World Naked Gardening Day Is May 6th – Suns Out, Buns Out

World Naked Gardening Day
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Beets In The Buff

May 5th, 2017 – World Naked Gardening Day will be celebrated tomorrow, so you can take your shovels and soil outside, but leave your clothes and your inhibitions inside the house. WNGD is a twelve year tradition and has always promoted the event as a “family-friendly” activity. To combat any soiled connotations to family-friendly nudity, those involved with the holiday emphasize that they are trying to provide people with a way to become more comfortable with non-sexual nudity.

“Our culture needs to move toward a healthy sense of both body acceptance and our relation to the natural environment,” their website states. “Gardening naked is not only a simple joy, it reminds us–even if only for those few sunkissed minutes–that we can be honest with who we are as humans and as part of this planet.”

World Naked Gardening Day

While the website says that “no one owns this event,” Mark Storey, the consulting editor for Nude & Natural, and permaculturalist Jacob Gabriel founded World Naked Gardening Day. The two have gotten additional help from fellow au naturel friends. Corky Stanton from Clothes Free International has helped with the web hosting and continues to promote the day.

The WNGD team reminded news outlets that they hold these events in secluded areas and that the goal is body acceptance and being one with nature.

World Naked Gardening Day

Their website offers many pictures of people enjoying their natural bodies in a natural environment, alongside many quotes about the euphoric experience of it all. Barbara Pollard of Abbey House Gardens and John Muir of The Sierra Club are both quoted:

“When you’re out there with a gentle breeze on you, every last hair on your body feels it. You feel completely connected with the natural world in a way you just can’t in clothes.” 

“The body seems to feel beauty when exposed to it as it feels the campfire or sunshine, entering not by the eyes alone, but equally through all one’s flesh like radiant heat, making a passionate ecstatic pleasure glow not explainable.”

Suns Out, Buns Out: World Naked Gardening Day Is May 6th
Lake Como Family Nudist Resort and Community observed WNGD for the first time in 2016.

LawnStarter has made a list of the 15 best cities to celebrate WNGD, but don’t worry about city politics trying to rain on your displayed – their criteria was based solely on weather accommodations. So if you live in Houston (number one on the list this year) or Miami (last year’s winner who didn’t make the list) you can “tend your portion of the world’s garden unclothed as nature intended.”

If you choose not to participate but want to stay abreast of the going-ons you can follow the hashtag #WNGD tomorrow.

Are you going to be participating in this year’s World Naked Gardening Day? Do you think it’s a fun, body-positive event or an inappropriate, attention-getting day? Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below.



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48 thoughts on “World Naked Gardening Day Is May 6th – Suns Out, Buns Out

  1. Please, for godsake, this doesn’t include everyone….look in the mirror naked before you go out. Mirrors dont lie. Alot of super great people in this world….BUT, that doesnt mean you look great naked outside in the garden
    …lol…i am the first to admit….i am wearing shorts and a tee shirt…lol..HAPPY GARDENING.

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