Obstetrician Takes Caesarean Selfie

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Obstetrician Takes Caesarean Selfie

July 27,  2015 – Indeed we live in an age of documenting our every move, but a Venezuelan student obstetrician, Daniel Sanchez, has drawn the ire of many for a “caesarean selfie” on his Instagram account, posing for a smirky snapshot in front of a birthing mother. Following a petition of 4,000 signatures calling for disciplinary action, Sanchez has set his account to private.

Sanchez said he informed the patient, “Lady I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie”  —  whatever noise, gasp or scream the half-naked (and probably half-drugged) woman made was permission enough for him.

The young doctor went on his post boast that his team “bring kids into the world and reconstruct pussies,” suggesting will make the aforementioned “pussies…”

 “brand new, like a car with zero kilometres on the clock.”


(Photo from Daniel Sanchez’s Instagram account via VICE)

Sanchez would later e-mail with Jesusa Ricoy of the Roses Revolution, a global movement against obstetric violence and creator of the petition against him. He half-apologized but explained “you cannot see her genitals or her face” and bragged about women often requesting that he specifically perform their vaginal exams, saying, “doctor hagame el tacto usted que es mas delicado” (“doctor you touch me because you are more gentle”).

While the young obstetrician is probably out shopping for a GoPro, you get to decide….is the case of the “caesarian selfie” Funny or Offensive? Vote and Comment now!





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