Colombia Mall Uses Breastfeeding Mannequins To Destigmatize Nursing In Public

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May 24th, 2017 – The Centro Mayor shopping mall in Bogota, Colombia has added some new models to show off both their clothing and their stance on breastfeeding in public. A fresh batch of mannequins hit the shopping center and stayed there for the month of April; their usual model runway pose replaced with a cradled arm, exposed breast and a baby mannequin nursing.

Each mannequin is a reflection of the store in which it’s placed and a reflection of the position many moms find themselves in while shopping. In a seated position, the mom-equins are taking some time away from browsing Michael Kors purses to feed their child.

Columbia Mall Uses Breastfeeding Mannequins To Destigmatize Nursing In Public

Or for the outdoorsy mom, a denim-wearing mom has paused hiking boot shopping to allow her baby to have some lunch.

Columbia Mall Uses Breastfeeding Mannequins To Destigmatize Nursing In Public

No matter the style or interest, the mall set up mannequins to drive home their mission to destigmatize breastfeeding in public places.

Columbia Mall Uses Breastfeeding Mannequins To Destigmatize Nursing In Public

The effort was orchestrated by Amigos De La Lactancia (Friends Of Breastfeeding), which is “an initiative that seeks to support all mothers so they can feed their babies in places more tolerant to them.”

They placed signs next to each mannequin explaining the mall’s position and encouraging moms to feel comfortable in their establishment.

“We support our shopping center to become a place where moms can breastfeed freely,” one sign reads. 

Columbia Mall Uses Breastfeeding Mannequins To Destigmatize Nursing In Public

Amigos De La Lactancia has shared plenty of more photos of the campaign in action, receiving mostly positive feedback. Coverage of the initiative, however, has seen some people pushing back.

Columbia Mall Uses Breastfeeding Mannequins To Destigmatize Nursing In Public

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92 thoughts on “Colombia Mall Uses Breastfeeding Mannequins To Destigmatize Nursing In Public

  1. I didn’t know there was a stigma until the media told me there was. My mum breast fed all of us and never gave a shit where and nobody ever sead anything . Good mums breast feed any place any time the kid needs feeding.

  2. It at all. Time to grow tf up. It’s a tit.
    Zuckertwat might be a prude and favours beheading videos over anything with a nipple on it. It’s absolutely pathetic. Get that sick shit off here, and if you’ve never seen a nipple, then just delete yourself ffs.

  3. I think boobs, whilst providing entertainment, occasional back pain and getting in the way when trying to exercise, have one major factor: food for babies. If you sexualise it…. it might be time to see that therapist your mum tried taking you to as a kid.

  4. Honestly I have no idea why people are offended by this lol. That’s what breast are made for, we use breast for porn and advertisement and were totally okay with. I saw a commercial about Carls Jr advertising a new burger and there’s a beautiful woman with her double Ds sticking out lol. Like really?

    1. Somehow no matter how discreetly a mum can be people will still go out of their way to look and then be offended :/ wtf is that just don’t look it’s easy we look past many people everyday like homeless, people with mental illness, dirty people, people we deem unattractive, people with clothes that don’t cover their fat rolls, people with a disability people selling stuff beggars oh the list goes on but a woman sitting at a Cafe table in the corner breast feeding and all of a sudden people can’t look away and have to cause a big scene. Just worry about your own self and let others do the same!

    2. Somehow, millions of people manage to go out in public and mind their own business! Every once in a while some really brave and tough person decides they should intimidate a mother who is feeding their baby because they’re a more vulnerable target than the frat boys walking around with *gasp* exposed nipples!!

    1. Actually I am a very far right conservative who despises snowflakes. However with me being a conservative, I believe in freedom of expression and if a mother wants to breastfeed a child and do what is scientifically proven to be better for the child (Both nutrition and connection wise). I am not going to stop them or be offended by a piece of plastic. So I merely responded to let you know that something that’s good for a child is very different from expelling human waste from your body. Now if you could refrain from your “baby talk” and talk like a grown person that would be appreciated. Tj Lucas

    2. If you weren’t interested in my opinion why reply? Even the act of you replying to that means you are clearly interested in what I have to say

    1. I suppose you don’t think it’s time for them to know that milk comes from a cow’s udder or that eggs come from a chicken either? If it was sex-based you’d have a point. But breastfeeding is not

  5. A great effort for sure, but no matter how hard it is pushed there will always be those who still see breasts as only sexual objects and will harrass mom’s whenever they get the chance. It will be an ongoing battle until the end of time. Either way I’ll breastfeed my baby wherever I want and if anyone has an issue with it I have no problem putting them in their place. My body, my baby’s meal, none of anyone’s damn business.

    1. True, and you aren’t running around yelling at men cus they get caught staring lol. It’s the double standard. You aren’t like the ones complaining and making a scene haha

    2. No need to make a scene. Totally not my style. People can stare all they want. Its human nature, but when someone opens their mouth to say something rude, I’ll call them out on it.

    3. I watched three different boys taking pics of many different mothers breast feeding at a festival last year. Do you think this is ok? Or are you just thinking about how going somewhere else is inconvenient for you? Serious question

    4. For one no one takes my picture without permission, second it has nothing to do with convience. If baby is hungry they get fed right then. Same as when anyone else is hungry they eat when and where they want. I’m not going to go somewhere else because it makes someone else uncomfortable.

    5. Well I don’t openly show my breasts so I am still being a responsible adult because my clothes cover my breast. And feeding my baby is being a responsible mom. I have a never had anyone stare at me. People around here keep to themselves so little boys aren’t interested in me feeding my child

    6. You can’t blame her for feeding, or what a “little boy” thinks. Those little boys now are subject nowadays to more than her actually COVERING herself or going to a private place.

    7. No boys are seeing my breasts. My baby is eating blocking the view and my clothes cover me so I am doing what I should as a mom. If parents can’t teach their kids not to stare then thats on them because I don’t show anything and I’m not openly doing it in front of everyone as your saying I am. You obviously think every mom just pops a boob out for all to see and has no regards for others. Thats not me and you can think whatever you want. My baby’s needs are more important than your opinions.

  6. Wow. So are you telling me all those times i have been in a store and they have all those mannequins not dressed, just standing there, they are really advocating for public nudity? That if i and others stripped and walked around the store that we wouldnt get in to trouble?
    Its a fucking doll. It aint gonna do shit.

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