President Trump Deems Kentucky Derby Result As ‘Political Correctness’

President Trump Deems Kentucky Derby Result As 'Political Correctness'
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May 6th, 2019 – Donald Trump has some thoughts about the Kentucky Derby as well as the state’s spelling. Over the weekend, the president weighed in on the outcome of the famous race after a controversial decision knocked the winner out of first place. Trump called the move “not a good one” —blaming it on political correctness. He also spelled the host state “Kentuky.”

Maximum Security crossed the rain-soaked finish line first with a 1¾ margin, but jockeys soon objected to a move the horse made during the final lap. The short-lived winner had jumped over a puddle and slid into another horse’s lane. Stewards analyzed video and interviewed jockeys about the incident before reaching the decision to demote Maximum Security to 17th place.

Country House, who had been given a 65-1 shot at top prize, ended up being crowned winner. Many spectators believed the move to strip Maximum Security of its first place win was the wrong call.

Among the objectors was the President of the United States. He quickly fired off a tweet saying he enjoyed the dangerous conditions of the race, but that the best horse did not win.

“The Kentuky Derby decision was not a good one,” he tweeted. “It was a rough and tumble race on a wet and sloppy track, actually, a beautiful thing to watch. Only in these days of political correctness could such an overturn occur. The best horse did NOT win the Kentucky Derby – not even close!”

A corrected “Kentucky” tweet later showed up on the president’s page.

Many fans agreed that the best horse didn’t win. There was also talk of the “unwritten rule” during the Kentucky Derby that gives participants a little more wiggle room.

Horse racing announcer Mike Battaglia told CNN that despite the departure from the unwritten rule, he believes the stewards made the right call by simply following the rules.

“You can’t erase the fact he [Maximum Security] did come over and hinder the other horses’ chances but the stewards were following the rules of racing. If you don’t follow the rules you harm the integrity of the whole sport,” he said.

Onlookers also noted that the better team often loses in a championship competition and that political correctness may not quite work as an excuse in this situation. No word on Maximum Security’s gender identity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Country House’s turnaround win, despite being a rule-following decision, is rare. According to The Washington Post, the disqualification of Maximum Security is only the second time a winner has been demoted, and the first time it was done due to an infraction.

In 1968, Dancer’s Image was awarded first place but lost the title after a post-race drug test.

Do you think the Kentucky Derby results were appropriate? Did political correctness play a factor in the decision-making process as President Trump alleged?

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