FCC Investigating Stephen Colbert Over Trump Joke

FCC Investigating Stephen Colbert Over Trump Joke
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May 5, 2017 – Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC, has confirmed that the agency will be looking into an alleged homophobic joke made by Stephen Colbert during a recent installment of “The Late Show.” Colbert’s monologue targeting President Trump inspired the quickly trending “#FireColbert” campaign and a call for sponsors to boycott the show. Per Pai:

“I have had a chance to see the clip now and so, as we get complaints — and we’ve gotten a number of them — we are going to take the facts that we find and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts and we’ll take the appropriate action. Traditionally, the agency has to decide, if it does find a violation, what the appropriate remedy should be. A fine, of some sort, is typically what we do.”

FCC Investigating Stephen Colbert Over Trump Joke


Colbert has since commented on the issue:

“So while I would do it again, I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be,” he said. “I’m not going to repeat the phrase, but I just want to say for the record, life is short, and anyone who expresses their love for another person, in their own way, is to me, an American hero. I think we can all agree on that. I hope even the president and I can agree on that. Nothing else. But, that.”


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446 thoughts on “FCC Investigating Stephen Colbert Over Trump Joke

  1. They have to investigate legally based on a number of complaints. If they lose advertising, he’ll be gone….otherwise social media outrage won’t matter. It’s all absurd. He’s a comedian….don’t like him?….don’t watch. It was admittedly a bit much….but that’s what they do. Insulting ‘Oblacka’ just reveals your bigoted bias and lack of principle….politics trigger us all….don’t be stupid about it. Grow up.

  2. Colbert has always been crap anyways. He was very adamant about criticising Trump for saying rude things, but I guess it’s ok to be completely filthy when if it’s against Trump. Sad thing is that people actually listen to this guy’s unoriginal political jokes and take them as news.

  3. If he had said obama, the trumpadytes would have held a damn parade. I don’t stay up to watch his show, you know, work etc… but if you don’t like what he says, change the channel. So what if he and Putin have a 50 shades playroom. The hate is born out of homophobia, and they don’t want to admit that you can’t trust anything this POTUS says even if his tongue was notarized.

  4. Investigate what?! This shit was on live television wth is there to investigate. Trumps a little bitch who’s gone crying to his mama about someone bullying him. What a damn crybaby. There is no crime there isn’t shit to investigate the whole country saw this shit on tv.

  5. Friggin yanks…you have a cunt of an orange dickhead for president..who is pputins cock holster and youre pissed of about this? Hes just taken healtjcare from millions.. such twats

  6. Fucking retarded. Thats my thoughts. Like trump or hate teump ppl have turned into a bunch of danm pussies. Dont say this dont say that. fuck you. Freedom of fucking speech ya babies

  7. Well, anytime crybaby liberals don’t like something or find something offensive they bitch and moan and try to force it away. This is simply giving them a taste of their own medicine.

  8. Not really a story, the FCC investigates every complaint, regardless of what it is, or who it came from, and I’m fairly certain it won’t have come from Big D in the White House

  9. Lol he told a joke! That’s it!! There’s a hastag to get rid of him?! Ok..where was the hastag and movement to get bill oriely fired? That got commited fucking crimes!! Ok i guess if you arent on the side on trump in the media, you are just the enemy?

  10. I support Trump and I’ve always liked Stephen Colbert. He is a comedian it his job to joke about politicians. This whole “don’t talk about the president” thing started with Obama. I guess from now on the president is off limits?

  11. So Trump can be a racist, misogynist pussy grabber, and he’s the president? He’s the worst finger pointer ever. Grow some balls DT. He was always bashing Obama and now he can’t take it? His buddy O’Reilly gets the boot and now he wants revenge. What ever happened to originality? Should we all be scared now?

  12. if that’s all it takes…they should be ‘looking into’ a couple billion of us, cause you’d be hard pressed, especially in usa and canada, to find someone who hasn’t made closet homo..i mean homophobic jokes on public media forums, yes…homophobic, not closet homo…homophobic…lol

  13. It was disgraceful, disgusting and disrespectful to the American people as well as our President and the office that he holds. Colbert should be fired and banned from television.

  14. Trump wants to do away with the constitution, hang that orange bitch. Just because he’s white doesn’t mean shit, he’s a fucking moronic wanna be dictator.

  15. My question is this, if this sort of comment would have been made about any of the former presidents would there be this much outrage? Would this many people be defending the comment that was made of it was one of the previous presidents? Yes we do have a freedom of speech granted by the first amendment, however there are rules and regulations that the FCC has set forth for broadcasters to follow, I’m not sure the exact reasons behind the investigation, but “cock” is a word that is not allowed to be broadcast (never watched it so don’t know if he actually said that) also, even though we have a first amendment right to free speach, this does not protect against saying certain things about the POTUS. This is not the case because it would be a secret service investigation. Yes The POTUS is in charge of the federal goverment, it is possible that he asked the FCC to investigate, one can only speculate. To those arguing over the “gran them by the pussy” comment vs. this comment, the difference is a man having a private conversation that he was unaware was being recorded and a man broadcasting on television. To be honest I find it somewhat funny, but even if he had said the same comment but instead of using Trump used any other person in the world it should still be investigated by the FCC to determine if he violated any of the broadcasting rules and of so to determine the proper fines and/or punishment.

    1. Like fuck he does ” I approached her like a bitch, I knew she was married, but when your a celebrity you can do that….grab her by the pussy”

  16. That’s what he does.. He makes fun of any one he chooses. Joking around.. There is a limit. That’s like getting teased and teased in the playground until someone has had enough and gets hurt. It’s gets annoying. Maybe turn into another Rosie and Trump fiasco. BTW. What ever happen to Rosie?

  17. People need to research and not react like little idiots … it’s because he said it on TV where there are rules on what people are allowed to say. Trump had nothing to do with it, dumbasses!

  18. All these anti American posts.This man is the PRESIDENT of the United States. He should get the respect of that office. As was said a thousand times with Obama. Now suck it up and get with the program. Or cry for the next 3 years like the babies you are,,

    1. Really? Really? That literally was the republican response to ANYTHING liberals could find on Trump during the election, “yeah but Hillary yeah but Obama” really?

  19. just a question…. are the left not the ones to throw a hissy fit about rape jokes? And now this is “just a joke?” double standards much?

    ps I personally couldnt give a flying toss about either a joke is a joke, political satire etc etc)

    1. Anybody with a decent head on their shoulders is against rape jokes. This isn’t even remotely similar circumstances, the guy is a comedian and made a joke. Saying “cock holster” is hilarious, making a joke about sexual assault is not so much.

    2. How is it not about sexual assault??? Thats exactly what it is. Apparently rape joke arent rape jokes if they are about conservatives or trump etc.

  20. I’m amazed at how colberts comment is being perceived as homophobic :/. If anything it possibly illustrates trumps homophobia because of his extreme reaction to it.

    The comment May have been stupid to say on air but to me, when I read the article about what was said, it implied nothing homophobic.

  21. Investigate image integrity propaganda, but not medical malpractice by authorized experimental medication that kills and permanently mains innocent patients? Licensed to kill ? Fuck them guys! It’s elite murder by pen! They ALL NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT!

  22. Little trumpy had his feelings hurt! Someone give him some power tools so that he can build a bridge and get over it! While he’s at it, give him some cream to get the irrigation out of his compacted rectum!!

  23. Colbert said, “…anyone who expresses their love for another person, in their own way, is to me, an American hero.” What if a person expresses their love by beating the crap out of their SO? Colbert is dumb, and he’ll be out within a year without the FCC.

  24. But all the BS out of Alex Jones’ mouth is just top drawer. LOL the FCC is a joke. If the republican candidates could stand on stage during a televised debate and rip on each others’ dick sizes with no consequence then this is fine. First amendment exists to protect from government taking action for criticizing them.

  25. I love the people justifying this with the “Well Trump said _____”. So I guess since your mothers sucked dick, you guys did too? Most of the pansies justifying are men…. Sad…

    1. Lol…”special snowflake” has been in use for at least twenty years. It first came into popular usage as a term to describe the way some parents thought their idiot offspring were better, more accomplished, and more “special” than other children. You’ve co-opted a term from a parenting magazine used to describe the brats of minivan moms. You should probably hold off on the celebratory circle-jerk, Skippy.

    2. Here you go little guy…The last time educators even actively discussed the term was nine years ago. You guys aren’t just stale…you’re extra stale.

    3. Look,it took you long enough to come up with that ,boooo.It’s probably rasist right?No I’m rasist right? Sexist?

    4. Oh that…see Facebook sends me messages sometimes that say…’Hey..heads up…a creepy weirdo has been lurking on your page. You may want to adjust your privacy settings.’ So, of course, to thwart perverts, I do.

    5. I’m a pervert,look,we’re going to tell my friends this,this is funny .Do you know you have 5000 people that are going to see this ,let’s hope you’re a troll.

    6. No, bright star, that was the number of people who saw and commented on, that particular post. Are you new to the internet? Poor guy! Don’t feel bad. I’m sure your local library has classes that can help. Good luck!

    7. You are a loser,you dumb libs fall for anything. You’re scared and know the country is finally gaining it’s sanity back.If you stay out left ,you might survive,dimwit.

    8. Yes, Terry,…Amy is my name. It means ‘beloved, beautiful in the eyes of God’. I was named after the song by Pure Prairie League.

  26. “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.”

    I don’t even find this homophobic.
    (Homophobic: having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.–disliking Trump: yes, disliking gay people: no)
    Was it inappropriate? Not on late night television would be my answer.
    It’s just another way of saying someone is “in bed” with someone.

    1. “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.”

      I don’t even find this homophobic.
      (Homophobic: having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.–disliking Trump: yes, disliking gay people: no)

  27. So trump, the fcc and trump voters want him fired for saying something vulgar and offensive…yet it was typical locker room banter and no big deal when trump said he grabs women by their p#$@y?? Anyone see the hypocrisy in this???

    1. Ahh you mean a conversation he thought was private admitting what he did to women to garner a bigger ego, bragging rights, etc. after the fact of him being accused of unwanted advances. And the public statement was made by a comedian..hmm. Yes I see your point. One was a lot more serious than the other.

    2. Lol trump is pres anything he ever said is more important and detrimental than anything a b rate comedian can say. The hypocrisy of trump voters is insane

    3. Who cares what Trump said TEN YEARS AGO?? These hollyweird libtards need to feel the pain of their stupidity, hope the network drops him

    4. Jennie Risner you should be ashamed. You have no clue what being American means. Why should the network drop him? Because he made fun of Trump’s worthless ass? This is America. We have to right to say whatever the fuck we want about our elected officials. You Republicans show everyday just how little you know about freedom and just how much you do not deserve the freedoms that thousands have fought and died to defend. Everyone should care what Trump said or did ten years ago. The best indication of future behavior is past behavior.

    5. Jeremy, just think what the response would’ve been if a comedian on a network would’ve said the same about Obama. If you feel you liberals wouldn’t have been in a “it’s racist” uproar then im wrong.

    6. Marty Schlegel I’ll be the first to say fuck Obama, fuck Trump and anyone like them.
      Watch your mouth. I’m not liberal or conservative. I’m American! I don’t need any party to tell me how I feel.

    7. They have said worse about Obama on fox Trump him self has attacked Obama since day one if you still support the cheeto supreme you are dumb.

    8. Ok, 1. If your man doesn’t talk like that, he’s your girlfriend.
      2. All of trump’s accusers were not even close to credible. 2 were Clinton foundation staffers, just for example. These “victims ” came out one month before the election and dropped the moment he won, after we know Clinton was paying for false accusations. Thanks wiki leaks!
      Even a comedian pushing a false narrative over and over can be alot worse. The fact you bring up the assault thing means that if you lie enough, people will believe you. So….. where is that evidence of putin/trump collusion?

  28. I think that the FCC investigation is a bit much…but I also don’t think Colbert should have been so vulgar on live tv.

    We have standards due to audience, and his verbosity was inappropriate for his show.

  29. This is the same guy who sued Bill Mayer because Maher joked about him coming from a Orangutane. This is why he knows what a snowflake ❄ is. Because he sees one every day in the mirror and he’s the biggest one of all.

  30. “All trumps mouth is good for is being vladamir putin’s cock holster” colbert might not be able to say it, but i can… fuck the fcc. Everyone go to the trump fb page and comment this quote on every post he makes

    1. No dumbass. There’s a difference between an obvious joke and slander. And colbert isnt running for any office, hes a fuckin comedian.

    2. Double standards require comparable circumstances. Accusing the black president of being an African and his wife of being a man in all seriousness, and calling them apes, is in fact racist and homophobic.

  31. It is funny that everyone thinks Trump ordered this. This shows that the Democratic base is not as intelligent or educated as they assume.

    Its quite funny that Liberals are all for silencing people, until it is one of their own idiots. Then all of a sudden they become First Amendment experts….

    1. Why dont you enlighten us on where this came from then. Liberals never tried to silence anyone. Typical reichwing projection. Nice narrative though.

    2. Are you serious? All the protests over Conservative speakers at colleges?

      Then you pull the same tired narrative where anyone who doesnt agree with you is on the right “reichwing.” It is typical of the uneducated followers.

    3. Yeah, you can keep repeating yourself if it makes you feel good. There’s a difference between a joke and a hate inducing speech by some ignorant racist who tries to rabble rouse. Get it? Joke vs hate speech. No comparison, Mr educated.

    4. If a source is needed, then you are just an idiot. Typical.

      Free speech is free speech. His joke was hate speech. When you hate someone and you say the things he does, it is no longer a joke, but rather hate speech.

      It is sad that your level of comprehension is that of a 4 year old.

    5. I know you feel great when you get to keep repeating how much more intelligent you are than others. Couldnt be some overcompensating happening there, eh?

    6. Lol…are you sad that the 13 year old boy raper, Milo, didn’t get to share more of his boy raping stories? Get the book…oh wait…nvm…

    7. Poor thing. Whats wrong? You got triggered by being wrong? I love how you tried saying I was butthurt though. Thats comical.

    8. Notice all your comments say the same shit while being devoid of logic.
      Now I see youre from the armpit of America. Totally understandable now.

    9. Poor guy. You are regurgitating the same crap. Im glad you have nothing intelligent to add, so you go and open a profile. Typical.

    10. You keep saying how smart you are and that a comedians joke is hate speech. Lol! Snowflake is triggered. You made the post, again you project.

    11. I never once said I was smart. I keep telling you how stupid you are. Proving that by not being able to comprehend what you read.

      You liberals are pathetic. It is funny. You guys also over use the word snow flake just like the pansies you are.

    12. Dude, you are not only retarded, but was allowed to breed. Hopefully the lil retard, we will call retard Junior, is sterile.

    13. Thats your argument? So in other words “I cant articulate an idea that counters yours in an educated manner, so I would like you to leave social media to the rest of us idiots.”

    14. You mean by calling it the way it is? It is better you just go suck your own dick because you came here without an educated argument. Or you can go suck Tony’s dick. You ladies deserve one another.

    15. William G Hilt that isn’t silencing someone nor is it a violation of free speech. Free speech means you can’t face consequences from the government for criticism. The FCC is government and so is Trump. Ergo this falls neatly into a first amendment violation. The right to speak at a particular campus without protest doesn’t exist.

    16. Saying that someone, anyone, is sucking another person’s dick is offensive to some people. Ergo, you cannot say that stuff on the regular radio or regular television. That is why the FCC exists.

      Free speech means you can speak and not worry about being silenced. It does not protect you from consequence.

      I love how liberal all of a sudden want the first Amendment to be followed when it is someone they agree with. It is comical.

    17. William G Hilt no one is buying that you don’t have a bias preference for the right wing so put your “both parties suck” protests on the shelf. When you focus your criticism on one party in defense of the other, only an idiot would believe your claims of nonpartisanship.

    18. Melissa, IDGAF if you buy it or not. You dont pay my bills. If i supported on party over the other, I would say so. Its facebook ffs. Why would I fear saying it?

      I am not defending any party. I am blasting liberals for being the gay hypocrites that they are.

      You are an idiot so it surprises me you dont believe me. Do you dumb cunt only on facebook or in your every day life too?

    19. LOL. You don’t have to say it, it’s clear. Also the FCC doesn’t exist to patrol everyone to make sure they aren’t offending people. Everything offends someone. Ffs conservative twats get offended at Sesame St. If all offensive content were removed, there would be no such thing as tv.

    20. Offensive speech you moron. I hope that baby doesnt have the same birth defect as its mother. Hopefully it will be still born so we dont have another idiot roaming freely. I thought conservatives were bad. Liberals should be caged.

    21. William G Hilt lol you’re a shining example of the U.S. Army. No wonder people are wiping their asses on the flag. 😉 If offensive speech were a problem why are Alex Jones and Hannity still on the air? Howard Stern? The FCC isn’t there to patrol “offensive speech”. They are there to make sure you don’t say certain words before the sanctioned time. Cockholster is perfectly acceptable late at night.

    22. Just because Hannity says things that might trigger your worthless vagina into major flow, doesnt mean he was offensive. I cant remember the time he said Obama sucked the King of Saudi’s dick and then claimed it was a joke.

    23. You clearly don’t understand the definition of “offensive”. Anything that offends the majority is offensive. Yet it remains on tv because we don’t base our standards on that. The FCC exists to make sure graphic language and sex aren’t shown prior to the kiddies’ bedtime.

    24. There is a standard. Look it up in the FCC moron. Please have an abortion. I know you liberals love those things. You should not procreate.

    25. Your standard of offensive seems to be, if it triggers the right into a meltdown it’s bad. If it offends liberals it’s ok. LOL no wonder you had to enlist. You’re too simple to do something useful.

    26. He talked about a sexual act on regular television. The Republican Candidates INSINUATED about size. FFS, are you truly THAT stupid? This is good. Go fall down some stairs. Do it for society.

    27. Interestig Tori Barron, not one sexually explicit comment which is against the FCC rules….

      You can argue what you want to, but the fact of the matter is that had someone made the SAME EXACT type of comment about Obama that was made about Trump, Liberals would have their Vaginas triggered.

    1. It’s people being overly fucking sensitive. The right is seeking to become more and more snowflakey with each day, but yea trump didn’t order this, this is all either his staff or the fcc itself trying to kiss ass

    2. He didnt say that on live television. It was recorded and he didnt know it was being recorded. Are you people seriously that dense?

    3. Trump has literally nothing to do with the FCC investigation. Nor his staff. Considering their main job is specifically things of this nature and this particular case like William said was on live television, I’d say no. They don’t have better things to be doing.

    4. If you don’t think Trump ordered this, you are a freaking moron. Trump is in charge of the federal government, the FCC is a federal institution…put 2 and 2 together you dumbasses.

    5. The FCC is acting on complaints they received about Stephen Colbert’s comments, now anyone want to guess who called the FCC to complain about Stephen Colbert’s comments ? Trump supporters that’s who.. Trump supporters not only called the FCC and complained about Stephen Colbert’s comments, they also called CBS demanding Stephen Colbert be fired.

    6. I love how the right wingers claim to be so patriotic, and love freedom have a problem with constitutionally protected free speech.

    7. Remember the game show “Are You Smarter Than A 4th Grader?” We should have a show, “Are You More Hypocritical Than A Republican.”

    8. You should be ashamed. It is President Trump. Your feelings are not going to solve the problems that this country has. We need to get over ourselves and work together. Colbert was disrespectful to the office of the President as well as the American people.

    9. That’s not a crime. People in the media have been disrespectful to the office of president since George Washington. TV show hosts made fun of both Bush Sr and Jr and even Saint Reagan, but none of them where threatened with legal action or being fired. You want to know why? Because conservatives back then knew how to take a fucking joke. These new neoconservatives are little dew drops that evaporate as soon as some one challenges their world view. They need to grow a pair and thicken up their skin, because we still got 4 years of the media doing what its been doing since the human race started sharing things.

    10. FINALLY SARA MINTON SAID IT! Pay attention folks!
      1. No one gives a shit about your feelings and if they do, the law cannot be manipulated to accommodate those feelings.
      2. This man did nothing illegal zero?nada?zilch?nothing
      3. ALL of media has been reporting biased information since the beginning of media. *Knowing that, maybe we should attempt to locate some real and substantiated sources* ?

    11. I havent heard a single word about Trump being upset over what he said that is ridiculous what I think it’s more the case is whoever he works for or the people who watch his show in general are a bunch of sensitive pussies who are upset with his comments especially his use of the word cock holster. I use worse worse than that on a daily basis

    1. The things said about Obama were not true. Thats the difference. Theres no racism in trump ridicule as there was underlying the Obama narrative.trump is just a little snowflake bitch. Obama shined it all on. One has dignity, one is a fragile little bitch.

    2. Tony Salvatore theres no racism in obama ridicule either. Even if you say something strictly about his policies or actions your still called a racist.

    3. Fcc didn’t investigate free speech when people were calling Obama racial slurs. Trump is a thinned skinned vindictive child.

    4. Jennifer Knight um, when every other word out of his criticizers’ mouths was “Kenyan” I’d say there’s a great deal of racism there. They didn’t want and still refuse to believe that a black man could have come from anywhere except Africa.

    5. Was it racism or because of the belief that he wasn’t a citizen of the US? Pretty much BS but get your facts straight. You Liberals are literally like the fanatical mobs you claim Christians and conservatives are.

    6. It is eerie your fanaticism and paranoia is like something out of the Twilight Zone. You have turned your ideals into a parody of what you claim they stand for and for those on left

    7. I am still an obama supporter. I laughed off what people said about the obama administration. But its bs that many trump supporters get their panties in a bunch over a joke. Obama ignored the banter and focused on his job. Trump should retire and spend the rest of his days typing his racial slurs and scratching his bum on twitter.

    8. I know Obama knows how faithful you are my son. Bless you, bless you for bearing your testimony to us. I have been touched by the spirit of your ideals and feel nothing but the agony of a wretched soul. How
      could I have been conservative for so long. Conservative. Conserve! Yes I am afraid of change. My primate mind cannot grasp such higher ideals like Universal Health Care, Common Core Education and……… Taxing the rich. Everyone PLEASE I implore of you listen to these Liberals. They are truly decirles of truth enlightenment and truth. They should be running this

    9. Rrrrriiggggghhht.
      I don’t agree with President Obama….. Racist!
      I’m voting for Trump….., Racist!

      President Trump…. RACIST!!!!

      Uhhhh but he’s only said he wants to deport immigrants who are here illegally and with criminal records….
      RACIST, RACIST!!!!

      Hurrrr. We didn’t nuke dem Japs good enuf. Hurrrr. Lookie lyke we done miss one……

      See what I mean you are all pointing and screaming at a mirror. SMH

    10. This thread is an example of why we can’t have nice things. While you kids bicker back and forth you’re being robbed and people are dying.

      Don’t let that stop you though, is REALLY important that you argue on Facebook. It’s really going to change something!

      Meanwhile the wealthy laugh all the way to the bank while they write laws that screw over those with less money.

    11. Ok.
      WELL with that comment so have been slapped back into reality. So Mr. Smith what should we do? What do you propose? How do we make this a nation for the people by the people once again?

    1. And freedom of speech doesn’t protect you from consequences from what you said. You can be fired for saying inappropriate things at work. Freedom of speech only protects you from the government not your employer or public backlash

    1. Ben Smith Its more than likely that most complaints are coming from the left seeing as how its about homophobia and not just that he said something mean about the president. We all know that anything phrase or action is some kind of -phobic or -ist to them

    2. “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.”

      I don’t even find this homophobic.
      (Homophobic: having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.–disliking Trump: yes, disliking gay people: no)

    3. Jennifer Knight that’s monumentally stupid. It’s not a homophobic remark. Apparently you’re too ignorant to grasp the meaning of the word.

    4. No you leftist destroyed it with your “hate speech” and PC thought policing. Obama the traitors unconstitutional”free speech zones”. And the liberal propaganda machine media destroying anything deemed “wrong” or “extreme”. Welcome to the club you fascists. Your just finally getting a taste of your own medicine???

  32. Much ado about nothing. He might get a small fine. The ones that supported him before will continue to do so. Those that didn’t won’t. Wash rinse repeat. Next time it will probably be trump and we’ll go through this stupid cycle again. One group raising hell, the other trying to shout them down. A lot of us, continuing not to give a shit.

    1. *so-called president Donny Dump. He will get as much respect from liberals as Legitimate President Barack Obama got from cons

  33. I think the word ‘joke’ should say it all. Besides freedom of speech, since when was a joke considered criminal. Maybe bad taste, but it is just a joke, being made about a clown/tv game show host, so what’s the big deal.

    1. As far as I can tell, the backlash was because it was slightly homophobic, not because of Trump.
      I didn’t hear it directly though so can’t confirm.

    2. Who cares if it was homophobic. They want equal rights. They can handle a few homophobic jokes. And this joke was way more tasteful. Than any of trumps sexual jokes about his daghter.

    1. Its never homophobic, racist, sexist, or misogynistic if a Liberal idiot says it. Let a Conservative idiot say it and people want their heads. Both parties are joke. Its just one side is ok with men sucking dicks and taking it up the ass AND being able to joke about is….

    1. Toño Bicicleta I don’t know if Bill O’Reilly gets in get in trouble for saying Maxine Waters looks like James Brown and Colbert should be in trouble for those comments

    2. It’s not Trump whining it’s anti Colbert people, and he did break the rules and regulations. Give him a small fine and everyone move on. No need to destroy any careers

    3. Jon Smith I think that’s fine but I think it’s hypocritical that’s whenever a conservative speaker says something about someone they have to be fired but when a liberal does it they say it’s just a joke

    4. Erik Wickman I enjoy when Steven Crowder hits people with facts and then when they yell and try to counter argue, it makes me laugh. O also like when Milo yiannopoulos does his whole routine. I’m not much of a fan these guys but they are pretty hilarious

    5. I have nothing against homosexuals, but I find it extremely hilarious that the biggest spokesman for straight white males is a homosexual. ? ? ? ?

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