Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of ‘Wonder Woman’ At Alamo Drafthouse

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Wonder Why?

May 26th, 2017 – “Wonder Woman” officially hits theaters June 2nd, but one screening has already hit some men right in the feels. The Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse cinema will host a “women-only” screening of the film on June 6th and have now added an additional screening in New York after the quick sell out. The invite to women only has left many men calling the event sexist and non-inclusive.

“Wonder Woman” has been a highly anticipated film with Gal Gadot playing the classic DC Comics character. The franchise has seen TV movies in 1974 and 2011, along with a TV series in the 70s starring Lynda Carter.

This worldwide release, however, inspired the Alamo Drafthouse to host a special screening at their theater – one already known for not shying away from controversy.

On May 24th, they borrowed language from Beyonce and asked their Facebook followers to “get in formation.”

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Their website further explained what that formation would look like.

“The most iconic superheroine in comic book history finally has her own movie, and what better way to celebrate than with an all-female screening?

Apologies, gentlemen, but we’re embracing our girl power and saying ‘No Guys Allowed’ for one special night at the Alamo Ritz,” the cinema wrote. “And when we say ‘People Who Identify As Women Only,’ we mean it. Everyone working at this screening — venue staff, projectionist, and culinary team — will be female.

So lasso your geeky girlfriends together and grab your tickets to this celebration of one of the most enduring and inspiring characters ever created.”

From that point, the comments swirled – there were men supporting the decision, men asking why there weren’t “male-only” screenings, and women saying they were there to watch “fragile masculinity and whining.” The Alamo Drafthouse also seems to be giving Wendy’s a run for its money in the social media burn department, and it turns out there is a thing called “man-on-mansplaining.”

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman At Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse, a company with 26 locations across the country, has continued to defend its strategic screenings.

“We are very excited to present select, women-only WONDER WOMAN screenings at Alamo Drafthouse, Morgan Hendrix, Alamo Drafthouse creative manager said in an email to The Washington Post. “That providing an experience where women truly reign supreme has incurred the wrath of trolls only serves to deepen our belief that we’re doing something right.”

No children under the age of 6 will be allowed into the special “Wonder Woman” screening according to the Drafthouse’s website. No vocal outrage yet from that demographic.

Do you think the Alamo Drafthouse made a non-inclusive decision when hosting two “Women-Only” screenings of “Wonder Woman?” What should the response from men have been? Give us your thoughts!




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189 thoughts on “Men Upset About Women-Only Screening Of ‘Wonder Woman’ At Alamo Drafthouse

  1. Im actually in Houston where this all started. We honestly dont care.. it’s only the wussies that are raising a stink. Nobody cares! Just go see it on another day. If you feel that strongly, just show up and tell the ticket takers that you identify as a woman. That seems to work these days…

  2. No! Certain women seem intent on making the same mistakes men have done in the past!
    Now nobody hold the moral high ground!
    I was looking forward to this movie but I’ve already stated that while I am totally sympathetic to women’s rights I don’t see why I have to have it rammed down my throat!?
    I wonder how well the movie would do if no men went to watch It!
    And how’s about we make a “men only” screening of a movie and watch the feminists come out in force!!!
    It’s fucking pathetic and now they are no better than the men who deprived them in the first place.

  3. I’d be pissed too, it looks like a good movie. cause her milkshakes bring all the man to the yard and damn right away its better yours damn right it’s better than yours.I can teach you (how to sneak in) but I have to charge.

  4. I’m not really mad about it but, imagine being the studio who created the film and learning that your cash crop will only be available to half your market audience on opening night? What is this going to do to their profits?

  5. Reciprocate this, and see how many women complain of say, a male-only viewing of Aquaman… the autistic screeching would be deafening. Hypocrisy of the Left, once AGAIN manifest. No surprise, really.

  6. Who cares? It’s a follow up to Batman V Superman. Keep the focus on the ideal that it likely suck as well and everything else will simply fade into the background. Much like this bit of ‘media’.

  7. No one’s even had issues with cinemas before… WTF? Do they not want men to watch them lick each other’s lettuce or something?.. What is even the issue with letting anyone watch a movie?.. Makes me want to use putlockers even more than I already do… Fuck you humans! Uncivilised af.

  8. I have girls night out and girl time w friends. My husband never gave a shit he was excluded, as long I was happy. when I asked him about this theater thing, he didn’t give a shit either.

    1. Because he is a man and not a little baby who cries about tine things. Like a 70c fairy tale or not being aloid in girl scouts lmao

    1. Men are mad because women said all this crap about men then this happened.. I don’t care really but I mean if it would have been men only the lady’s would be going nuts…

  9. The fact that this is even an issue for both men and women is fucking astounding, when grown men and grown women bicker. Not about being allowed to be in a womens only screening but about who is entitled to what. Thats the kinda shit that boys and girls do in 3rd grade. Women say men are sexist but yet create a no men allowed screening. How about instead of segregation we integrate like everyone has been bitching about for the last few years. But no, what happens? Some groups want special treatment, but im not pointing fingers.

    1. There are plenty of areas of life that are “men only” and, if they wanted to see it so badly they could’ve gone to a different theater.

    2. Men shouldnt have any issues let the women have their fun, we had wars and 90% of everything in the last 100 years, we can go for 2-3 hours without a sandwich and the dishes will keep.
      I get what the upset guys are going on about but really any group can hire out a theater IS or the KKK could ffs, so really whats the big deal? Is the world going to catch fire next time its Ladies night too?

    3. There should be no issue, but there shouldnt even be a womens only mens only or a ladies night or gentalmens night. How about we stop with categorizing shit by gender, thats where this fucking divide is coming from.

    4. Rachel Santana the bakery that was sued by a gay couple could have gone elsewhere as well.

      Saying only certain groups can enter is exactly why the civil rights movement took place, to eliminate that. So if you are for discriminating and segregating groups of any sort, then you don’t believed in the true meaning of civil rights.

    5. Exactly Jorge Gouraros! I can’t stand these women who whine about every little thing! We are as equal as we’re going to get. Everyone needs to accept that there are just some things women can do, that men cannot and things men can do, that women cannot! Simple as that! Some women make us ALL look bad! Hahaha

    6. Making a big deal about a womens only screening is stupid

      This shouldnt be an issue nor should.men make it a big issue.

      If the place wants to have a womens only screening then great, if they also want to have a mens only screening, thats cool too. If you own a business, you could have a dogs only night.

      The fact that this is an issue shows that americans will fucking make big deal about and whine about bullshit

    7. There was a time when liberals like myself actually whined and protested things that actually were big deals.. like gay marriage ban, the 1 percent having all the wealth, pro-choice and womens rights to their own body… and actual racism and sexism

      Now these new liberals are bitching about everything.

  10. I bet it’s great. I’m just not crazy about WW. :/. Gal Gaddot is probably killin it, and its probably the best recent DC film. However, I just do not care. No studios these days know how to nail a good female lead (ALIEN…. ALIEN NAILED THE FEMALE LEAD), and Gal Gaddot is all gung ho over the Isreali occupation of Palestine. Which is pretty stupid considering how many isreali and palestinian men and women are killed each year over that stretch of land.

    1. Yeah, shit like that sucks. For example, the men only committee to reshape women’s healthcare. How dare women get a screening for a movie when a bunch of angry white men are deciding our health future? Yeah, you’re right. TOTALLY SEXIST.

    2. Let’s talk about woman’s unfair entitlement to their children over fathers…..don’t worry if you’re not ignorant to the fact then you’ll remain silent.

    3. What over the movie?? I couldn’t care less….I just figured placing a thought provoking commenting might actually get some people to contemplate RELEVANT things that even matter…..but oh wait I’m not allowed to go into a movie as a male so let me cry with the women who want to argue about something so insignificant.

  11. Just another example of the double standard and female privilege. I personally don’t give a shit if they want to hold a females only screening. But I ask this question what would happen if they tried to hold a men only movie screening?

  12. And one more unnecessary division done for publicity. All this stupidity will shortly blow up in the instigators faces, I can’t believe the rampant stupidity in the US today…

  13. So it is a “born anatomical women only” screening? In that case it is a transphobic screening and the question is why are the SJW’s, feminist ,women and the LGBTQ2S community not screaming and marching against this blatant show of transphobic behavior? One would think there was a double standard here lol

  14. People keep missing the most problematic part of the story here- they’re going to have an all-woman staff as well. Which means… what? The men can’t go to work and clock in their hours? The women get extra hours? Either way is terrible. And it might be illegal.

  15. A private movie theater can do as they wish, but society should not accept such sexism. In a perfect world people would stop going to this theatre and force it to change its ways or close up shop. Unfortunately these days, sexism seems to be a team sport.

  16. Wow…. When did so many guys lose their balls? Who fucking cares!? I want to see it too. But wtf grow a pair guys! You will still be able to see it. They need a manpon too? Pansies!!!

  17. see a number of replies that need to be addressed…for those whining about gender exclusion by women, or i see references to ‘feminists’…poker night, man cave, gentlemen’s club(non-stripper)…just to name a few…how are we gender inclusive to the point we can be offended a bunch of women chose to make this gender exclusive…

  18. This really doesn’t bother me. The theatre is donating the money, anyway. I don’t think guys are upset, more like pointing out the blatant hypocrisy where if the situation was reversed there would be an uproar of the patriarchy taking things away from women. I get where they’re coming from but to me it’s stupid. Just go to a different theatre. I just hope this movie doesn’t bomb like Batman V Superman.

  19. I think it’s dumb, if a bunch of purple hair feminist want to watch a movie by themselves, who cares. Everyone knows feminist watch movies by themselves because dudes don’t want to watch a movie with a chick who thinks she is somehow disadvantaged because she hss a vajayjay. So let feminist have their lonely movie night out. And men if you’re that petty… and pathetic… and pitiful…. tell your chick that you want to go see the next Jason Bourne movie by yourself for a little male empowerment. Lol, beta boys!

  20. Then the men need to remove the tampons from their manginas and get over it. You seriously can’t let women have their own thing? GO TO A DIFFERENT PLACE THEN. Nobody’s forcing you to attend the movies at that time at that theater… so shut up.

    1. I see both points here.

      If it was a men only thing there’d be a lot of bitching, true.
      But comics are a business and they try to engage a wider audience, they’re often a bit dumb about how they do it, but they try.
      And besides, a women only screening of this is certainly far from the worst thing that could happen, it could be “Cocks in your face 3” or whatever passes for a romantic movie these days, and they could have forced you to go ?

    2. I think the outrage is more or less fabricated. You can post a picture of a sandwich on the internet and there’s going to be some group of people that’s going to consider it a microagression or whatever.

  21. Is it guys being upset or pointing out hypocrisy? I know feminists can’t tell the difference, but I doubt anyone is upset since they can see the movie in another theatre, so it’s just pointing out feminist hypocrisy, as per usual.

    1. I don’t know what guys you’ve met Trisha Cruz, but most of us actually like to clean and wash ourselves, so no it wouldn’t smell like that

    2. I dont know what women you’ve met but most of them actually abide by theater rules by not talking or taking selfies while in the theater.

    3. It’s a good thing they’re showing it at Alamo Drafthouse, there are plenty of ingredients for all those sandwiches being made…

    4. If a woman watches a movie without a man who answers all her constant questions about the movie that he is also watching for the first time?

  22. Im not upset. I think its a bit trite and grandstanding. But if they wanna have their little girls night out to celebrate the Queen of Superheroes finally getting a feature…whatever. I got way bigger fish to fry. If these Men’s….whatever….people had any real balls theyd dress in drag and put them on the spot for how they choose to “identify”. Win win…AND its funny….on a couple levels.

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