Fendi Pulls $990 “Vulva” Scarf After Being Mocked Online

Vulva Scarf
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Vulva Vibes

November 2nd, 2018 – If you have $990 lying around and don’t mind looking like you’re being birthed out of a scarf, Fendi has the accessory for you. The Italian luxury fashion company debuted a new scarf for their fall collection, but people didn’t think “luxury” they thought “labia,” because, well, the item actually looks like a vulva.

Created from fox fur and silk-wool material, the “Touch Of Fur” shawl had fashion fans scratching their heads. From the pink coloring of the layers to the fur outline, there was just too much material (literally and figuratively) to not make some jokes.

The scarf may not be politically correct, but Twitter users were quick to point out that it was anatomically correct – especially if you flipped it upside down.

Judging by the fact that Fendi no longer sells the pink version on their website, the brand seems to have heard the reactions loud and clear. Don’t worry, you can still be born again in red or blue. The fashion house hasn’t responded to media requests for comment, but the public still has plenty to say.

After the jokes landed, people also drilled Fendi for still using fur.

Fendi may have scrapped the scarf, but other online retailers are still selling the vulva version. FARFETCH has even sold out of the pink beauty, so maybe you can raid the closet of one of your rich friends. Fendi Pulls $990 "Vulva" Scarf After Being Mocked Online

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