D.C. Bar Ditches “Pill Cosby” Drink After Public Outrage

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Bill Cosby-Themed Drink

May 26th, 2017 – A Washington D.C. pop-up bar has one fewer drink on its menu after their “Pill Cosby” cocktail was widely rejected. At first glance, a tequila and hibiscus cocktail sounds refreshing but float a couple of empty pill capsules and name it after a once-beloved TV dad who will soon stand trial for drugging and sexual assault, and that drink became a lot less appetizing to many people.

“Diet Starts Monday” is the retail/restaurant/bar hybrid, owned and operated by three men, that came up with the Bill Cosby-inspired drink. While speaking to the Washingtonian, co-founder Davin Gentry said the concoction is partially meant to bring awareness to drugging in bars.

“It lets people be a little more aware,” he told the publication alongside his business partners John Geiger and Kevin “Scooty” Hallums. 

Following the article’s publishing and Twitter posts of the drink, the owners were quickly made aware of the many problems people had with the drink. The business’ Yelp page was flooded with outrage over what many deemed was normalizing and making light of a very serious matter. They didn’t see the drink as educational but rather a joke, and they weren’t finding it funny.

Currently “Diet Starts Monday’s” Yelp page has earned an “Active Cleanup Alert” highlighting the incident and warning visitors that posting reviews as a result of the news and not due to a personal experience may result in removal.

D.C. Bar Ditches "Pill Cosby" Drink After Public Outrage

That hasn’t stopped people from leaving a piece of their minds.

D.C. Bar Ditches "Pill Cosby" Drink After Public Outrage

D.C. Bar Ditches "Pill Cosby" Drink After Public Outrage

D.C. Bar Ditches "Pill Cosby" Drink After Public Outrage

D.C. Bar Ditches "Pill Cosby" Drink After Public Outrage

The bar has taken the drink off the menu and issued a formal apology saying:

“This drink was a one-time item — its inclusion as an offering of ours was in poor taste and we’ve taken all necessary steps to ensure it won’t happen again,” they wrote on Twitter. “We take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended. The allegations against Mister Cosby are serious and we in no way intended to make light of the pain surrounding his behavior. We rely on our community to help us guide everything we do. We appreciate all the feedback. This was a mistake, it will not be made again. We are sorry.”

While the Diet crew does have some people defending them, the court of public opinion doesn’t seem to be easing up.

What did you think of the Pill Cosby drink? Just a funny cocktail or a serious misstep in judgment? Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below.

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244 thoughts on “D.C. Bar Ditches “Pill Cosby” Drink After Public Outrage

  1. Funny because Bill Cosby was found innocent after all. those women confessed of making the whole scheme up. You’ll be suprised of how a human could destroy someone’s whole reputation and life up when they run out of money

    1. Yea last thing I seen 3 of the women were crying because they were getting in trouble admitting they ran out of money and didn’t know what else to do.

    2. Yea last thing I seen 3 of the women were crying because they were getting in trouble admitting they ran out of money and didn’t know what else to do.and of course as usual one calls rape they line up to get their spot at attention and fame

    3. Yea last thing I seen 3 of the women were crying because they were getting in trouble admitting they ran out of money and didn’t know what else to do.and of course as usual one calls rape they line up to get their spot at attention and fame

  2. It’s not funny that he raped women but the pill Cosby drink is funny.. Ppl act like talking about something and God forbid laughing about it is the actual crime. But it’s not..Everybody’s different. I wish we could all grow up and learn to not participate in the things tht bother us but let other ppl decide what and how they deal with their own lives.

  3. What I find funny about this is the stupid way that the business tried to justify it. “We were trying to raise awareness”. Really? You couldn’t come up with a better excuse than that? Hahahaha!

    1. You’re an idiot. I guess repugnant women, like yourself are safe from being raped so you yuk it up. Sad for the actual victims of rape. At least you were topical

    2. Charles is just a walking pussy. mighty sensitive especially to the problems of others. look up black humor and fuck off you cuckolded desert cactus fuck

  4. I love how worked up people get over this. It was obviously in bad taste. That’s kinda the point of dark humor. I’m personally not offended. And if I owned this bar and an employee came up to me with that idea I would probably laugh, and veto it.

    If I felt this was mean spirited I might feel different. I understand the argument against, I just disagree. Jokes are one of the few ways to get people to confront difficult subjects.

  5. I agree with Melissa Danielle Corder…this is funny, and I am sad I learned of it from facebook. Telling me it’s now banned. Instead of in a bar, where it would be hilarious.

  6. If they weren’t real pills, who gives a fuck. And when will people learn, being offended is subjective!!!!! Just because YOU find it offensive does not mean that it IS offensive. Don’t like it? Don’t order it!

    1. I can’t stomach Bill Cosby, but I think the name of the drink is hilarious. Of course, this is my opinion and you are entitled to yours 🙂

  7. People need to chill the F out. I feel like I’m the last man on earth with a sense of humor. The Pill Cosby is a riot, and if you don’t think so, you really are a snowflake.

    1. It has nothing to do with people having no sense of humor. When it has to do with a guy sexually molesting girls by drugging them in their drinks, it’s not a humorous thing

    2. Alison Melton , it’s called satire. If you don’t like it, don’t order it, and even a better idea would be not to go to the establishment. Besides, you are assuming it doesn’t happen to men too. The fact is that more men are raped every year than women… I, for one, have no problem with mocking, and ridiculing, Bill Cosby. He brought it upon himself, and will forever be remembered as a Rapey Douche.

    3. Dark humor is a wonderful tool and helps many people deal with the awful things that happen. Just because you don’t think something is funny doesn’t mean it’s not. If you’re offended by the joke, ok, that’s your right. But quit trying to sensor it. Move along. Don’t try to stop others from enjoying it.

    4. Samantha Panchyshyn you’re not counting the penal system into those figures that you quoted. Also, those numbers were from 1998, not 1998 and forward, study by the CDC, if I remember correctly.

    5. Either way, the statistics weren’t my major point. My point goes back to the issue of the drink the bar made. If you don’t like it, you have a choice not to support the bar by refusing to go to it. Making someone change something because you’re offended by it, isn’t just hypocritical, it goes against individual freedom which is a main pillar of being an American.

    6. Actually the statistic is wrong and Michael is right. They base statistics on who reports. Only 10% of men will report rape or abuse and are ridiculed for it.

    7. I can only speak for people who have not been raped, because I have never been raped. I think rape is one of the most heinous things that can happen, quite often worse than murder, and the fact that it is not only looked over so often, but in some cultures advocated makes me sick to my stomach. That is a pretty heavy weight to carry around, so like many other things, I deal with that extreme with humor..the fact that it is so far out to me is what allows that humor. I can imagine that if someone really had had to deal with it then they wouldn’t be able to separate the humor of the extreme with the reality of the subject. I would absolutely never tell a rape joke to someone who I knew had been raped, that would be super insensitive.

    1. No, he’s receiving them. . . Although I hear Subway is offering “The Jared Special.” It’s a foot long feast, double the meat extra mayo.

  8. When people complain about things the proper response is to ignore them. If that fails an emphatic “I’m not doing anything to appease you until I get a western grip hand job” also works.

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