21 Zoom Scenes Going Viral During the Lockdown

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Zoom Zoom Zooming Our Way Through The Coronavirus

April 3rd, 2020 – Four months into 2020, there are already several strong contenders for Word of the Year (we’re looking at you, “pandemic,” “quarantine”, and “sh*tshow”). As our new normal changes hour-to-hour, “adaptability” also seems to have a shot at the title. With so many people now working from home, we’ve had to adjust from meeting in conference rooms to couches. Luckily, Zoom has made that transition fairly efficient and certainly humorous.

Zoom has risen above as the leading video conferencing service with people turning the word into a verb à la Uber or Lyft. The app allows for up to 100 participants and, most importantly, custom backgrounds. Users can choose from a large variety of options or upload a picture of their own. Users can also forget that they left their video active while using the bathroom in front of their co-workers. Hey, it’s probably the least of our worries right now.

Two weeks ago our world looked very different: bosses weren’t accidentally turning themselves into potatoes, pet parrots weren’t interrupting classes, and people weren’t picturing what The Last Supper would look like with Jesus and his disciples under Stay at Home orders.

We’re trying to make it through a lot right now, but we think it’ll be easy for you to get through the best moments of our new video conferencing lives. Enjoy, wash your hands, and mute your microphone!

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Lord help us

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