Fox News’ Jesse Watters Slammed For Alleged Ivanka Trump Oral Sex Joke

Fox News' Jesse Watters Slammed For Alleged Ivanka Trump Oral Sex Joke
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Fox News In Hot Watters Again

April 26th, 2017 – Fox News was hoping to do a 180 on culture change after ousted Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment allegations, but newly promoted on-air host Jesse Watters took them to a full circle 360 spin last night. The self-described political humorist worked alongside O’Reilly providing a segment called “Watters World” during The O’Reilly Factor days. Last night, however, he manned the center seat as co-host of Fox’s The Five. His one-man line that caused the controversy was a seemingly sexually explicit joke about Ivanka Trump.

“So I don’t really get what’s going on here, but uh I really liked how she was speaking into the microphone,” Watters said with a sly smirk and what appeared to be a quick hand job gesture.

The irony thickens when you read Watters’ commentary just before making the controversial quip.

“The left says they really respect women and given an opportunity to respect a woman like that they boo and hiss,” he said prior to the mic line. “And I always thought that Europeans were supposed to be so sophisticated and well-mannered.”

Writer Yashir Ali, a contributor for New York Magazine, Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, was the first to call out the clip on Twitter. Many were quick to highlight the hypocrisy in what the panel was discussing versus what Watters said. The panel were minutes into grilling attendees of a women’s conference in Germany who booed, hissed and laughed at Ivanka after saying her father is a “tremendous champion” for women.

Watters’ alleged oral sex joke comes about six months after landing in hot water over a segment deemed by many as racist. He did a man-in-the-streets style interview in New York’s Chinatown that critics claimed played into stereotypes while being mindlessly ignorant. Following outcry he said “My man-on-the-street interviews are meant to be taken as tongue-in-cheek and I regret if anyone found offense.”

For this incident, Watters’ misogynistic defense was that he was referring to the tone of Ivanka’s voice.

According to ThinkProgress, a representative sent additional clarification on Watters’ behalf:

“During the break we were commenting on Ivanka’s voice and how it was low and steady and resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ. This was in no way a joke about anything else.”

The Twitter-sphere was, for the most part, not having it. Although there were supporters who didn’t see how easily people made the leap to a sex joke.

How did you take Jesse Watters’ comment? Was it a lewd, sexist joke or was he simply drawn to her jazz-like voice? Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below.

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43 thoughts on “Fox News’ Jesse Watters Slammed For Alleged Ivanka Trump Oral Sex Joke

  1. No one said stuff about the whore obama girls,and it was “off limits” to bring bill Clinton scandalous shit up…I guess most of us expect the news anchors to act right…not ok,I thought everyone was all about defending innocent women?

    1. Sex jokes were made about First Lady Obama.
      Just look at how many of the people upset about this made lewd comments about First Lady Trump.
      Personally I think Jesse Waters looks like he would talk into the microphone better than she does. Just saying.

  2. that’s what happens when you use sex humor…irony is if he had done that on a comedic stage, everyone would be laughing their asses off…and truth be told…if the O’Reilly crap wasn’t already an issue, most wouldn’t have given this a 2nd thought…i mean Russell Peters has given far more offensive performances than this 1 subtle joke lol

    1. All of them are the same. I used to work at a survey business that did fox’s old opinion dynamics poll (remember that from the bush days?). They actually stumped for Obama for president when he was in his first year in Congress. Nice huh? No difference from CNN to fox

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