John Oliver on President Trump and Nazis

John Oliver on President Trump and Nazis
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August 21, 2017 –

“The Nazis really seem to like Donald Trump,which is weird because 

Nazis are like cats…if they like you, it’s probably because you’re feeding them.”

John Oliver

John Oliver on President Trump and Nazis

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275 thoughts on “John Oliver on President Trump and Nazis

  1. Funny. If I threw cat food at my neighbors house and all the cats went there would it be because they like them?

    News media has lied its ass off about Trump and his intentions, statements, and supposed history. Yeah. Racists gonna flock to someone who they constantly hear is a racist regardless of actual facts, because, let’s face it, racist shits arn’t too smart..

  2. If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. Just like “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Notice that horse isn’t being beaten anymore…..after they failed at that one

    1. before that it was his taxes ? rape cases (which all were withdrawn) ?
      making fun of handicaped (which he dident, he was a liar)
      they have to make stuff up, click bait, now its nazi ???

  3. I’m sorry. But that’s the dumbest cat reference I’ve heard in a while. You should have used dogs. Everyone knows that cats do not give two licks who feeds them. They will like who they like simply because they choose too.

  4. Or you are being fed by bullshit for believing this. Stop reading media posts and get an education. A history lesson is probably where you should begin because I imagine if you believe this BS then you are probably one of the idiots who thinks a statue stands for racism.

  5. The Nazis like Trump because they are paid by a Nazi that hates Trump and are just a tool to get the uneducated to think he is a racist despite him saying hate is not welcome here at all

  6. So, if nazis like john oliver, he’s a nazi, right? I mean that’s why pepe is a hate symbol, and free speech is now equated with hate speech… but nazis breathe air too so anybody who embraces this ideology should not breathe.
    You know what else nazis like? The real ones? The murderous censoring blind ideology ones really like? Social justice. Look it up. They called it romanticism at that time.
    Two sides of the same socialist coin and you can’t even see it you’re all a bunch of cunts

  7. CNN said it was the largest White Supremacist rally in American history. There were 200 of them, again according to CNN. Sooo…200 people out of the 60 million people who voted for him. Mountain out of molehill much?

  8. Nope BECAUSE Trumps son in law, Jared Kushner is an Orthodox Jew. His daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism in 2009. Didn’t the Nazis kill, torture, and starve those people, the Jews

  9. Ive never been in to polytics. Never voted. My 40 years of life have tought me that you’re damned if you do, damned if you dont. But I tell you, If I had to pick 1 political group to stand behind. It sure the hell wouldn’t be the Dems. They have pushed me far from ever supporting them. I have never seen such sorry loosers, such crybabies. Your party didnt win. Get over it. Vote him out at the next election.

  10. Oh dear the Muslims all over the world seem to LOVE hussein…oh yah he released all them from gtnmo bay and let them infect the civilized nations and kill in the name of allah..he was beyond feeding them..Trump has said for 20 fucking years he don’t support them or want their endorsement..retard liberals can’t use their brain

  11. That’s a funny post considering that all the actions the looney leftists are doing are reminiscent of the actions taken by nazi germany in WW2.

  12. The media is trying to divide America… why don’t we love one another, and come together to fight terrorists? It wasn’t til the war on drugs (Americans) that we started to fight each other! United We Stand! God Bless!

  13. John Oliver needs to shut the F up and go back to Britain you don’t get to stir the pot when your a visitor with out repercussions

  14. This sounds like the same reasoning you find in the Monty Python movies. Besides, cats don’t like anyone. Even if you feed them, they just tolerate you.

  15. All of the hate, bigotry, racism and anti America ideology being spewed forth by leftist tools such as this hack is very easily controlled.

    Stop inviting it into your house and among your family and turn off your T.V. Cut the cord and research for yourself. The internet is a vast and readily available resource that the left simply cannot control no matter how hard they try.

    I cut the cord years ago and I swear it made a huge difference. I can watch what I want, when I want and not be forced to watch programmed indoctrination and leftist news douche canoes running their commie mouths – like this asshat – shoe horned in here and there during commercial breaks. Turn off your T.V.’s people and you shut the left’s bullshit right the fuck down!!!

  16. They are feeding on the frenzy created by the race obsessed media. Bring a bunch of racist black people out to yell racist remarks about white people and guess what, racist white people will come out and reciprocate… you’d have to be an idiot to not see the underlying theme of destroy trumps presidency .. y’all hate Trump enough to destroy America along with it. It’s like a kid having a temper tantrum and breaking his own toys.

    1. Nah I think Trump’s destroying America all by himself, he’s just fueling the hate as he attempts to run the country like a reality show, thinking nothing of the consequences. He’s a bought and paid for celebrity, a bitch-made motherfucker.

    2. The country started on a downhill slope 8 years ago, FYI look at actual facts about his first 6mths in office compared to 8 years of obamanation

  17. The reason conservatives get angry is the democrats libs and extremists are all hypocrits. ANTIFA all about non-fascism but yet use fascist tactics, BLM for equality but only if you blk and they call for the death of cops. We can go on all day. They all say they are peaceful until you say something they don’t agree with!

  18. Everyone is saying “what feeds Nazis is attention” then they give attention to antifa….

    This is exactly why I don’t belong to a party anymore

  19. What Nazis? I dont see any. They were a German socialist party from the early to mid 20th century. All this calling people Nazis is childish bullshit. If anyone resembles the nazis is the facists on the left like blm and Antifa. They like to beat people upbecause they have a different opinion. Look on the mirror first you hypocritical thundercunts.

  20. Let me ask you this.
    This group of people like to dictate what society can do, think, say, and believe.
    They use a socialistic agenda
    They push for gun control
    They blame an entire group of people for the failures of the country
    They destroy monuments they don’t like.
    They incite violence against those who oppose them

    Now, are they Nazis or Liberals?

    Trick question, it’s both.
    Liberals are fascists, who use fascism to fight made up injustices.

  21. That’s a pretty convenient and far reach to associate fuckin Nazis with cats. Just another idiotic thing to say that pushes the narrative.
    Why didn’t anyone condemn the Nation of Islam for endorsing Obama?

  22. That’s not even clever. John is capable of much funnier than that. I guess it’s the subject matter. It’s so far from the truth, he fell flat. With the cat’s and what not. He should do some Rosie O’Donnell eating cat jokes. He could be clever with that. Eating pussy and all. Just trying to help.

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  24. IIFOO- I’ve recently noticed that anti-Trump memes get more replies being incensed and offended than voting funny. Is it maybe because those still licking Trump’s asshole are the TRUE snowflakes?!

    1. After years of calling people libtards, and calling Obama much worse things, respect in politics suddenly means alot to them. Funny, that.

    2. Idk Kenny Lucas. I usually see a bunch more conservatives getting outraged by someone making fun of Donald Trump.
      I’ll admit that it is also fun to make fun of them liberals, but them conservatives are just as fun!

    3. Robert,
      1. Idgaf about Hillary, her terrible behaviors don’t excuse that of Fuhrer Cheeto
      2. He hired a diverse staff at one of his many businesses, looks like 15-20 years ago. Cool story, bro. Last week, he equivocated literal nazis with American protestors
      3. Actually, a ton of people have been accusing him of racism long before he ran for office -or did you forget Dumptruck’s several- year tirade DEMANDING Obama’s birth certificate?
      4. So 30 years ago he got an award for something he likely did as a tax writeoff. Last week, he condemned “violence on both sides” of a protest where a woman was killed by a neonazi.

    4. And he’s right. Burning our cities and murdering our police officers is not simple “protesters”. If I remember correctly they had balloons full of piss and bats and you mean to have us believe this was a peaceful protest by stand up people??? gtfo ???????????


    5. No one murdered any cops in Charlottesville, and if you think piss- filled balloons=same as murder, I feel sorry for your pathetic self ?

  25. It’s hard for me to laugh at politics. A lot of the jokes and names people call each other just plays like a broken record. Petty schoolyard bullshit.

  26. What feeds them is opposition, not acceptance. The more you try to shut something out the more it will become aggravated and rear it’s ugly head. There is always an opposite for everything and that is actually what’s happening.
    Btw if you still refuse to accept Trump denouncing the Nazis, KKK etc then you really don’t have a grip and fuel your rhetoric with hatred, bias and bigotry.

    1. He wasn’t considered racist until he called a country of people rapists and criminals. Not too hard to figure out where people got the idea from. ?

    2. Not letting blacks live in your nice apartment building isn’t racist. Its maintaining your investment. Facts aren’t racist.

    3. David Letterman called him out as a racist like 20 years ago on his show. Well, actually, Trump said something stupid and Letterman responded by calling him out as racist.

      The guy is and always has been an asshole. Racism is just one way he does it.

    4. Okay, sure. He just threw that label on Mexican immigrants, which is still quite a label to throw on a large group of people, and quite an insult for people who have immigration as a part of their family history.

    5. Again, you conveniently forget the word illegal.
      Fact is, illegal Hispanics commit more crime than illegals of other ethnicities.

    6. And nothing is wrong with being an asshole. We just had a damn cotton ball for the last 8 years who bent over for anyone and everyone. Nothing is wrong with having a strong leader.

    7. If any of you actually give a damn about this country you would be rooting for him not looking for every little thing you could to criticize and bitch about.

    8. “They don’t send their best…”

      He didn’t make the distinction either. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what he believes in the end, only what he does, and for having the House and Senate under his party’s control, he has not done much. He has plenty of time to change that, though, but telling people to take it easy on him is not going to happen after what people said about the last President and his family.

    9. Keith Starr no your lying he said the opposite of that, he said most were not some, are murderer rapist and criminal and “some ” were good. Stfu.

    10. Are you even paying attention? If it was under his control his legislation would not be constantly thrown in the trash. His travel ban would not have taken six months to be upheld. This is happening out of pure spite not because of his policies which are actually great. And yes Mexico does not send their best and brightest over they keep them in Mexico which is what every country should do keep the best people there to help out their own country and if Mexicans love Mexico so much when they get educated here they should go back there and help out their fellow countrymen. Seems like cultural Pride is very selective.

    11. Keith Starr But we don’t have a strong leader.

      Trump has failed to fulfill any of his campaign promises. Trump buckles to media pressure faster than any other modern president. Trump can’t even propose an internal budget(the Secret Service is out of money). Trump hasn’t even filled 70% of the necessary cabinet positions.

      This country has no leadership, least of all that racist squib in golf-shorts.

    12. Keith Starr the reason his executive actions, trump hasn’t proposed any legislation at all, are being held up and scrapped are because:

      1) most of them are ceremonial and carry no weight.
      Or 3) are so badly written that they amount to gibberish.

      Do your research and quit being a sheep for fox n friends. The guy is a moron, the people around him are morons, and our best hope is that he slithers back into the hole you’re hoping he’s from to begin with.

      The saddest part is that, while you’re afraid to admit he’s racist and stupid, you’re doubly afraid to admit you’re even more racist and twice as ignorant. Snowflake.

    13. I’m from N.Y.. we know he only care bout green. And being popular with people from “old “money”. He’s a bigot more than a racist. He’ll take anyone $. He’ll take compliments from whoever gives them.

  27. Mark my words, Every anti-Trump March, politician, celebrity, world leader, and group will singlehandedly give Trump a second term all because they refuse to learn from their mistakes to why he is president in the first place.

    1. He’s alienating his own party. He’s not getting anything done and can’t get congress together on a single big issue.

    2. John Watt No. He’s alienated the Beltway Republicans. Christopher Kopke is right. His battles with established RINOs only endears him to folks who voted for him in the first place.

    3. You keep telling yourself that. He needs votes. That’s why he couldn’t get healthcare done. He’s alienating the very people that could be the deciding votes for the biggest parts of his agenda.

    4. All you idiots have as counterarguments are alleged and assuming things that the news portrays as damning “evidence” Trump has done something wrong.
      You hate him so much based off what you’ve heard the liberal media say and that’s it. No matter how many times certain news orgs have been caught red-handed telling lies and misrepresenting the actual facts, you idiots STILL hold onto the bullshit and firmly believe it. Even when something good happens and it’s proven, you’ll call it a lie. You people are fucking pathetic.

    5. No matter how many times the president gets caught in a lie, he doesn’t apologize or even acknowledge when he was wrong. He just spouts out “fake news” and you guys eat it up. We know who the pathetic ones are today, and it’s what’s left of the Republican party Phillip Johnston

    6. John Watt so no Democrat president ever got caught in any lies or scandal? And what huge thing has Trump lied about anyway? Try explaining using only 100% proven facts please. No commentary or CNN stories.

    7. He said Obama founded Isis! Even when a conservative tried to help him clarify and say something like Obama’s actions caused isis to come about trump said no he “literally founded isis”. Trump lies so much that people are getting used to it and acting like it’s no big deal, or they say “what can you do about it”. In trumps words I would just call it “sad”.

    8. Michael Logan no, she lost. The popular vote is not how the race is won. The electoral college votes are the ones that matter. Trump won. That is without mentioning the truly VAST amount of liberal voter fraud that is coming to light.

    9. John Watt lol smack talk is far from being a bad leader.. I’m not in too much of a mood to argue tonight though. Doesn’t really matter because the majority of this country, contrary to liberal media polls, support our president and will be voting back in.

    10. Its kinda odd how all those weapons got accidentally airdropped right in the middle of isis’ camps, and for some reason our military kept leaving trucks and weapons when they’d pack up and leave… You know, for a president that didnt support Isis.

    11. Ryan Coldiron America has been fighting the “war on terror” all while funding the “war on terror” since the term “war on terror” was uttered by GHWB.
      Fact is, America always needs a “cause”, or should I say, American politicians?

    12. Robert Abramson do I need to prove he said Obama founded Isis? I think it’s common knowledge unless you live under a fucking rock.

  28. Oh, go pound sand, Oliver! You know where your foggy socialist island is if you hate freedom so much.

    And by the way, you’d really know what Nazis are if we didn’t come to your rescue starting in 1942!

    1. Umm how? There are people waving Nazi flag, hailing Hitler, and spouting Nazi ideology. They may not be officially Nazis but good God they are trying to be

    2. Kalen Locker they’re “not real nazi’s” because they’re American I guess or something stupid like that. Had this happened anywhere else, I’m pretty sure everyone would either be in as much an uproar, or at least didn’t care. Remember, the only people that can hate and be evil are non-whites *eyes roll so far back he coughs them out* that hurt to type

    3. Right, I agree that there are real Nazis here, but that wasn’t the point of this post. The point was that John Oliver was implying that Trump is somehow a Nazi. He’s not. He never condoned this. He can’t help who supports him and who doesn’t.

      Plus, that Nazi ideology doesn’t really seem to be catching on over here for some reason. So that’s definitely a good thing.

    4. John Oliver never said that Trump is a Nazi, just that he is feeding them by not denouncing them. Based on the reactions and comments of neo Nazis and show supremacists, they agree with John Oliver.

    5. Thats like claiming the goalie that showed up to play with ten minutes to go won the game for the team. Give your head a shake.

    6. Luke Pretty, that’s got to be the worst analogy I ever heard. Nothing satisfies you liberals. He denounced everyone who was involved because everyone was wrong.

      God, I see how he won the election!

  29. By grouping them together and saying both were to blame isn’t he comparing them? Wouldn’t Nazis hate it worse that there in the same category as other races?

    1. You may be right, how about you show me pictorial or articals as evidence of Neo-Nazi/white supremacist that are against Trump…
      Here I’ll go first… oh wait, that’s not against!

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