Everybody Sucks 2016 Campaign Going Viral

Everybody Sucks 2016
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Everybody Sucks 2016

May 11, 2016 – A Missouri couple has put their political stake in the ground for nobody, because apparently everybody sucks!

Debbie Butler and her husband purchased a campaign sign for their yard that shows they’re not feeling that, uh, GREAT bern again for Her. The sign that sits in their yard simply says “EVERYBODY SUCKS 2016 The U.S. is doomed.”

Butler told KSHB-TV last week that she and her Army vet husband, who fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan, just put the sign up after seeing the humor in it.
“It’s just fun,” Butler said. “We just thought it was funny when we saw it, so we bought it and put it in the front yard.”
everybody sucks 2016
It went viral in her neighborhood and then across the nation.
“It gets a lot of car honks,” Butler explained to KHSB. “It gets people stopping and saying ‘We love your sign.’ People slow down and take pictures of our sign.”
The story of the for-none-of-them sign has been spreading around online, and disenchanted citizens can now also buy bumper stickers, magnets and t-shirts to really show their support. Bumper stickers will run you $3, and your wardrobe will be complete for $20.
everybody sucks 2016
The Butlers say they plan to keep having a little fun until November comes.

Do our FOO readers feel the same way as the Butlers? Or is it the disrespecting of the political process that has gotten out of control? Funny or Offensive? VOTE and COMMENT below…

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