Congresswoman Picks a Winner…Then Eats It On Live TV

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Congresswoman Picks a Winner

August 15, 2015 – Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner joined WTVI to discuss the first presidential debate, but instead of picking a winner, she appeared to pick what is medically referred to as a “booger” from her nasal passage, only to gulp it down a moment later. The 52 year old politician seemed unaware that cameras were rolling before she wolfed down her pre-interview snack.

Defenders of the the congresswoman have suggested that she was merely clearing lipstick from her teeth. Plausible, however this defense does not explain the “chew and gulp’ which followed Wagner’s finger delivery to mouth.


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3 thoughts on “Congresswoman Picks a Winner…Then Eats It On Live TV

  1. That’s the way women get the lipstick off of the inside of their lips to ensure it doesn’t get on their teeth. That’s all she’s doing.

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