Johnny Depp Jokes About Assassinating President Trump

Johnny Depp Jokes About Assassinating President Trump
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Sneer and Loathing

June 22, 2017 – Johnny Depp made noise by asking the audience at a U.K. film festival “how long it had been since an actor assassinated a president?” According to The Guardian, The Pirates of the Caribbean star was introducing a film at the Cinemageddon film festival in Glastonbury when he referenced the Abraham Lincoln assassination (by well-known actor of the day, John Wilkes Booth, in 1865). Depp continued:

“I want to qualify, I am not an actor. I lie for a living. However, it has been a while and maybe it is time.”


The controversial quip was followed with:

“It is just a question – I’m not insinuating anything. By the way, this is going to be in the press. It will be horrible. I like that you are all a part of it.”



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391 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Jokes About Assassinating President Trump

  1. If anyone finds anything offensive on the internet then perhaps they should stay the fuck off it. I’m so sick of listening to overly sensitive losers who have nothing better to do then be offended by someone’s words. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me, was the motto for 90’s kids. Now it’s like everyone is offended by the color of someone’s ball hair. Here’s a tip, it’s a joke not a dick so you don’t have to take it so hard. Fucking cry babies

  2. If anyone of you care to listen to your (History) you will know what he was saying..

    The World’s Of John Wilkes Booth…..

    People today are stupid!!!

    Good job to our government programs to f-up history books & making people today in schools even more stupid !!!! Smh

    1. I love your cover photo, holy crap!! One of my favorite scenes, along with this one…….it’s him in the flesh, he’s grown young.

    2. Sexy & so yummy at the time. Love the movie! What a amazing actor,
      Was heartbreaking when himself didn’t want her to be in the same pain as he. Her words.. I don’t care! Take me away from all this dead. So romantic ???

  3. Who cares he’s an actor he said it himself he lies for a living, he entertains people. I think there are bigger issues in the world to concern with. Remember we do have freedom of speech.

  4. Here we go again, another hollywood elitist threating the president of the United States. And they free to do so. Why are these Hollywood elitist like Madonna who thought about blowing up the white house, or Jim Carrey who wants to hit Trump with a golf club, or Snoop Dogg who wants to shoot Trump in the head. or Kathy Griffin who wanted to behead Trump. Now it’s Johnny Depp. What did Trump ever do to the millionairess out in Hollywood? And I don’t see why you care. You are rich and famous, you don’t have to worry about feeding your family or buying used cars to get to a 9 to 5 job. It’s pretty pathetic the you have everything and yet you have to use your fame to cause hate and violence. Millions and millions look up to these movie stars or pro sport stars, and yet it’s not enough. It’s ok for the not only the rich, but the super rich to make such threats. But in the end they won’t do a damn thing. It’ll be someone’s father or mother or sister or brother, that does it. Some poor soul will listen or see these Hollywood elitist and think it’s a good ideal to try an assassination and when they are caught or killed, what do the Hollywood elitist care. They don’t! They get to go on living while a family mourns a lost member. Of course as always this just my opinion and I could be wrong.

  5. The soul of our nation is at stake here.. Russia – lies – rigged election process – more lies – scams, bogus deals, totally ignorant decisions – and on and on – and it’s just the beginning..
    A party of hate and ignorance..

  6. If people think this is going to ruin his career then I laugh at you. He along with every other American should be able to express themselfves whether it be in a comical formation or straight up blunt. There are plenty of people in this world who feel the same way and will back a legend before backing a daddies rich boy

  7. I like Depp. I have seen and enjoyed most of his movies. But, like any celebrity, he is so far removed from the real world that anything he says beyond his thoughts on film or music are of zero consequence. If it makes you feel any better, when he goes into the recording studio or on a concert stage, he’s taking orders from his conservative boss, Alice Cooper.

  8. That’s just stupid. Fuck him, and anyone else who threatens to assassinate a president. It’s a crime, and he should be punished. If I threaten to kill my neighbor I will go to jail. So why do celebrities get special treatment? Because they’re rich? Fucking bullshit.

  9. Not a good idea to say some extreme shit like that especially when you’ve been accused of constantly whooping your bitches ass and look like a dude who would constantly verbally and physically abuse a woman.

  10. How dare he. I’ll never see another one of his movies. A rich, coddled American celebrity promotes political violence against a sitting US President in front of a foreign audience?!! He should lose his US citizenship and not be allowed back. Traitor.

  11. The crap that’s going on now is the same crap that’s going on for decades. The only difference now is there are do many media outlets and social networking throwing so much st people. I look back on my life and I realize that anything that is going on in the government impacted me very little.The things that were impacting more were the decisions I was making. I’m not going to waste my time anymore on crap like this. I am going to live my life and take care of those I can take care of.

  12. That’s disgraceful! As an Aussie it doesn’t paint America in a good light . I can understand people don’t like Trump but your country isn’t going to go forward with comments like that … The ship has sunk Captain Sparrow

  13. This is the same guy complaining his own financial people made him broke whilst buying 15,000 cotton balls a day for the sake of it on top of domestic violence allegations and now wants to assassinate the president… What a flog

  14. This person is supposed to set an example for the younger generation! Such a shame that such a good actor turned out to be a let down in reality. Madonna did it as well…..i have lost all respect for these people. I used to think they were strong intellegent people but now i guess they are only there for entertainment…..we tend to place these people on pedestals and forget that we dont actually know them personally….what a downer!

    1. Such a shame that he stopped getting arrested and kicked his drug addiction you’re right he went downhill smh dumbass it’s the parents jobs to set a good example for their children it’s Johnny Depps job to act in movies and keep up public appearances

  15. His looks are gone, he needs to do something spectacular to redeem his sex appeal…..Taking out Trumplestilskin, preferably in a gruesome Game of Thrones, Red Wedding Style way….. Definitely next year’s Sexist Man Alive….

  16. Some people are so sensitive. This reminds me of the days when people were saying if you listened to music backwards you could hear words being spoken that were subliminally forcing people to do evil things. It also reminds me of the times they tried to say all the violence on video games was going to make people go mad and start shooting the place up. It also reminds me of people saying that violence in movies makes kids violent. A person making a comment like that does not influence anyone. Were you tempted to pick up a gun and shoot the president? No? Thought not! And anyone who thought about it after it was said was already thinking about it to begin with. When Trump implied that the second amendment people “take care of” Clinton, no one thought anything about that and even elected the man. Stop being so fucking partisan. If it had been about Obama, the right would have been laughing their asses off. Just stop being hypocrites. Now if you genuinely feel it’s wrong for all sides, this DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU!

    When bullies talked about beating kids till they were six feet under (and some bullies have taken it exactly that far, or pushed so hard that people killed themselves rather than keep going through it) and people stand up for them saying they’re just kids .. kids will be kids kind of thing and say that back in our day we took care of shit and that people need to toughen up and not be such pussies. Well, it’s happening and NOW people want to say that saying you’re going to do something or someone should do something is actually going to cause it to happen … a little too little too late.

    By the way, Nugent discussed shooting Harry Reid during the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in 2015. In January 2016, he called for both Obama and Clinton to “be tried for treason & hung.” Not to mention some people that held rallies when Obama was inaugurated that created Obama effigies, hung them and then set them on fire. People in Trump’s rallies suggesting that the black man they were beating on should be set on fire. I’m not saying two wrongs make it right, only saying that the people who think this is wrong, for the most part, laughed when it was said and done about others. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy.

    Seems to me that too many people have become too sensitive and too brainwashed since they feel someone making a comment can actually lead to the action. News Flash, Trump, during the campaign already had someone come up on stage with a gun and might have intended on using it. We’ll never know till after he’s out of office. That was before this was said and I can guarantee there are probably many people wanting to do it but won’t. I wish I had a dollar for every time I read, heard, or saw someone say that Obama needed to be killed in some way, shape, or form. I’ve heard the same of all Muslims, and I’ve heard the same about Clinton, as well as calling for all liberals to be killed. It happens on both sides … just get sick of hearing how bad one side is when the other side isn’t any better.

    1. no. Johnny depp. How do you talk about killing your president? I didn’t like Obama, but talking assassination is too far.

  17. Lol look at y’all all getting bent out of shape over what words I support trump in most of what he’s doing some things I’m like yeah I don’t agree but overall he’s doing ok better then Obama but even I can find the funny in this they r celebrities anyone who is going to get them the most attention or who is “hot” ATM are fair game I’m a Johnny fan no matter what he said

    1. In no way is he better then Obama how long r y’all gonna lie to ur self’s the world is laughing at us because of your inability to see him for the POS he is

    2. Yeah, he’s a POS. But Obama was a much bigger POS. There’s actual evidence to back it up. Look how much farther into the red he pushed our debt. Look at the racial tension he left behind. Look at the thousands of dead brown bodies he left in his wake. Best part? They gave him a fucking peace prize. While he was constantly bombing innocents and insurgents alike.

    3. So u say look no matter what half are gonna bitch and cry trump won some are gonna love that he won no matter who is in office ppl are gonna bitch this world is full of pussy ass ppl and I don’t care I was so happy to see that Muslim lover out of office and when killary lost was a happy day for me now maybe just fucking maybe we can work on America again

    4. Angela Gucker Why bother trying to battle people on your keyboard if you struggle with your native tongue? You’re just exposing yourself as another uneducated Trumpet!

    1. Paris Moussa , who, Johnny Deep Throat? Look at the balls on you fuckers, openly advocating force presidential assassination. Watch your back sir…

    2. Paris Moussa you’re an amateur. Link me the quote that sting you in your private place, I’ll decide the truthfulness of your effort, and I’ll reply accordingly. You need more than the typical Libtard tactic on me. When did you stop beating your wife…?

    3. Paris Moussa I responded to your gay lover’s quote. You leveled a baseless question to me…you refuse to quote the offensive remark. You’re a weak little man with a weak little argument. I gave you an opportunity to name Ted’s comment…you failed. Short of beating you up, I can think of no further use for you, fuck off Euro-trash.

    1. Wait you’re justifying him grabbing pussy what is wrong with you tbh? Trump did hint to his supporters for someone to shoot Hillary Clinton during the race. Great president? My ass. I thought he would be okay and better than Hillary . But man I was wrong. Can’t defend him anymore. I wanted Bernie from the start also

    2. Caleb Darby he said that women LET him grab their pussy. Not that he assaulted them. Any straight, adult male who has ever had sex can say that they have grabbed one or more. I am a straight female and I have definitely grabbed male genitals. Part of having sex. How does that make him a bad person?

    3. Joy Dentmon Worley Tell the whole story here ma’am. He said he would go to parties and grab married women by their pussy. He also stated that they couldn’t stop him because he was rich and famous. So with that statement. Yes that does make him a bad person since he’s more than likely done this while he was married to his other wife

    4. So your defense is ” yes our president is a rapist but Johnny Depp is a murderer?”

      Didn’t work …i prefer murderers than rapists…

    5. I just went and read the transcripts again and he said because he was rich they LET him grab them. That he could do anything because he is rich. And while that is not polite… Neither were they. And yes, the fact that he was married and doing this was wrong but everyone makes like he was assaulting these women. If they LET him, that means they consented.

    6. No. Its not presidential and its rude and he was an ass. But my point is that everyone says oh he assaulted those women. They twist it when in all actuality the women gave their consent.

    7. And Bryan Atkinson is correct. He was not President at that time. We could go back and give plenty of examples of presidential things that most, if not all Presidents have done or said before their election.

    8. Respect is earned, not inherited. Fuck your piece of shit president. You may normalize pathalogical lying, fraudulent business practicing, assaulting women etc as your president, but he will not be normalized by thinking people.
      He doesnt love his country you idiot. He loves attention and money. And if you arent a millionaire by the time you die, he thinks you’re a waste of time and space. His words. Gullible moron.

    9. Paula Aschenbrenner He was wrong, he apologized. President Clinton placed a cigar in a pussy in the Oval Office while he was president, but that’s none of my business?

    10. He never said he was given consent before touching women. He said he just kisses them without asking. That doesn’t give the woman a chance to say no or give consent. Trump is an idiot!

    11. You’re just sour grapes because no ones grabbing yours, Bryan Atkinson.
      So okay how about you let him grab your daughters by the pussy?
      Thats cool, right?

      Fuckin twatwaffle

    1. Dude ur a shitty troll u need to up ur game…. But then again u can’t expect much from a fake person hiding behind a fake name using fake pics lol u go keyboard warrior

    2. Aunt Flo bein a real bitch this month?
      Or was grandma just not as tight as she used to be?
      What’re you one of those caked on face-painted, black nailed, “Jesus is my saviour”, rightfighting bitches?
      Or you just mad cause you cant find a man who doesnt like Super Mario more than you?
      Go back behind the counter and pack my fuckin bag
      – talking about havin a lame troll game by being a lame fuckin troll-
      Its ok you can get back to the bean flickin now no one in here needs or wants your fuckin arby’s roast beef sandwich

    1. Haha twit I didn’t go around bitching and crying like u (oh sorry grammar police is on the case again) I mean you I dealt with it lived my life and waited for the day he’d be gone… So while you act like you have a fucking clue about me or what I did or didn’t do you in all actuality know nothing so moving on

    1. I heard it all the time about Obama … how he should be shot, how he should be hung, how he should be drawn and quartered. I heard how he should be hung and set on fire. I heard how all liberals should be rounded up and put on an island and nuked off the face of the earth with their gay friends and every Muslim. These were all normal people and NOT ONE of them were ever arrested for having said anything. I know a lot of people who have always said shit about the President, all the way back to Reagan and they never acted on it, but did say they wish they could kill them or blow them up and any number of other creative methods. None of them were arrested. Hell, I’ve seen politicians commit actual acts of violence against normal people and get away with it. I’ve seen politicians and candidates calling for people to be shot or killed. Why not famous actors then? Everyone else can do it!

  18. I think funny, cuz, apparently it’s funny to take healthcare away from people. But, just as funny that a rich guy more popular than potus said it. And the image is interesting, who would the country really root for to pull through?? Not that it would really happen.

    1. Think what you like….I was a Republican until their choice was Trump. The man does not play well with others. As for funny or offensive. Depp’s off-joke totally funny, when you consider the popularity poll at the end….

    2. Do u know that Obama care gave the insurance companies control over our health care. Because of his plan, u can be denied proper care if the insurances say u do not fit into their bracket of illness. My father was denied an oxygen machine, or concentrator because medicare and blue cross blue shield said his symptoms didn’t meet their criteria, regardless that he has multiple scripts from different Dr.’s. And when I was able to get him 1 no one would service it, because the insurance companies said he isn’t suppose to have it. Even when he offered to pay for the service of it, he was denied. He passed before Trump ever took office. That was all on Oboma! Our healthcare system is fucked. It is garbage. We need to take it away from the big insurance companies and tell them if that if tje Doctor says I need this, then fuck u pay the man for my treatment.

      Trump is just trying to make it easier for us middle class folks that actually habe to pay for our insurance, I don’t use it much, but my company pays 2k a month for just 1 person. Imagine if I had to pay for that myself, I go to the doctor 2x a year. Luckily my company pays most of my insurance, I only pay $200 a month. A lot of middle class folks are not that lucky due to Obamacare. So shut ur face because I want a healthcare system that works for my needs not pay for everyone elses

    3. I already receive medicare and medicaid. And those jokers just stole my life… I have had DVT and have almost died and have lost 2 1/2 toes. There is nothing funny about the 23 million others like me or the doctors, nurses and other necessary staff in medical care losing out. So, back to the JOKE, people are going need laughter a lot. As for Presidential Assassinations the year 2020 is coming up, and I’d hate the curse to rear it’s ugly head.

    4. So you think promoting violence is funny? You think that a public figure that has a huge influence on our younger generation is funny when he makes public statements like these? Lady, be happy you have the President you have, be happy you live in the country you do cause you would not make it 1 day in mine…..

    1. Dawn Kinkade Really? What about the over 4000 people killed in Chicago under Obama? What about Benghazi? What about the fact that my healthcare costs so much more now that I can barely afford to take my kids to the doctor even though I pay over 600 dollars a month for healthcare?

    2. Nicholas Pasquale When the democrats were a right wing party, a looong fucking time ago. Stop spreading this rubbish. Its right wing propaganda

    1. Prove it little snowflake. I got over Obama’s victory the same night. Because conservativism is for adults not little babies. Hahahah. Truuuumppp

    2. It’s hilarious. These anti-trump kiddies are so infantile it’s pathetic. I don’t think in the entire history of man that the world has seen anything more pathetic. ?? I don’t think they’ll make it to 2020.

    3. You automatically disqualify any point you may be trying to make, the moment you use the word “libtard”. It screams “I’m an idiot and I love making everyone around me aware of it”.
      Trust me, we get it. ?

    1. Dawn Kinkade google Johnny Depp Broke.

      It’s been reported on for like 6 months, he’s suing his business management team. Selling his things. And he’s a known Wino.

  19. There’s stupid on all sides, but honestly, if there was ever a country called Dumbfuckistan, Hollywood would be its Capital City, and a lot of the headliners would be its aristocracy.

    Comments like this one are why people come to thee for an entertaining portrayal of someone baked out of their mind, not for insightful political advice

    1. Ha ha ha …. and you have a “Hollywood” actor’s picture as your banner. You criticize Hollywood and yet support it. What does that make you? You are the reason they have a voice, which, by the way, is no different than voicing your opinions. Yes, they get air time, but why is that? Because you support them. If you don’t like Hollywood, stop watching TV and movies … stop supporting them by posting their pictures on your profile. Stop being a hypocrite! Besides, they have just as much right to voice their opinions … hell, they pay more in taxes than most of us make per year. I know if I was paying a few hundred thousand per year in taxes, I’d go fucking nuts too when someone gets into office I didn’t like and I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t use the tools I had at my discretion. Look at you … you are using the tools you have at hand to be heard, yet you criticize those others who do it. It’s just sheer hypocrisy.

    1. As liberals did when people said offensive things about Obama. Blah. Circles. Preschool mentality, “they did it so we should do it too”.

    1. Because two wrongs don’t make a right. Because both were douchebags. Because the country is starting to think that violence is ok if someone doesn’t agree with you.

    2. Because no. Mr Nugent never suggested that someone should kill a president. Never in parody or in any actual sense. No. No. No.

    3. Oh he we go one of these assholes turns everything into an Obama comparison lmfao
      You fuckin weed your garden or paint some porcelain ya fucking fruitcake

    4. “Trump raped his daughters”
      “Yeah well Hitler ate oatmeal same as Trump so fuck you!”

      …come on, just stop

    5. To be clear to the morons who claim nugent didnt threaten or suggest others should violently act against obama…there is video from the interview all over youtube…so theres that

    6. Check ur meds or take them hell maybe u could just stop taking so many y do y’all go after the kids? Wtf did they have to do with it? Not a damn thing ….it’s fucking sad…. I seriously hope u don’t have daughters cause someone my say the same about u

    7. Craig Depauw Nugent discussed shooting Harry Reid during the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in 2015. In January 2016, he called for both Obama and Clinton to “be tried for treason & hung.”

    8. Ted Nugent has always been an asshole who’s only claim to fame was catch scratch fever from the 70s. I only know who he is because of That 70s Show… but Depp is huge.

    9. Thats a tad different, in actuality.

      The military wanted, and was constitutionally bound to remove Barack Obama by force. This is why so much of the Army and Marine Corps’ high command was effectively purged circa the beginning of Obama’s second term. The constitution quite literally said, in black and that sort of off-white yellow color, that this is what we were supposed to do. Here, we just have leftists being pieces of garbage just as they have in every single other instance in the history of mankind.

    10. ^^Probably not one of you fuckers voted and for damn sure not one of you are going to do a damn thing about anything except right-fight on fb

    11. Says the guy talking shit on fb ….what have you done little guy? Not a fucking thing …so sit down and let the educated people speak

    12. “But the libruls”
      “But the Right”
      “But the Left”

      All the while, BOTH parties are fucking over America. Y’all are just too busy hating the other guy to see it.

      I can only see a couple of people in this thread that sound like they might have read “The Prince” by Machiavelli. The rest of you are examples of what he was talking about, and the success of his tactics.
      Keep on arguing though, it’s exactly what the elite want. They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    13. But if nugent never said anything…what exactly did he recant and apologize for…get your story straight lmao

    14. Paula you seem to be a semi intelligent person. Please stop posting pictures of your family members. It drops your IQ every time. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

    15. Patricia Ising Forcella Trump did … he even told his supporters that if they beat up the protesters at his rallies that he would pay for their defense. I could go on with people who advocated for violence in many different ways. The difference is, the man who is president not only advocated for it, but offered to pay for people’s legal fees if they did. He also asked the “second amendment people” to take care of Clinton. Trump has said that maybe people need to be roughed up … it was that way before and that’s how it should be … so yes, other celebrities have said it and people did exactly what they were commanded to do, which only attracted more protesters, which at the end of the day, is how that man got so much free publicity and stayed as popular as he was … the more outrageous, the more ratings, the more money and the more popularity. He’s really good at manipulating his supporters lol

    16. Let me say something, I’m a Trump supporter, and I completely condemn anybody that speaks of wishing death in any sitting president. I like Ted Nugent for what he’s known for. Rock and roll. Musicians, comedians, actors and many others need to stay the hell out of politics. If they were smart they would realize that they were in a business. As a business proprietor you want to be able to sell your product to anybody and everybody. The worst thing to do as a business person is to lower your rate of clientele.

    17. Dave Kite Ted Nugent stopped being relevant decades ago. Depp is a still a drawcard despite being anti-republican for pretty much his entire career. This is likely to boost his ratings actually seeing as only a minority support Trump in a messiah worship kind of way….

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