Don Jr. Selling “Alec Baldwin Kills People” Shirts

Don Jr. Selling "Alec Baldwin Kills People" Shirts
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That Didn’t Take Long

October 25, 2021 – Wasting no time, Donald Trump Jr., is out promoting a controversial t-shirt in the wake of Alec Baldwin’s accidental killing of a crew member on the film set of his movie, “Rust.” The son of former President Donald Trump, is hawking the shirts which read “Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Kills People” via his personal website for $27.99. Don’s own name is emblazoned on the sleeve.

Don Jr. stated in his Instagram story:

“Screw all the sanctimony I’m seeing out there. If the shoe was on the other foot Alex Baldwin would literally be the first person pissing on everybody’s grave trying to make a point. Fuck him!”

Don Jr. Selling "Alec Baldwin Kills People" Shirts

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