Jon Stewart “Where’s the Line?” (video)

jon stewart where's the line
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Jon Stewart “Where’s the Line?”

May 12, 2016 – Jon Stewart recently sat down with political pundit David Axelrod for a live taping of his podcast “The Axe Files.” Axelrod is also Director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics where the interview was recorded. During the audience Q&A portion of the event a student asked Stewart if he felt there were any topics where comedy should be off limits. Stewart replied with:

“No topic is off limits (to comedy) because no topics are off limits to life.”

Stewart added that he always hears this sort of question, “where’s the line,” posed to comedians and pondered why such questions were never pointed at politicians.

jon stewart where's the line

Watch the entire interview here courtesy of The University of Chicago IOP and “The Axe Files.” This exchange can found beginning at 52:00



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