now Jack how exactly does TrumpCare differ? What exactly is your narrative? Bloviating about private companies paying bills is bullshit. If this doesn’t change under Trump what the hell is your point?

    25. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK221653/ Reference one. http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=7693848 Reference two http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2015/jan/28/florida-chamber-commerce/insured-people-pay-about-2000-uninsured-hospital-s/ And yet another reference. I have plenty from many different news sources. Have a wonderful day, thinking you’re paying less because “You don’t want to pay to help insure some one else.” ?

    26. Jack Cook sure you pay every month or bimonthly is about 60 bucks you pqy til you need it what pisses people off that they do anything to not pay out to save your life

    1. Did the donut shop force your grandmother to eat donuts until she croaked? If not then it isn’t the same thing as being held hostage between insurance companies that don’t give a shit and senators who don’t give a shit.

    2. The exemptions used in Obamacare are the ones in the new healthcare passed. So you didn’t complain then which means you can’t complain now and only proves that no matter what Trump does you will discredit him. He could create world peace and you fucking libs would make some excuse to bitch at

    3. Such complications: diabetes. Nothing in it says the death was caused by the donut shop.

      A preexisting condition issue with an insurance does not mean that the preexisting condition causing a death automatically will be the fault of the laws on the insurance.

      Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, for example, is a death warrant. “Not covered” or “covered” will not change the outcome enough to validate the meme.

      Also, 2+ months without coverage, when you have been under this “must have insurance” law, for 8 years, and then only, what, a 30% bump on insurance cost for the rest of the year, and then it goes down–with the option out for your state (which you have more influence over than the Feds, so get to protesting the locals, for what you want), isn’t quite the same thing as everyone is upset about.

    4. Tom Anthony the two bills are not even remotely the same. Nice try. It took away the mandate that companies cover preexisting conditions without jacking the rates for it. Which means health insurance is now unaffordable for most people that have a condition and actually need it.

    5. Jessamyn Orgeron pancreatic cancer is an extreme. Shit like ever having had a cesearian or being raped in the past will now cause your rates to go up. Rendering it unaffordable. Which means you will die much sooner than you would have if you ever get something that is deadly but treatable/curable. Like HIV.

    1. Jack….listen sport….hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees isnt a population rise due to healthcare ?? its a population rise due to immigration. Better double check your numbers. We are repoducing at a deficit. Immigration is the only thing stabilizing our population

    1. The question isn’t IF you die. We all are going to die. The question is who’s job it is to pay for it before hand. You want to eat yourself into Type II … smoke yourself into lung cancer? Why do I have to pay for it???? Those things are the largest preexisting conditions. Even if you are inoccently stricken I didn’t cause it why should I go broke and my family suffer to pay for something that isn’t my fault?

    2. Because we’re actually paying more for our healthcare because of the uninsured. Each person who goes to a doctor or hospital with no insurance, drives our insurance rates up higher, because doctors “have” to raise the prices of treatments to cover the people who are unable to pay for their treatment. I can show you the proof of that. I believe it’s 900$ per uninsured person per year, that we’re slapped with. And think about how many are uninsured. Meanwhile, transitioning to universal healthcare will cost about a family meal out, per year, per person. Which cost sounds more efficient to you?

    3. Also: We should totally send gunshot victim’s ashes to NRA… That sounds absolutely NOT creepy in the slightest. Nope. ? Why not just be a semi normal person and send those glitterbomb envelopes to Congress? Glitter is the herpes of the crafts world. IT will NEVER LEAVE THEM.

    4. Costs less to pay for healthcare with cash than with insurance.
      Many hospitals and doctors markup services and items 200-500% when billing insurance.
      That practice needs to be addressed first and foremost if we want to stop artificially driving up the costs of insurance

    1. Having access to something means fuckall if your condition renders your covergae impossible to afford. And most of these “preexisting conditions” don’t even affect how much you’d cost the company. Acne, a past rape, a c section, thyroid condition, etc along those veins do not justify a raised rate. I have a thyroid condition. It’s managed by a blood test every three months and pills that cost $4 a month. That’s it. Hardly justifies me paying twice the price.

    2. Well its not ineffect they have alot more work before trump care is in place just companies wont pay for long term problems 🙂

    1. Actually you will.
      “Medical accident” actually kills more people than guns according to the last stats I checked.

    2. I guess it would only count as your healthcare provider killing you if they pick the doctor.

      Your health care system is wierd, I haven’t read much about it, but it seems they have a hell of a lot more control over your medical decisions

    1. Pre existing conditions can still get insurance, but what the fuck, don’t let facts get in the way of a good meme

    2. Jack Cook the law that just passed the house will allow states to opt out of covering pre existing conditions. But don’t let facts get in the way of you defending your supreme leader

    3. Don’t let the fact that states have rights, but don’t let facts get in your way either cupcake.

    4. Jacob Ko don’t you mean, states have rights when der fuhrer wants them to? Seems to me they only have “rights” when they’re using them to discriminate and be dicks. When they’re using them for humanity purposes he shits a brick. When they’re using them to allow people to recreationally smoke a plant he sends his flying monkey sessions into the fray.

    5. Jack Cook for a starkly increased price. Which effectively makes it unattainable for the majority. Don’t let the logical conclusion get in the way of your trump worship.

    6. It’s the government’s job to fund our rights?

      No it’s the government’s job to stay out of our way while exercising our rights.

    7. Jake Pein but the exemptions are the exact same as what Obamacare had so where were you pussy liberals whining back then

    8. Tom Anthony first I didn’t support Obamacare I support single payer Medicare for all. Second, no obamacare was a mandate to buy private for profit insurance and guaranteed that you couldn’t be denied for pre existing conditions. This bill gets rid of the protections for pre existing conditions.

    9. Brian Farley wow are you actually that dumb? Obamacare was not government healthcare. Just a mandate to buy private insurance. Countries with actual single payer pay less and get better service. The taxes they pay for lifetime coverage are less than what it costs to buy private insurance from for profit corporations.

    1. Obamacare works if you actually bothered to use the government healthcare website to get subsidized rates based on your income. If you went directly to the private insurance company you’re an idiot. All the ACA did was force companies to stop denying people. The GOP made sure the companies still reserved the right to jack their rates and boy howdy did they.

    2. False Obamacare was proven to be the cause of many small business owners and mom an pop shop. Forced many full time jobs to part time as well. The loss of full time jobs plummeted as well. These are real facts not opinions I don’t if you liberals know what that is but ya. Obamacare also forced people to give the government money if they chose not to have insurance which people are allowed to do in the USA.

      Obamacare destroyed so many lives. My own father went from decent deductable payments to thousands of dollars. So please stop the BS of it didn’t hurt anyone.

      Also, if you can read, you’d know the exemptions in the new health care have same as Obamacare so you can’t use that either. Big difference in the two??? Government doesn’t make you pay them if you don’t have insurance

    3. Also if when me and my family went thru the obama care website they wanted 600 amonth for insurance. That is not income based at all.

    1. Lee Stonecipher at least you admit trump is full of shit. Still doesn’t change the fact the CBO projects over 20 million will lose coverage.

    2. Jake Pein, that number works well considering they over estimated the number of people that would gain insurance with Obamacare by……24 million

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