The Ocean is The Sharks House

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The Ocean is The Sharks House

July 13, 2015 – The uptick in shark attacks in American coastal waters this year has not been lost on Veronica-Pooh Nash Poleate whose video “The Ocean is the Sharks House” is taking a big bite of online traffic. The Tennessee school counselor with the Hamilton County Department of Education has previously posted dozes of videos but her “don’t go to the ocean” safety vlog  is currently nearing half a million views on YouTube.

While many are enjoying Poleate’s passionate advocacy, others are troubled that while giving her advice she’s behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and seemingly paying little attention to the road:

“Don’t go on the road, the road is Veronica-Pooh’s house.”

Others, while not arguing with the fact that the ocean indeed is the “shark’s house,” are concerned that such panic-passing only misinforms people about the true nature of the animal at a time when sharks are being depleted from the seas at an alarming rate as a result of shark-finning.

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*editorial note – we understand that it should be “shark’s house” with an apostrophe but have chosen to respect Ms. Poleate’s choice of spelling in her original post.

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